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H&R Block

rating: 4
  • Three affordable paid packages
  • Live chat support
  • Easy-to-use software

H&R Block Tax Software


H&R Block creates some of the best tax software in existence, combining many years of experience with the latest technologies and the best professionals in the field to create a perfect tax management service.

By Editorial Team | 17th July 2019

In this day and age, using tax software is a-must for every adult, and with so many software companies offering a range of products, it’s only normal that the buyer feels overwhelmed. But, there are some products like the H&R Block Deluxe that really give a lot of bang for your buck. H&R Block has a great user interface (website) and part of their service is the fact that while filling the taxes online, the client can get help from a real expert in the field of taxes. Lastly, the company offers a number of affordable plan prices, making them highly-sought out for thousands of customers.



H&R Block offers a range of different packages and plans to best suit the customer’s preference.

Firstly, there is an H&R Block online free version which is pretty good compared to other no-cost tax software that can be found on the market. The H&R online free edition allows the client to file 1040 plus Schedules 1-6, as well as include earned income tax credit, child tax credit, and credit for elderly and disabled. 

Besides the free version, H&R Block offers three other paid versions. The first is the H&R Block Deluxe version which costs $49.99, the second program is the Premium which costs $79.99 and lastly, they offer the Self-Employed version costing $104.99 which is the best the market can offer at a very fair price. 

There is also an additional feature, Tax Pro Review which is available to add onto your online tax filing service, costing $144.99.

H&R Block brings more great features like their cooperation with Stride which is a mobile app that tracks expenses to import to the software automatically, effectively saving time and making the process more efficient. 

The website has a special section to assist the client, before and during the filing process. There are special hyperlinked terms that can give the client a detailed explanation if they are unfamiliar with it. In addition, all of the brand’s versions are compatible with importing the returns from the previous year and from other companies that work with tax preparation, but we have to note that the free version will not do this automatically. Finally H&R Block’s software is fully optimized for usage on all of the modern mobile devices, providing an easy way to use their services whilst on the move.


H&R Block has more than 12,000 offices worldwide, filled with experienced and knowledgeable tax professionals. They offer the ‘Ask a Tax Pro’ service which gives the client a chance to chat with a representative from the company to resolve any problems regarding the matter. These live chats can be used during daytime and usually they cost from $39.99 up to $49.99, depending on which price package the client uses in the moment. It is important to mention that every staff member at H&R Block has undergone more than 90 hours of special training in order to be able to aid the customers.

The first thing that we noticed on their site was the simplicity of their general interface. H&R Block offers a really simple way to import 1099-DIV, 1099 INT forms or W-2s with a picture or a PDF. The site has a well-developed search function that helps with any type of inquiry. The program is easy to use and fast to navigate, making the tax filing experience endurable.


H&R Block software is one of the simplest and most user-friendly interfaces available on the market, offering really good services that manage to ease our lives during tax season. We didn’t encounter any real problems using the software as the instructions were clear and easy-to-follow, making the navigation through their online site a walk in the park. H&R Block provides some of the most affordable tax software, which can be highly-recommended to clients across the globe, in addition, the diversity of their programs provides something for every kind of customer.



  • Three affordable paid packages
  • Live chat support
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Inclusive of all tax issues




  • Chat unavailable with free version
  • Low priced and free plans do not help with complex tax problems

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