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NameFeaturesExpert RatingVisit Site

Hitachi CG23ECPSL

  • The engine is surprisingly strong
  • Includes a 2-year warranty with the purchase
  • Great customer service

Stihl Gas Trimmer FS 56 RC-E

  • This is an extremely inexpensive trimmer
  • The shaft is short and easy to use
  • Customer service is responsive to questions

Craftsman Weedwacker 41ADZ46C799

  • Comes with multiple heads
  • There are three different methods of starting
  • The strings are easy to replace

Honda Trimmer HHT25SLTAT

  • Powerful trimmer despite being lightweight
  • Large fuel container
  • Bump line feeder is simple and efficient

Troy-Bilt TB32 EC Weed Eater

  • Strings are easy to replace
  • Handle and shaft are adjustable
  • Features several heads
NameFeaturesExpert RatingVisit Site

Ryobi RY253SS

  • Cutting swathe is suitable for big jobs
  • Large fuel container
  • Multiple adjustable heads

Homelite UT33650

  • The engine is surprisingly strong
  • Includes a 2-year warranty with the purchase
  • Great customer service

Shindaiwa Trimmer T235

  • Multiple attachable heads
  • Excellent customer service
  • Bump line feeder is simple and efficient

Weed Eater Gas FeatherLite

  • Inexpensive
  • Includes a bush blade
  • Shoulder harness allows mobility while gardening

String trimmers, also commonly known as “weedwackers,” are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This can make searching for the best weed eater a daunting task, fortunately, there are a few key features we’re highlighting to help you decide how to pick the right weedwacker.

String Capacity

The monofilament strings inside the head of the weed eater are responsible for the device’s weedwacking capabilities. They are spun at a rapid speed, ripping through unwanted plant life and trimming it down. Some gas string trimmers will be able to hold up to 13 ft., while others bottom out at 10 ft. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to know how the string can be replaced when they break. 

  • Do you have to stop the device and do it manually? 
  • Or does it have a bump head that you tap on the ground and more string is released? 

The second is far more convenient and the preferred choice amongst customers, because it provides the easiest solution.

Duration of trimmer / Ease of use

Two other crucial aspects when shopping for a string trimmer is its tool’s fuel capacity and its ease of grip. Most trimmers hold between 10 and 16 oz. of gasoline, while others will use a gasoline and oil mixture. On average, this amounts to 1-3 hours of use. 

In most cases, new models have a few improved elements in their construction. Anti-vibration has become always necessary to prevent users’ arms from getting tired during yard work. To determine the ease of use of an electric weed eater, cordless string trimmer etc., it is important to take these questions into consideration:

  • Is the trimmer light enough to carry? 
  • Does it have an anti-vibration feature? 
  • Does it include a shoulder strap?
  • Are the controls simple and easy to understand? 


Nobody wants to use a trimmer that is slow and inefficient. If you spend hours frustrated in the hot sun because the weeds are sticking around, you will regret spending your money on the device. Therefore, you want something that will get the job done fast and well. Efficiency can be measured in a variety of ways. When reviewing the models on our page such as, the Craftsman Weedwacker, Bolens Weed Eater and more, we compared how effectively the device was able to cut back and eliminate unwanted growths.

When looking at all of these desirable features and the list of weed whackers we reviewed, the clear winner is the Shindaiwa Trimmer T235. Our reasons for coming to this conclusion is that it is the most reliable option available at an affordable price, and can be used commercially and residentially. But best of all, it ticks all of the criteria mentioned above.