Best Tax Software 2020

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  • Free of charge service
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Offers audit defense

H&R Block

  • Three affordable paid packages
  • Live chat support
  • Easy-to-use software
Rating: 4.7/5
rating: 4.7

Tax Slayer

  • Five affordable pricing packages
  • Easy to use interface
  • Best refund calculator
Rating: 4.5/5
rating: 4.5


  • Five affordable pricing packages
  • Screen share feature (customer support)
  • Easy-to-use website
Rating: 4.3/5
rating: 4.3


  • Five pricing packages
  • Thorough guidance for first-time users
  • Safe and secure
Rating: 4.1/5
rating: 4.1


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NewsHosting Review


  • Up to 60 Connections - the best on the market!
  • Excellent retention
  • Free two week trial with 30Gb of data


  • Doesn’t support Bitcoin payments

Experts rank NewsHosting extremely high on the Usenet provider list – they are experienced, understanding and dedicated. If you are searching for a solid Usenet service, this could be the perfect match.

NewsHosting is one of the top Usenet services. They’re renowned in the market and get top marks in almost all areas.

What Does NewsHosting Offer?

NewsHosting passes all performance tests with flying colors across all operating systems. Not only can you use Windows and Mac, but Linux devices and browsers are also compatible.

The provider maintains retention of 3932 days (accurate at the time of writing this review). That’s ten years worth of content, all of which is free for access by any user. What’s more, the platform runs on both US and European servers. This enables an incredible uncapped download speed, which is just what you need as they also offer unlimited downloads. There is also a free newsreader available to you. Search and explore discussions, files, and other content for as long as you need to.

All of NewsHosting’s plans include free 256-Bit SSL, so your anonymity would be protected at all times. There is secured access to over 120,000 newsgroups and respectable download speeds, so the platform performs incredibly.

The Zero-log VPN feature comes with an annual plan and further improves your security levels. Zero-log means that the VPN won’t log any activity, therefore while the VPN shields your online identity you don’t have to worry about that very same VPN spying on you. If you want to see what all the fuss is about you can sign up for a free trial, where you’ll get 30GB free for 2 weeks! 

Why Choose This Service?

NewsHosting provides some of the best features in the industry. With mind-blowing retention, a huge volume of newsgroups, and swift downloads, NewsHosting is definitely a top contender.

They’ve made a name for themselves by improving their services over several years. NewsHosting maintains competitive prices and knowledgeable customer support. You can even grab further promotions and discounts – check their site for the full details.

With unlimited speeds, unlimited data transfers, up to 60 connections and free 256-bit SSL encryption, it’s no wonder NewsHosting is the hottest on the market in 2o19.



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NewsDemon Review


  • Binary retention of up to 3933 days
  • Free VPN included in nearly all packages


  • Has many pricing packages that could be confusing for a first time user
  • Customer support only in English

One of the most affordable Usenet services, NewsDemon is impressively user-friendly. If you are looking for a cheap and efficient Usenet provider, this business is a great option.

What Does NewsDemon Offer?

NewsDemon is on par with the best in the business. Not only do they provide convenient perks for all users, but the pricing is incredibly low. Furthermore, even their most expensive plan comes cheaper than most tier-1 providers.

To start off the list of features, the retention at NewsDemon is immaculate. More than 3931 days of binary newsgroup retention is something to admire, as it is one of the highest in the field. Additionally, all text newsgroups are safe and sound as they will never expire.

All of these can be accessed with outstanding speed, thanks to servers in the US, UK, and Europe. You can have a 10 Mbps connection or 500Mbps, depending on your needs. While most Usenet connections run with 256-bit SSL encryption, the cheapest package with this provider does not. Before you purchase this package, you should ensure that you won’t use this service for anything that should be kept under lock and key.

NewsDemon will never share your information with anyone. They won’t track your usage, use your personal data against you and their top two packages come with a VPN to ensure your data will be kept private.

Why Choose NewsDemon?

NewsDemon excels at keeping newsgroups open for you. Over 107,000 of those are available, both to browse and download content.

There is a sweet VPN service to use when exploring the site, with transfer-capped block accounts as an option too. Education, Charity, and Media Outlet professionals get discounts or free access to the site. If you are working in any of these industries, this is definitely a fantastic option to consider.

