Trifecta Weight Loss Program Review

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  • Tasty meals provided at your doorstep
  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • Different meal plans for different needs
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Trifecta is a meal delivery service that provides meal plans which are never frozen, made with the freshest ingredients, with the best-tasting food delivered at your door.

By Stella Bracwel | 31st October 2018

Trifecta has a good reputation for delivering the best tasting food. The meals taste so good that one might even forget that they are on a weight-loss process.

Taste is consistent for all the mealsMinimum order rate is high
Fairly-pricedThe prices, albeit fairly priced, are higher than your grocery shopping
Customization options available
Meals are organic and natural
Diet and Fitness

No Cooking Hassle

If you don’t like cooking, Trifecta is the perfect option for you. Instead of getting pizza delivered, Trifecta is a far healthier option. You will receive pre-made meals from Trifecta, and all that you need to do is heat them up. All the meals delivered by Trifecta are same as home-cooked meals, so there is a lesser chance of gaining weight from too many calories and fat.

The heating is also super easy. All you need to do is pop them inside the oven for some time. There is no more need to skip on meals or gorge on any junk food when Trifecta is around. By taking the hassle of cooking out of the picture, Trifecta makes sure that one gets their meals properly.

No Artificial Taste

It is commonly thought that all meals delivered by services like Trifecta are supposed to taste bad. This is because most of the food delivery services as such send their food in frozen condition. The frozen state can really take out the taste of the food. But Trifecta instead sends meals which are not frozen. Moreover, the meals are made from fresh ingredients, which keep the food delicious and flavorful.

In fact, the meals sent by Trifecta are so amazing that you might even forget that you are eating for your weight-loss. Because of this, you can now enjoy food without feeling guilty. The taste provided by Trifecta is really extraordinary when compared to most other services with similar goals.

Fresh Food

Freshness becomes a major issue while ordering from a meal delivery service. The food needs to be fresh and tasty, as well as safe enough to eat daily. At Trifecta, they make sure that all their meals are made with 100% USDA organic ingredients. Their main priority is making fresh and healthy food, which is why they aim to purchase their produce from local and family-run suppliers as much as possible.

As already mentioned, meals that are delivered to you from Trifecta are never frozen. Instead, they come inside a vacuum-sealed packaging. The packaging lasts 2 weeks in the fridge and over 6 months in the freezer. But Trifecta recommends storing them in the refrigerator, instead of the freezer to keep the taste intact.

Tracking Capabilities

Trifecta lets its members keep track of their journey through their app. They have apps on both iOS and Android platforms which are available for free download. You can use the app to track your personal records, workouts, progress pictures, nutrition chart etc. to keep track of your overall journey and progress.


Trifecta has five exclusive categories to meet everyone’s dietary needs. The meal plans are as follows:

Clean Plan –  Minimally processed. Consists of whole grains, lean proteins and vegetables.

Paleo Plan – Sugar and grain-free meals with organic fruits and vegetables and sustainable meats.

Classic Plan – Fully cooked and comes with 4oz of meat/fish, 4oz of vegetables and 4oz of carbs.

Vegan Plan – Fiber-reach meals with organic ingredients.

Vegetarian Plan – Macro-balanced meals with the freshest meats, carbs, fruits and vegetables.

Other than these, Trifecta also has a menu called A La Carte. Here you can completely customize your meals and make them as your own. The meal plans start from $119 per week for 12 meals.

PlansPricing (starting, per week)

The Trifecta meal delivery service doesn’t have a community. The app can keep you motivated as there are workout programs there for you to follow. Keeping your profile updated is another dose of motivation.

Help and Support

Trifecta has a very rich FAQ section which you will find in the Ask Us Anything tab from their site. If your answer is not there, you can reach out to them via email, phone or live chat. The email address is and phone number is (530) 564-8388.

About Trifecta

Trifecta is a good option for those looking for a healthy meal plan without compromising on taste. Also, the pre-made food takes away the hassle of cooking. Overall, Trifecta’s organic meals are a great way to start a healthier lifestyle.

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