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rating: 5
  • Simple purchase and setup process
  • Easy to grasp communication software
  • Flexible subscription plans and settings

8×8 VOIP


8×8 is a constantly developing communications tech company with the main emphasis on VoIP services for both the SMB market and huge enterprises.

By Aleksandar Spasov | 29th November 2018

The ultimate purpose of 8×8 is to provide customers of all business-sizes with affordable business communications solutions. Their VoIP software stands on the high point of industry standards, along with residential VoIP options for individual users and families. They also grant users a cloud-based call center service, so they cover pretty much every aspect of the rainbow. From a household to an enormous business organization, they got you covered!


As with any respectable VoIP provider, 8×8 has countless neat features prepared. Not to go over all of them, we will point of their most effective tools when it comes to connecting your employees in a convenient way. After all, business owners can customize every feature from 8×8 to their own preferences so this is the first big plus of getting them on your side!

Unlimited Calls

Which are the biggest costs when it comes to communication in general? Call fees, of course. The Unlimited Calling option of 8×8 makes it that you don’t spend a single cent while discussing projects or just talking with staff members. Unlimited no-charge calls can be conducted with any number inside the USA or Canada while foreign areas can be simply added to any subscription plan for further convenience!

The Virtual Office is Here

All 8×8 users get the chance to enter the Virtual Office Online and gain access to additional features on any internet-connected computer. You can dial, receive, or even transfer calls along with instant messages, voicemail, and a comprehensive call history on your hands. There is an auto-attendant, ring groups, music-on-hold option, Android/iOS mobile apps, Caller ID function, and more. The cloud integration with Outlook, Zendesk, Salesforce, and NetSuite completes the Virtual Office and we honestly can’t ask for much more here!


8×8 offers an extension dialing feature to enable swift calls to anyone in the company using 3-to-5 digit combinations. You can also use the direct phone number, but hey, let’s be fancy for a moment. What is more, the location of the dialer doesn’t matter – multiple devices are eligible for direct/digit calls including an IP phone, smartphones, desktop devices, and tablets!

Incredible technology and team valuesMay seem slightly more technical than needed for some users
Top-notch Customer SupportSetup costs can be high for some businesses
Splendid audio quality and Virtual Office
All portable devices covered

Okay, we’ve come to the moment of deciding. Which plan is the best for our business and how can we gain the most benefit out of it? Being a little different from competitors, 8×8 doesn’t offer your usual subscription plans. We must first choose the Virtual Office or the Virtual Office Pro – after that come the Extensions with flexible features and room for experimenting!

  • Metered Extension – this one is the cheapest out of three extension options. Unlimited calls to company numbers and all 8×8 extension numbers included in your plan. We also receive 250 outbound calls minutes in Canada and the US.
  • Unlimited Extension – probably the most used Virtual Office extension, the Unlimited adds European locations to those in the US/Canada. Web Conferencing and Recording of Calls can be added by upgrading to Virtual Office Pro.
  • Global Extension – again, we are building stories over the previous two extensions. Global gets us more international calling locations including Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. All fees will be negotiated in line with the features we decide to include in our subscription plan. There isn’t a set price for each of them, and this is a nice thing. This way, we won’t pay for anything we don’t need at the moment, so the value for money here is immense!
Customer Support

Starting from the various resources available, going all the way to the professional customer support, 8×8 has it all worked out. Live Chat is an option with a timeframe of Monday-Friday (6AM-5PM PT) while tech support upgrades the Video Chat option to resolve any technical problems in real time. An emergency support line is available at all times throughout the year, and we can also seek community advice and gain knowledge from dedicated blog articles!


Just the thought of having 8×8 around since 1996 is enough of a reason to try them out. They have excelled in their VoIP service providing while their customer base volume has enabled multiple plans for new users to choose from. The unique preference setup is amazing for any kind of business, and their experience will shine on every effort we make to develop our company even further!

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Aleksandar Spasov
Aleksander is a freelancer from Bulgaria. He's travelled and is still travelling around the the world and has been writing and studying as he goes. He describes himself as a bit of a word freak and this is clear from his studies in English and Journalism.Although he is knowledgeable in a lot of areas, he has been researching and writing about anti-virus as his most recent interest. Read more.
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