Fast Usenet

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Fast Usenet Review


  • Almost 4,000 days worth of retention
  • Some of the most extensive newsreader functionalities
  • Grabit newsreader search included with package


  • Speed can be lacking when compared to other Usenet
  • Support is in English only

Fast Usenet has been around since 2010, and it is one of the most well-established providers on the market. This platform has very few flaws, and it performs exceedingly well compared to most of its rivals.

What Does Fast Usenet Offer?

Fast Usenet has had the time to polish their features and optimise their tech for almost a decade. They offer a top notch service with affordable plans and excellent specifications for a variety of Usenet needs. They are an excellent balance between quality and price.

Their 3930+ days retention is the first thing to point out. This number keeps up with the most respected Usenet providersHowever, this is far from everything. 50 simultaneous SSL-encrypted Usenet connections are available, which will allow you to reach maximum download speed. While most torrent trackers can get you up to 10-11 Mbps, Fast Usenet can easily reach 20 Mbps with 5-10 connections, depending on your plan and newsgroup.

Fast Usenet has its name for a reason: they pride themselves on speed regardless of where their customers are. The network has a capacity of over 900 gigabits per second and they have hundreds of service provider networks and critical carriers. Their content delivery network is capable of delivering multiple 10-gigabit-per-second circuits in twenty-two geographical locations; from Europe to North America, then all the way back to Asia. This ensures that they can easily service the entire globe, providing their customers with lightning-speed service on an international scale. 

Fast Usenet has developed both a desktop and mobile newsreader so you can use it for reading, discussing, and downloading. It is easy to navigate, swift, and secured by SSL. The Search option also helps with finding specific pieces of content in over 100,000 newsgroups using the Grabit newsreader. They also support other newsreaders and provide several detailed tutorials on how to access and set these up.

Grabit with Search is worth $25/year to use, but you would get this as part of the bundle with any Fast Usenet subscription.

Why Choose This Service?

Fast Usenet combines all the benefits of the industry and provides them to users at competitive prices. They know what they’re doing, they strive to improve upon their existing efforts, and they have an incredibly user-friendly site. This service is great for those who travel, as it is one of the best at maintaining speeds across the globe.

Overall, Fast Usenet is best for those who want reasonable speed across the world at a reasonable price.

When looking for a DIY tax software company to fulfil your tax obligations, there are always several factors to take into account. First of all, make it clear to yourself – what are you looking for? Just someone to regularly submit W-2s or Schedule 1-6 along with audit defences? Would you prefer a free service that offers basic but limited assistance, or a paid service which provides all kinds of options? The quality of the services in this industry is largely dependent on the prices. The most expensive high-end tax agents in the world will set you back several hundreds of dollars while private companies are usually lower, , however CreditKarma offers their services for absolutely free. There’s also the question of introductory learning as some tax software providers have steep learning curves that will take up more valuable time from the customers’ sides. Some tax software companies prefer to help you through the process with advice, while some will hand out easy-to-fill forms.

Key Factors in Choosing A Tax Software Service?

When it comes to the old way to do taxes, everyone knows how – call up a tax specialist or sit at home with your calculator, adding up everything you can find and almost certainly making mistakes. That may have already happened and it may also be the reason you’re reading this now! Anyway, once you’ve decided to choose an online tax software service, you need to make sure they fulfil your criteria, before moving on any further. Of course, the first criterion anyone ever cares about is price, so you have to take that into account. Next, you have to ask yourself – how complicated is this? If it’s just a simple tax filing, any company will get the job done without hesitation. If it’s a bit too complicated, you’ll need to go with a company that can handle complicated tax filings.

Following, you’ll need to consider if the company does things exactly like you want them or do they take an alternative route? Either way, by this time it should be clear to you about what you’re looking for in a tax software service. If price is your only criterion, the choice is simple – the cheapest service! If your taxes are a bit more complex and you know you’re going to have to pay anyway – any other service, depending on your specific needs!

Which plan size do you need?

