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rating: 4.3
  • Five pricing packages
  • Thorough guidance for first-time users
  • Safe and secure

TurboTax Tax Software


Inuit TurboTax is one of the most famous and reputable tax preparation software that can be found on the market today, providing the best services available for a very reasonable price.

By Editorial Team | 17th July 2019

TurboTax are widely recognizable due to being one of the top companies for tax products. Every season, they add new features and upgrades to their existing programs with the latest being the standard Turbo Tax Deluxe 2019 which incorporates all the previous beneficial features and new innovative ideas. On the other hand, this top-of-the-line tax preparation software is usually slightly pricier than all the competition, but experienced tax software users will find that the increase in price is worth every dollar as it always manages to surprise even the ones with the biggest expectations. In today’s review, we will try to make a detailed assessment of all the company’s features to get the end answer to the popular question – is TurboTax worth the extra buck?



The price of TurboTax products has been the highest that can be encountered on the market and the company considers that this is a fair price in accordance to the quality of service they provide. The company offers five different tax filing packages.

Their free edition offers the client the option to file 1040 and state return taxes without compensation, but it cannot be used for itemizing or filing Schedules 1-6. TurboTax Free Edition is usable only for people with really straightforward tax needs. 

Their TurboTax Basic Live comes at a price of $79.99 adding on-demand video support for the clients. 

The TurboTax Deluxe costs $59.99 and is the most widely used version offering the client to itemize and claim tax deductions and tax credits. Also, it can file Schedule C. 

Next, the Premier version which costs $79.99. This variant adds the possibility to report rental income and investments and it has a live version which allows video tax assistance but comes at a higher price. 

Finally, the Self Employed program costs $119.99 and gives the client every feature of all the previous versions and adding special features for tracking expenses especially devised for independent contractors, freelancers and people who like to earn a bit on the side in general. The live version of this highest package comes at the price of $199.99, making it one of the priciest products in this field.

Also, the company offers special discounts for the military which is a respectable policy. Additionally, besides this standard software the company offers special desktop software to make everything easier for their clients. 

Considering all the benefits that the customer will enjoy when using these products, the pricing is understandable, not to mention the high-tech live application which gives the client constant access to the most skilled professionals in the field, who are more than happy to assist with help and advice.


Intuit TurboTax products take the phrase ‘easy to use’ to a whole new level providing a stunningly user-friendly interface that will make filing taxes a comically easy task, saving the client all that sweat and stress during tax season. It can be accessed from a desktop computer or a laptop through the official website or even on any mobile device using a specially created app. The app was designed to provide a perfect service despite the smaller screens and limited accessibility on mobile phones, furthermore the camera on the customer’s mobile device can be used to import W-2s into the system. The page also has the best system to help the client along the whole process of filing and guiding them with a side banner that highlights and flags things that need to be completed next. On some versions, there is a special feature available called ItsDeductible, which easily finds the deduction value of objects.

TurboTax’s customer support is one of their strongest suits, especially as the program will guide first-time users as soon as they sign up to the company. Their Live programs offer the client unlimited contact with their CPA, and enrolled agents provide unlimited tax advice which is something you can’t find anywhere else. They operate from 8 am to midnight, every day of the week. Finally, they have a new offline feature, which allows you to send an email and receive expertly crafted answers in response. In case of auditing TurboTax provides clients with free guidance but it will not represent you in front of the IRS, for that they have a special offer called Max Defend & Restore which comes at the price of $39.99.


TurboTax products are probably the best money can buy on today’s tax software market, providing the client with all the bells and whistles needed to make tax filing a pretty easy and relaxed task, supporting and teaching the client from start to finish. Their live support and general customer support is hardly believable, putting the best professionals on the market at your service every day of the week. Their general interface is nearly perfect and user-friendly for easy navigation. Additionally, they are in pace with time providing the latest and greatest in the tech world, always reinforcing their site with new and exclusive technologies. Finally, they have one of the best safety systems out there, ensuring that the personal information and data of their clients is completely safe with them.


  • Five pricing packages
  • Thorough guidance for first-time users
  • Safe and secure
  • Incredibly user friendly


  • High pricing
  • Complicated upgrading

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