Noom Weight Loss Program Review

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  • Personal coach
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  • Support groups
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We found it especially helpful to dive into the why of it all. Through chats with your personal coach, you’ll be forced to dig deep into why you want to lose weight and what it will take to get you there. Noom is an app designed for people who have tried everything to lose weight.

By Stella Bracwel | 31st October 2018

Noom is designed to help those who have tried everything and still failed at weight loss. Noom pairs you up with a professional expert with training in psychology, to motivate and inspire. It can be through tough-love or gentle nudge, but the personal coach will be constantly there with you.

Personal coachYou can cheat by eating whole grain bread as that is part of ‘Green’
Color coded food groupsNoom Coach Pro is not worth the price as there are not much added value
Support group
Food and workout tracker
Diet and Fitness

Coaching System

The Noom app will get up close and personal real quick, as you will be required to put in your weight, goals, habits, and even your preferred coaching style to get you started right away. The app will then pair you with a trainer who is an expert in cognitive behavioral therapy. In addition to this person, you will get another coach who will cheer you on in the support groups.

You will get a list full of tasks to complete every day. Tasks include things like logging your meals and workouts, taking mini-lessons on food to make healthier choices and weighing in. You will get placed to a support group with people with similar goals who started around the same time as you after a week or two. Basically, Noom will take over your weight-loss plan and prevent you from making any excuses.

What You Can Eat

Pretty much anything you want as long as you don’t cross the daily calorie limit. But they do put emphasis on getting the most nutrition by using up the fewest calories. If you are within your limit, you can eat what your heart desires, once in a while.

Unique System

Noom breaks down the food into categories like red, yellow and green to give you ideal proportions from each of them. Green is fruits, vegetables and whole grains, yellow is eggs, yogurts, starches and lean meats, and red is meat, desserts and other delicious-but-bad-for-you things. Noom doesn’t necessarily want to promote the idea that red is bad and green is good though. The idea is to turn you more mindful in making choices.

Tracking Capabilities

Noom will let you track your weight-loss journey via different tools like a pedometer, a BMI calculator, a notification for a weight check each week, and educational articles to help you gain information. You can also log in your exercises as Noom has a built-in tracking system to keep records of your workout.


You can take the 14-day trial plan for $59. You can cancel it anytime. Taking advantage of this course first will significantly decrease the cost of other plans.

There are six plans available, all of which are automatically renewed, meaning if you do not unsubscribe or halt it by the time your plan ends, Noom will continuously recur your chosen plan.

PlansPricing (before trial)Pricing (after trial)
One Month$60$59
Two Months$120$99
Four Months$240$129
Six Months$360$149
Eight Months$480$159

Once you sign up for the 16-weeks long course at Noom, you will get the chance to join groups. Groups are where the other ‘Noomers’ with the same goals as yours hang out to get inspired and motivated. The main idea is to have your own personal cheerleading squad.

They also have a blog where you can read helpful articles such as success stories, tips on staying active, and how to keep your diet in check during the holidays. Overall, Noom has all the resources available at your reach to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Help and Support

Noom has an impressive FAQ section on their website, which you can reach via the Support tab at the top of the page. If your answer is not there, you can contact support directly through the site. Or you can reach them at or (800) 910-7375.

About Noom

Noom claims to be the last resort for people who have tried everything else and failed. Noom’s personal coach can help you achieve results you haven’t before. The unique twist with color coding is also helpful.

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Stella Bracwel
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