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rating: 4.2
  • Five affordable pricing packages
  • Screen share feature (customer support)
  • Easy-to-use website

TaxAct Tax Software


TaxAct is a fantastic tax software that offers a great and professional service. The Tax Act 2019 version comes in a new package and at a very affordable price compared to most!

By Editorial Team | 17th July 2019

TaxAct reviews will usually tell you just superficial things about this awesome software, but we wanted to make an in depth analysis so we would ease the process of choosing your tax program. Firstly, TaxAct is a great tax filing software, available at really reasonable prices. For example, when compared to H&R Block Deluxe 2019, TaxAct provides quite an acceptable service but at a pretty lower cost since the affordable pricing has been a trademark of TaxAct’s business plan. During this last year, the software also had a general overhaul, changing much of their general visual outlook and also adding many tips and flags for when users fail to fully complete the form. This update has made their program a lot simpler, easier to use, and more comparable to the data entry process of the other higher priced programs available on the market.



Their amazingly low prices is what makes TaxAct one of the most competitive companies on the market. The company offers a price-lock guarantee which ensures the client that they will pay the price that was offered to them when they started their return, unlike other services who require payment when they finish, and raises the price before the filing deadline. TaxAct provides four different paid programs that a client can undertake. 

The Tax Act free which is a great option for filing 1040, but it doesn’t give the option of filing Schedules 1-6. However, it allows the client to use more tax forms than any of the competing companies.

Next, they have their Basic+ which comes at a great price of $14.95. It includes the features offered in the free package, as well as a few others, including Child tax credit.

The Tax Act Deluxe+ costs $47.95, this upgrade is best suited for clients who need to itemize.

The Premier+ is at $57.95 and upgrades to general support for the clients, including services like interest income and capital gains and losses.

Lastly, the Self Employed+ costs $77.95, significantly lower than any of the other software in this category. It offers special services for people who work as freelancers or operate small businesses, providing them with tools that will help them with deductions and give them tax support through the whole year.


A standout aspect in the tax filing software business is their support team, and TaxAct has many different ways for clients to get help if they are stuck in any part of the process. The support options available include contacting the team via email or clients sharing their screen with an agent (this is offered with The Premier+ and Self Employed+ plans). The latter option lets a support staff member share screens with the client and helps them along the way, providing real human assistance besides the standard software one that every program provides. It’s important to note that the company employs a large number of professionals and tax specialists who are experienced in the field and have undertaken officially certified tax classes.

Also, TaxAct’s employees receive up to 100 hours of training and an Enrolled Agent supervises them. It’s important to clear up that these employees will not give the client advice regarding taxes and help them choose from different options as they are tax support professionals and they will only help with filling the taxes. In the case of auditing, TaxAct provides its clients with a special FAQ page which will give them some general guidelines, and the customer is offered a special audit defense which is provided by a partner of the company which is called Protection Plus and costs $49. This will give the client audit services for three years and will help along the process of handling the IRS and the state correspondence on the behalf of the client. Additionally, it gives tax fraud assistance and assists with denied tax credits.


To conclude our analysis of this software, we should mention their upsides and downsides, of which there aren’t many. First of all, the site offers their clients a selection of affordable packages, but all that is integrated in a really simple and easy to use system. Furthermore, the professionals who work at TaxAct are highly-skilled and always willing to assist customers with their expertise. TaxAct has one of the best free services we’ve seen on the market, however their paid options provide a wider range of features. 



  • Five affordable pricing packages
  • Screen share feature (customer support)
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Partnered with Protection Plus



  • No schedules 1-6 on the free version
  • Too basic interface

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