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rating: 4.4
  • Free of charge service
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Offers audit defense

CreditKarma Tax Software


CreditKarma is a well-designed and interesting online DIY tax software. But most notably, Credit Karma is available to use, free of charge.

By Editorial Team | 17th July 2019

CreditKarma is a relatively new online tax software that launched a few years ago and surprised everyone by providing all of their services for free. In this review, we will make a thorough analysis of all the upsides and downsides, answering popular questions like ‘is credit karma safe?’ and ‘is CreditKarma legit?’ This well-designed and well-developed software offers clients many functions that are needed to file Federal and State taxes. In 2019, the company reinvented itself by addressing many aspects that were considered their downsides like the Credit Karma customer service, improving the program, and increasing their popularity. The Credit Karma tax services, despite their general overhaul and improvement, stayed completely free which boosted their reputation even higher.



First and foremost, this tax preparation service is completely free to use! Everything that a client has to do is sign up to their desired program and make an account – which can be made without even providing a credit card! We know what question is puzzling you – ‘how does credit karma make money?’ and the answer is by making special offers for their clients, which include referrals and recommendations, and loans.

Even though CreditKarma’s software is plain and simple, it offers the client a great number of excellent features. First of all, the software is compatible with other programs like H&R Block and TurboTax, so you can quickly skip the first steps and directly import your previous tax information into CreditKarma. The program will import the client’s 1040 and will pre-populate the current tax return too. The company offers all kinds of reimbursement to their clients via gift cards up to $1,000 as well as an automatic tax return review which will bring attention to any parts that weren’t filled out properly or that are red flags, making an error-proof system. 

CreditKarma is full optimized for mobile, allowing clients to go through the entire process on their mobile devices. The site is completely compatible with any of today’s mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android. Lastly, the camera from the mobile device can be used to scan documents and insert files, which greatly simplifies the whole process!  


CreditKarma doesn’t offer the same customer service as other paid and expensive tax programs i.e. TurboTax, but that’s expected since this program isn’t primarily made for filing taxes. The website features a FAQ section which discusses popular queries on several different topics, including CreditKarma accounts, Credit Reports, Short Term loans, and more. Additionally, the company provides email support where the client can communicate with a knowledgeable representative from CreditKarma.

This software is best for clients who are more experienced in this field and also people who have more straightforward needs and common deductions, however saying that, the program works extremely well with most tax situations. 

Finally, is Credit Karma safe for the client? The answer is yes – it is totally safe to use. The program meets the highest security and privacy standards, especially as CreditKarma is authorized as an IRS e-file provider. Furthermore, the program uses the safer two-factor authentication and 128-bit or higher encryption which protects data in transmission as well as in data storage.


For a company which offers a free service and was only launched a few years ago, they have managed to earn and keep thousands of satisfied customers. CreditKarma provides its clients with a very professional and stable service, helping them solve a range of tax-related problems. Their site interface is well-designed and is quite easy to use and navigate. Compared to other tax software brands on the market, this site does offer several fewer options, however unlike CreditKarma, that software can cost the customer up to a few hundred dollars which we can all agree is not a small sum to pay. 



  • Free of charge service
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Offers audit defense
  • Mobile-friendly



  • Some forms are unavailable
  • Only offers email support

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