That depends on your specific needs from this company. Let’s look at a few scenarios:

First of all, let’s say all you want to do is file a basic tax return such as a 1040, most companies will let you do it for free so you should get the cheapest plan available. If, for example, you need to itemize your deductions or maximize your tax credits, you’ll need to pay for the first paid plan.

However, if you’re self-employed and you have many transactions that you can’t really keep track of, you’ll need one of the more expensive, usually titled ‘Self-employed’ packages.

If you have mortgage deductions or if you want to know if you have more deductions and tax credits, you’ll usually need to go with the third most expensive package.

In short, the more complex your tax operations, the more you should expect to pay.


Most good tax companies will have a basic plan that costs nothing, free for everyone to use. When you’re looking for the best free tax software, it’s highly recommended that you check out CreditKarma or any of the free plans of the tax software companies listed below. TaxSlayer, H&R Block, TaxAct, and TurboTax will all let you do the basic operations without any payment, and you can even import your W-2 into the program to start it. Anyway, there are several clear-cut pricing tiers that you need to know about if you want to file some tax returns – aside from the free plans!

First of all, the basic tier will set you back anywhere from $15 to $25, and it will provide enough for most people’s tax operations. Very few people have more complex tax filings than the ones perfect for this first paid tier.

Next, if you’re looking for a professional to sit by you and guide you through the process of doing your taxes, you’re probably going to pay somewhere around $27-$40 to get the job done.

Next, if you need to file state returns you’ll probably pay around $30.

Finally, if you’ve got very complex tax operations every year, or if you think you’ll need extra protection and tax defense, you’ll need to go for the higher priced plans which will usually set you back anywhere from $50 to $60.

Additionally, if you’re self-employed, you’ll pay the most, starting at $70 with most companies, the one exclusion being TaxSlayer.

Customer Support and Safety

When looking for the best tax software, you’ll need to look at their customer support track records and their tax preparation fees too. As opposed to a company with a bad track record supervising your taxes, you’ll want someone you can trust with vastly positive reviews, predominantly explaining their service. The several listed services on this page all have very positive customer feedback reviews and each of them has been praised for being the best online tax service for one reason or another.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you can always reach your company so they should have emails and phone numbers listed as points of contact. Furthermore, if possible, talk to a company representative at one of their offices – meeting someone in person builds trust and you’ll know exactly who is responsible if things don’t go as planned! Nevertheless, with the companies listed here, things rarely go wrong and we’re confident you’ll be fine.

The Best Options

So, why are these tax filing companies on this list? Because they’re the best online tax filing entities in existence, in our opinion. If you’re looking for the best choices offering tax preparation software, you’ll need to pick one of these companies.

Is your only criterion the price of the tax preparation services? Then your choice is simple – go with CreditKarma! This service will do everything you need and they’ll do it fast and for free. If you want to do something more complicated, you’ll need another tax software company.

You may want to consider going with TaxSlayer if you have some more complex operations but you’re still worried about being overcharged.

If you want to talk to a representative in person and you’ve got moderately complicated tax reviews, you will certainly want to consider H&R Block, as they’ve likely got an office with tax professionals in it, somewhere near your location. Additionally, H&R Block lets you file state and federal returns for free, while more complex operations will cost you between $30 and $40. H&R Block isn’t recommended for self-employed people though, as this service costs more with them than with most other companies.

If you want one of the most experienced tax filing companies taking you through the process, you can go with TurboTax, who will immediately notify you if you’re eligible for any more tax deductions.

Finally, if you have more complex operations but you’re out of funds and you would prefer to pay the company when you get your tax refund, then look no further than TaxAct.

Whichever company you pick, these five are the best of the best!


Filing your taxes is important, not only for smart financial choices but also for getting what’s yours through your tax refunds. If you want to make the best of the tax situation every year, you’ll need a stable company that will help you through filing exactly as you want it. It doesn’t matter if you need to file state or federal returns, or if you just want to see what’s deductible and what’s not – your taxes still have to be submitted and this is where all of these companies come in.

Whether it’s just a free operation with CreditKarma or getting the Self-Employed packet from TaxSlayer, tax filing companies will make your life easier for a very reasonable price. So, check out our best tax software reviews and always make sure to keep those receipts handy – you never know what’s going to be deductible!