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Simbla Website Builder


Founded in 2013, Simbla’s founders have 15+ years of experience with web-based platforms and website building.

By Editorial Team | 24th October 2018

If you want to know how to host a website, Simbla has an answer for you! Founded in 2013, Simbla’s founders have 15+ years of experience with web-based platforms and website building.

Simbla is a relatively new service in the world of website builders, as it was created in 2013. Since their beginning, this service has become increasingly popular with users looking to create their own websites, and with good reason – it’s simple, easy to use and delivers the desired results. You won’t have to learn to code to make a website with Simbla as it’s so simple to use that anyone, even people without any experience, can use it! Founded in Israel, Simbla boasts over 100,000 registered users and it’s still growing.

This website builder has several distinct advantages when compared to other platforms – it emphasizes SEO and makes sure your website gets a lot of visitors. Also, another huge selling point for Simbla is their drag-and-drop function, which makes website building available to anyone. Finally, all of the websites you can build with Simbla are mobile-friendly, making sure that you lose no visitors because of compatibility issues. Simbla shows what is a website builder and what it can do when utilized properly, from both a business and an aesthetics point of view.


The functionality of this website builder leaves very little to be desired, so all of those features are backed up by Simbla’s pricing plans. Simbla requires an upfront annual payment, calculated on a monthly basis and based on your selection of a monthly payment plan. They also offer a free plan, but it comes with its downsides, such as very little storage and bandwidth, as well as an integrated Simbla domain instead of your own. All the other features come in a 60-day trial instead of the full-unlimited versions. If you check online site builder reviews, you’ll see why these prices are competitive.

Starter Plan – This plan includes 1GB of storage and 1GB of bandwidth, along with 1000 database records and the same amount of database requests. It comes with users’ customized apps, an SSL certificate, blog, lead manager and product catalogue. Its price makes it a suitable plan if you don’t have much money to spend, but it’s nothing flashy. This plan is efficiently used to sell art online.

Basic Plan – This plan comes with 3GB of storage and the same amount of bandwidth, along with 5000 database records and up to 10,000 database requests! It has all the other features like the Starter plan, but it will also have the e-commerce section when it comes out. It has weaker characteristics than the other by comparisons, more expensive plans but it’s still a good plan if you’re just starting out your business.

Advanced Plan – The Advanced plan comes with 10GB of storage and bandwidth, along with 20,000 database records and 40,000 database requests, which is enough for most people. It lacks the numbers to get to the Pro plan, but it also comes at half the price, and for the features, it’s definitely worth it!

Pro Plan – This is the most expensive plan and it has the most to offer, albeit at a fairly high price. With 20GB of storage and bandwidth, as well as 50,000 records and 100,000 requests, it boasts services that would satisfy even the busiest websites! While it may be pricey, it’s also incredibly well-equipped!

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Main Features

Simbla is a pioneer in modern website building and it stays true to this moniker by implementing a number of features that make it attractive to modern customers. Simbla’s website builder lets you implement your own ideas uniquely, no matter how much previous experience you’ve had. If you want to build a website, now it’s really simple – you just drag and drop! You don’t even have to get your own website builder hosting as Simbla provides that for you, along with everything else except the domain, which you should secure before building your website. Want to use different website background images than the ones you’re using? Just drag out the old ones and drop in the new ones!

Another great feature is that Simbla is its unique database, as well as the fact that they’re very SEO-friendly, which helps their users get ranked better in the top search engines. This may not seem like the most important thing to do if you’re setting up a website, but if nobody is reading what you’re posting, what good is the website anyway? This keeps your website going and it’s one of the most important things to have if you don’t want to pay so much for advertising further down the line. You can also modify your website to employ a more modern font, social media icons, website background and a number of other things, resulting in some of the best portfolio websites in existence.

Finally, a feature that a lot of customers are looking for is the compatibility this website builder has with mobile devices. Not just smartphones – all of them! Simbla features Bootstrap 3 technology which allows it to modify the website based on the mobile device which is accessing it, enabling mobile versions of all websites created with this builder. All in all, Simbla is a great tool to bring all your website ideas to life!


Simbla is a great website builder, and it doesn’t matter how much experience you have to use it. It has a number of unique or preferable features that make it attractive for users, and with good reason! I highly recommend this website builder, not only for its simplicity and multiple great features but also for its SEO-friendliness, which will help boost your website like never before. You won’t learn any HTML basics because of the drag-and-drop system, but you’ll learn how to make your own portfolio website in the blink of an eye!

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