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Tax Slayer

rating: 4.3
  • Five affordable pricing packages
  • Easy to use interface
  • Best refund calculator

Tax Slayer Tax Software


Tax Slayer is a well established company that has been helping people with their taxes since the sixties. They have a long running reputation of providing excellent service to their clients as well as solutions that make their clients’ lives easier.

By Editorial Team | 17th July 2019

Tax Slayer is a large company that was founded back in 1965 and has a 54-year long tradition offering customers different tax preparation services and general finance assistance. Following modern developments, their operations on the Internet are as remarkable as their long tradition in this business. Their products are one of the best that can be acquired on the market but come with very affordable prices. Just to illustrate, many of the companies in their range can cost you double or more than what Tax Slayer is asking! The popular software will help the client prepare and file their federal tax returns and guide them through the whole operation by highly-skilled professionals. Tax Slayer ensures its clients that all calculations made by their software are accurate, however if any type of error occurs, the company offers a money-back guarantee. Finally, the software is cloud-based which means that the program is available for use on the move and everything you need is just a stable connection to the Internet away!



Tax Slayer has an affordable pricing system that as mentioned, is slightly to cheaper when compared to their competition. Tax Slayer’s pricing can be divided in five different tax preparation plans (with one special package).

The first plan is the Simply Free which helps the client with federal returns and the first state return completely free of charge. 

Next is the Classic which costs $24 and provides assistance with all IRS forms and is appropriate for all kinds of tax situations. Also, it offers prior year importing and comparison which makes this package one of their most popular plans. 

Their Premium comes at $37 and is much more assisted than the cheaper versions. This makes Tax Slayer perfect for the inexperienced users that are new to this kind of thing. Premium users can also use Tax Slayer’s live chat support which is active during tax season. 

Next, is their Self Employed plan which costs $47 and offers really unique features to this company such as the special team of self-employment tax specialists. 

The final pricing plan offered is the Ultimate package, costing $59. For this price you get identity theft protection, priority with any kind of support needed and a full audit defense for 3 years including representation. 

One of the special features that helps this company stand out is their special military package that is completely free and is provided for active duty personnel. Their system is designed in a way that if you have a lower-priced plan and you try to do something that is not included in it, the program will offer you an upgrade automatically.

As you can see, the Tax Slayer cost was cleverly devised around the options they wanted to offer the clients, still keeping prices relatively lower than others on the rising tax software market.


Tax Slayer has a few ways of providing support to their clients. They have a special knowledge section that assists customers which popular difficulties which have been encountered in the past. Also, they provide free tech support by phone and email, offering tax help on the phone and email assistance for the higher priced programs. The support is provided by CPAs and enrolled agents who will give a really professional service regarding any tax filing problems. The phone support can be accessed every day of the week.

In the case of auditing, Tax Slayer offers the users of Premium, Self Employed and Ultimate programs a free audit assistance which will aid the client through the audit preparations. Whereas for the other programs, users can buy this additional feature for $29.99. In addition, the users of the Ultimate package get the exclusive audit defense which also has representation in front of the IRS. 

Finally, Tax Slayer offers two possibilities for a client can receive the tax refund. The first is on one or multiple bank accounts which is the fastest way and the second can be received by a paper check. There is one more option and that is applying the tax refund in the next year’s taxes.

Regarding security, the site offers multi-layer authentication which protects the client’s accounts and personal information after they log into the program. They also use verification codes that can be sent to your mobile device or email. The system is completely protected with firewalls, network isolation and many other methods to provide maximum safety. Finally, they hold an Extended Validation SSL certificate that is issued by a valid authority.


Tax Slayer offers so many upsides and features, making it almost impossible for customers to turn down such a service. First of all, their prices are great and this can’t be overstated since they offer a really tremendous service compared to the amounts they ask for their products. The site is really well-designed and pretty easy to navigate, this is to make the process quick and simple. Furthermore, the staff at TaxSlayer is highly professional and really helpful, with their accessibility being one of the best in the industry, offering more ways of communication than most of the companies. The safety standards are pretty high which is really important considering the many threats to people’s personal information posed by this day and age. Finally, we should mention their great advance loans on which they do not add any fees or interests.



  • Five affordable pricing packages
  • Easy to use interface
  • Best refund calculator
  • High-standard security



  • No audit support on a couple plans
  • Occasional website issues

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