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Wix Website Builder


This world-renowned website builder has featured famous stars in its marketing campaigns such as Gal Gadot, Jason Statham and Heidi Klum, but it is Wix’s stunning advanced features and design freedom which has users satisfied with the service. 

By Editorial Team | 24th October 2018

This world-renowned website builder has featured famous stars in its marketing campaigns such as Gal Gadot, Jason Statham and Heidi Klum, but it is Wix’s stunning advanced features and design freedom which has users satisfied with the service. If you look at site builder reviews online, you’ll see Wix performs incredibly well compared to other small and flexible website builders – the comparisons are quite lopsided too! Wix is the answer to the question – what is a website builder for small businesses and personal websites.

The Wix website creator has recently seen a vast expansion. Reportedly, they have 45,000 new signups on a daily basis, with 110 million users worldwide, along with almost 2000 staff members. These numbers are a logical consequence of their immense effort to realize all your website ideas. As soon as you take a look at their features, you will see that they went one step further in order to outperform the competition. Any Wix website review will tell the same story.


Wix offers six plans in total: 3 for personal websites and 3 for business and eCommerce. Each plan has something unique to offer, such as unlimited bandwidth, storage starting from 10GB, removal of Wix Ads, and more.

What you are probably interested in the most is the free plan. The inevitable Wix branding must be present on your site if you opt not to pay anything. You will have a 500MB storage limit, as well as 500MB of monthly transfer. In other words, you will not be able to do much with a free plan, but it is a great way to explore the platform and learn how the Wix website design process works.

Wix also offers a 14-day money back guarantee. You can try any other paid plan for two weeks, and if you decide not to use their services, they will make sure to give you back your money.

These prices are a subject to a change, and Wix reserves all rights to change them any time. If you want to pick a yearly plan, you will get a greatly discounted Wix annual fee instead of the following prices.

PlansPrice (per month)
Website Combo$11
Website Unlimited (Top Rated)$14
Website VIP$29
Business Basic$20
Business Unlimited (Top Rated)$25
Business VIP$35
Main Features

The first thing that separates Wix from other services is the number of default templates. Their catalogue is continuously updated with creative new Wix designs, and it currently has more than 500 options, making the Wix website designer one of the most efficient in the world. Wix web design is one of the cornerstone characteristics of the brand.

Secondly, the team behind Wix made sure to make their service available to as many people as possible. If you want a language other than English – feel free to choose from 26 different languages from the Wix dashboard. Aside from learning a little HTML basics, you’ll also have the choice of choosing a modern font to your liking, website background images and so on.

If you are new to website building, you can test most of their features for free. However, there are some tools which are aimed only towards those who would like to have more freedom with customization. For example, there is a neat tool called Wix Code that enables collection of databases, API access, JavaScript, custom forms, and many other exciting features. This allows Wix to design the best portfolio websites around.

New members should definitely try their Wix ADI which is short for Wix Artificial Design Intelligence. Once you decide to create a website, you will be asked a couple of crucial questions. Your responses will trigger the AI on the site to automatically customize a website for you and make you an offer. Also, Wix offers placement of social media icons to drive traffic to your website. Finally, in case you were wondering how to host a website, Wix offers website builder hosting to keep you focused in one place!

Wix eCommerce Review

E-commerce is a special part of Wix and gives the users a huge offer of templates for the web store. There are components which you can add to enhance the experience of this feature. It is a powerful tool that supports both digital and physical products (although there are no options for services).

E-commerce on Wix will allow you to use both images and videos for the product demonstration. Furthermore, you can use various other options such as collection creation, coupons, tax rules, shipping rules, etc. However, we recommend that you first learn the basics well, as these features can make your life a bit complicated. Nevertheless, using Wix to sell art online or to promote a small business can be a very profitable venture!

If you are a big business that has massive plans for an online store, you should not really consider Wix as it will not allow you that amount of flexibility. However, small businesses and individuals are a perfect match for this website builder channel. A Wix business website is a surefire way to drive more profits toward your enterprise!

Best of all – Wix is connected with a lot of payment providers and does not take any fees with transactions, which many other similar services charge in online shops.


Wix is very attractive with its amazing features, outstanding editor and affordable paid plans. Everything looks powerful, and you don’t actually need any technical knowledge to create a decent-looking portfolio website. It has no significant flaws, but there is still room for improvement in some areas such as the support services. Any Wix free website review on the internet will confirm how easy it is to use the site!

We must agree with their suggestion – the unlimited pricing plan is definitely the best option for most of the users as it creates a perfect price/quality balance, and comes in handy particularly for small businesses. So pick your website background, figure out the best fonts for logos and you’re halfway done!


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