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GoDaddy Website Builder


Focusing on speed and simplicity, GoDaddy is the go-to website builder platform, perfect for creating seamless websites.

By Editorial Team | 24th October 2018

If you’ve ever come across an empty page hosted by this company, you’ve probably asked yourself what is GoDaddy and why is it on your screen. Well, GoDaddy provides an intelligent and complete solution for customers looking to promote or digitize their businesses. Its pricing plans are very cheap in comparison to its competitors and if you google ‘GoDaddy website builder review’ you’ll see millions of positive experiences.

Aside from the website builder GoDaddy offers a range of hosting packages, depending the user’s intention with their site i.e. blogging, business or eCommerce. Part of its wide success is its user-friendly interface where everything is laid out clearly and easy to navigate, teaching you how to host a website in minutes.


GoDaddy offers three main price plans for their website builder: Personal, Business and Business Plus.

Personal Plan has CMS functionality, hosting, SSL and responsive mobile design.

Business Plan has everything Personal has, plus SEO.

Business Plus Plan has all Business features, plus email marketing, social media integration and globally optimized speed.

PlansPrice (per month)
Business Plus$12.50
Main Features

With GoDaddy, you get your own CMS to host blogs, rate and manage comments, and link to your social media accounts. The best thing about using GoDaddy’s customized solutions as opposed to using WordPress or Magento is that they can provide flawless support in case of problems or queries. This eradicates any comparisons between GoDaddy and other services as this is simply the largest one with the most options.

The GoDaddy web builder allows you to visually customize an appointment management system. This means that your customers can easily select empty appointment spots and book them so that you have an automatic assistant that lets you approve your customers’ appointments and send appropriate notifications. This kind of system usually requires the expertise of a back-end or server-side programmer, but with GoDaddy’s website builder, you just need to select your preferred options, and you’re good to go. Also, there are a number of GoDaddy web templates that can help you with designing your site as well as providing you with ideas on how to proceed.

The website builder at GoDaddy presents a method of integrating your site with your social media account, like nothing you’ve ever seen. It actually populates your social media page with the content of your website. All you have to do is provide your social media credentials and the website builder configures your website to start sending content updates to your Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter pages while also adding social media icons to your website. This is a great way to connect to your customer in multiple markets, and the process is usually very safe because all content on the website is filtered and finalized anyway. Many site builder reviews point this out as one of GoDaddy’s best features and it has created some of the best portfolio websites.

Very few website builders actually allow a customer to configure search engine optimization options. The GoDaddy website builder not only performs SEO for your site but also lets you configure the process if you have experience with search engines. The GoDaddy website builder also lets you set up email campaigns that you could use to attract your customers. This process is also almost entirely automated because the website builder creates email templates that mimic the visual appearance of your site. This makes it extremely easy to get your portfolio website up and running.

The difference between GoDaddy’s website interface designer and Wix, for instance, is that GoDaddy’s designer interface is more streamlined and minimal, and doesn’t attempt to do things that might go wrong – you don’t even need to know HTML basics! It does what it does flawlessly. It presents you with a huge set of options for all visual elements like choosing a modern font, a theme layout, color accents, and website background images. All you have to do is select your favorite options and the visual elements automatically adjust themselves accordingly. There is no skill requirement. Just a good aesthetic sense and you have a beautiful site. GoDaddy’s designing console is completely responsive. Not only that, all visual tools are optimized for touch actions, which make the designing console extremely useful on mobile devices. Also, GoDaddy offers on the spot website builder hosting, so you don’t have to take your business to multiple services!

eCommerce Plan

The GoDaddy website builder features a complete e-commerce platform that is created and maintained by GoDaddy.

The platform provides customers with great customization options, like integration of a wide range of payment gateways with adjustable preferences via a settings dashboard. It also features flexible shipping options including free shipping to attract more customers. This allows you to easily do business on the internet. You can sell art online or develop a million dollar company – the choice is yours!

The GoDaddy e-commerce platform has performance that rivals some of the best platforms in the market. The amount of products, sub-products and product categories that you could create in your online store, is practically endless and limited only by the server’s hardware. While GoDaddy free hosting is not an option, hosting is included in most of the available packages.


From this article, you might be impressed with the number of features GoDaddy’s website builder provides, but its strongest trait is the absolute robustness of all those features. Unfortunately, that trait cannot be explained, it has to be felt as there are an astounding amount of options, too much to be described in any review. In short, GoDaddy is the answer to the question ‘what is a website builder?’ Luckily, you can try out the website builder for free. If you’re satisfied by the quality of the website-building tools, you could go for one of the price plans we explained earlier. So just head to your GoDaddy website builder login, set your website background, pick your font, add your content and start making your website ideas reality!

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