Best Weight Loss Programs

With an increase in passive desk jobs, the expansion of fast-food and the price increase of healthy food it’s no wonder that our weight and fitness is so hard to control. We’ve researched the best solutions to keep our weight down and our health high.

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Why you can rely on us?

Our team consists of dieticians, fitness experts, psychological motivators, analysts and researchers. Together this team performs a comprehensive analysis both online and offline to come up with the right weight loss programs for you. Our motto is to keep you informed and save you from the hassle of time-consuming online research and fake reviews. When it comes to researching, we make sure that our judgments are completely rational and unbiased. We play the devil’s advocate with each program to understand the cons that each program has.

In fact, we pay keen attention to details in order to identify the best practices of the program and how they can be useful to our users. When it comes to identifying the best possible online diet services, we put special emphasis on the ways about how the program motivates and encourages you to keep going with the weight loss program even if it seems difficult. We check the actual effectiveness of the diet charts and exercise routines. Which is why we go an extra mile for you by enrolling our group of volunteers in the diet service programs to assess whether the schemes actually work or not!

Our process of validity testing

At first, we set our own set of targets. For instance, let’s say within one month we will check 100 diet service programs based on various dietary needs. Now we assign our group of volunteers to each of these services to evaluate the actual effectiveness of the job. The group of volunteers provides a real-time analysis of the progress. We compare the data with all the other volunteers and come up with the best options for you. Basically, we make sure that the programs are tested, verified and validated by our volunteers before introducing them to you. We believe that your money is important and we want to help you to spend them on the right platforms.

Factors to consider when choosing a weight loss program

Weight loss is not easy and it’s definitely not something that can happen within a day or two. It takes time, patience and perseverance. Any weight loss program includes a set of activities comprising of exercises, strict routines, meal plans, community encouragement and many more. Therefore, choosing the right online platform for weight loss program can be a difficult task to do. When we evaluate the weight loss program options, we make our final decision based on some critical factors which are discussed in the following section of the article. We would recommend that when you browse through weight loss programs, please put special emphasis on the following factors as well while making your decision.

  • Pricing Scheme

Don’t get confused with the diverse range of prices the websites offer you. Basically, each company follows a separate frequency of pricing. It could be weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. Hence, it gets difficult to compare the prices. When we make the price list for you, we ensure that the frequency is kept the same for an effective comparison. Another factor about pricing is the fact that some websites only offer standardized meal plans and exercise routines for weight loss. Those services are relatively cheaper. However, it is important to understand that standardized plans might not work out for your body needs. Therefore, other websites offer customized plans based on your needs such as your current body-weight, dietary needs, health condition and your desired body weight.

The customized plans, of course, cost more. There are websites that tend to offer even more. These are the websites that even motivate you to successfully complete the program and constantly check your progress. Needless to say, these programs will cost even more. Roughly the price range for online weight loss programs is within $9 to $150 based on their value offerings.

  • Overall routine of diet and workout

This is the most important part of the weight loss program and the key offering. Let’s start with the meal plans at first. Understand that there are plenty of diet options that can help with weight loss. But the question is ‘Are all those meal plans, the healthy option for you?’ The meal plans must ensure that the person will lose weight without jeopardizing with the health condition. When you are evaluating the option yourself, the problem is you have to consult with a dietician before that. When we shortlist the websites for you, our team of dieticians already takes care of that part.

Next, comes the workout options. The exercise routine and plan must be effective as well as safe for your body to perform. It is always better to go for customized plans rather than standardized ones.

  • Progress checking options

Check if there is a provision for tracking the progress of your weight loss program. This will keep you motivated to work hard and continue with the practice. Some common progress checking tools are reminders, notifications, graphs and charts and simple numbers. Nowadays, the convenient way to check the progress is through an app.  Apps usually provide personalized real-time data on the progress of the program.

  • Motivation and encouragement

Since the programs require perseverance and hard work, it is important that the program offers you scope for that. Usually, the best option is to have a sense of community and belongingness. Look whether the website offers user platform and constructive discussions or not. In those user platforms, each participant of the program usually shares their journey and encourages each other to keep going.

  • Convenience

The final aspect of choice would be the convenience factor. By convenience, we mean a lot of dimensions. You have to understand what the program offers and whether you can actually relate that with the overall effectiveness. Also, whether the help and customer support provided online is actually useful or not. Whenever you have any query, whether the online platforms reach to your specific needs or not are some of the dimensions of convenience. In short, whether you find getting access to the program easy or not is the decision criterion.