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By Editorial Team | 24th October 2018

Strikingly is a website builder service founded in 2012, which focuses mainly on creating simple and minimalist websites containing one, long-form page. This type of website is often overlooked but it can be used very efficiently for portfolios, presentations and online business cards. Due to its product selling features, Strikingly can also be used to create an online store for up to a hundred products, depending on the plan you choose.

Strikingly makes sure that anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can create websites and this is one of their main selling points. Also, they are really flexible on pricing, even offering a completely free plan, albeit with limited features. All of Strikingly’s websites are responsive, which means they can all communicate with mobile devices of all types, and since this feature is very sought-after, this platform has become more and more desired, even going as far as to be recommended by Seth Godin!


All Strikingly plans come with a 14-day free trial, as well as a free account if you decide to keep using the service after the free trial is over. However, you can also switch into a higher paid plan! All plans are billed yearly, have unlimited disk space and are available for the free trial.

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Main Features

Strikingly has a lot of features that make it an attractive website builder for customers. This platform allows you to use it without any coding knowledge, or even website building knowledge! Its simplistic design lets you play with the product however you like, and even if this is a platform specializing in long-form, one-page websites, you can still build multiple-page websites with it, as it’s not limited to only one page per site.

Furthermore, Strikingly has 10 main templates to choose from, all of which have a number of themes to help you make your website unique using a wide variety of fonts and colours. This website builder enables you to add sections to your website as easy as a couple of clicks, no matter what you need – text, images, video and so on. You can even choose your favicon when designing your website!

Yet another amazing feature by Strikingly is the fact that it can use your LinkedIn profile to create a webpage for you automatically, just by using and reproducing the information it finds into your account. Also, you can embed a large number of apps on your website, such as a live chat app, a Disqus comment section, and MailChimp sign up forms. And if you’re new, don’t worry – Strikingly has a huge knowledgebase that you can explore at your discretion. You can get help for a  number of problems, as the knowledgebase keeps help articles, getting-started videos, troubleshooting guides and a whole lot of other material, neatly organized and categorized.

eCommerce Plan

Strikingly has a unique approach towards e-commerce because a great number of techniques have been tried and tested, which led to this website builder deciding to implement the successful ones. This website offers a lot of integrations with Facebook, which some users find indispensable. Some of the integrations you can choose are things like being able to track your conversation rate from Facebook, embed live chat in your site through Facebook and sharing of images to Facebook.

Strikingly also has great SEO services and you can optimize the single-page site with Meta tags and keywords You can even go one step further and get the analytics button, which will allow you to see info about your visitors. Of course, this is only an available feature if you’re a paying customer.

Notably lacking from their eCommerce plan are the ‘click-to-call’ function, as well as direct emailing on mobile, but they’re bound to add them in the future. When it comes to selling products, you can sell one product per page with the free plan, even though you can have infinite pages with pretty-much infinite data storage capacity. On the Pro Plan, you can sell up to a hundred products, so Strikingly is great for creating online shops as well.


Strikingly has quickly developed into one of the best website builders, but definitely the best long-form, one-page builder out there. If you want to build a page that will reflect everything in one long format, or you want to set up a tiny store that you can sell through PayPal with, Strikingly is the website builder you’re looking for.

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