LadyBoss Weight Loss Program Review

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  • Hundreds of step by step video tutorials
  • Workouts updated every week
  • Numerous routines for home and gym
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LadyBoss is an online 24/7 personal trainer web app providing you with a list of workouts with step by step video tutorials and appropriate diets.

By Stella Bracwel | 31st October 2018

LadyBoss understands the body shaming and health problems women face due to gaining a lot of unwanted weight. Therefore, Kaelin not only provides women her secret to losing weight but also helps them to achieve fitness and proper nutrition. Following her footsteps, thousands of women have unlocked their potential summer bodies.

Pros Cons
Large online community Lengthy process
Detailed fitness scheme with diet plans and workout routines You will have to change your lifestyle
Free 7-day experience
Eating guide with over 60+ restaurants
Diet and Fitness

LadyBoss has a spectrum of programs to offer to their clients ranging from your needs and goals to how much time you have and how much you can afford. Even though the programs are different the core aspect of each is to help you change your lifestyle and in the process make you lose weight and be fit.

Personal Training

This is a 1 on 1 training session where you are assigned to a certified trainer who supports and guides you throughout the course. In 12 months you get the shape you always wanted no matter your initial condition.

LadyBoss Unlimited Access Pass

If you are dedicated to changing your body for good without having to give up on ice cream and pizza, then this might be just for you. You get unlimited access to all the videos and diet plans as well as bonuses such as 12 Cardio Killa workouts, Fit 101 Fitness “Shortcut” Library, Quick Health Meals Library, Daily Healthy Lifestyle Checklist, and 20 Belly Fat Busting Ab Exercises. Also, the special bonuses include Motivation Secrets Library and Fitness Pro’s Secret Toolbox.

The LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy

In just 6 weeks you transform your body into that fantasy shape you always dreamt of. If you lack nerves and are lazy, this course of training will literally change your body and mind as you will stop giving excuses and your willpower will set you on autopilot to exercise and eat healthily. Instead of craving for chocolate and pizza, you will start craving for working out as your body will fall in love with your course of transformation and subconsciously pull you towards your ultimate goal.

Tracking Capabilities

LadyBoss has its own built-in tracking tools. Once you register and start the program, you get access to it and thus start your journey of better eating and training.


To begin with, it is free to sign up with LadyBoss. Members can then decide which plan of three they are interested in. In these plans, members will also receive a fitness and diet guide and an out-to-eat plan.

Plans Pricing (per month)
7-day trial FREE
One Month $27
Unlimited Access $199
Food Plan $240-$400

Being with people with the same mentality and undergoing the same hurdle as you are can be a huge boost. LadyBoss provides a huge online community where others post about their success stories and will also cheer you on. Thus you get a supply of unlimited encouragement and can also ask other clients to help you with certain issues.

Help and Support

In case you have any query regarding LadyBoss they have an FAQ section on their website which you can check out. If you wish to visit them, you can go to 10010 Indian School Rd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112, United States of America. Or you can email them if you like,

About LadyBoss

LadyBoss is an online weight loss platform that provides you with a community of people with similar weight struggles. It motivates you to keep fit and to eat healthy with plenty of video tutorials, eating habit suggestions and by keeping track of your progress. The main goal is to help clients lose weight and stay healthy.

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Stella Bracwel
Stella is a fashion blogger and crypto-investor, who also happens to be a dating expert as well. She is a traveller who has taken up writing as a full-time profession, so she can always do her job and have fun on the go. With her vast array of knowledge, Stella could get you hitched as well as rich so keep an eye out for her articles! Read more.
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