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College Ave

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  • Flexible repayment plans
  • Special career loans for those on career-focused programs
  • Loan approval within minutes

College Ave Student Loans


College Ave offers fixed and variable rate student loans to undergrads, graduate students and parents, with a range of repayment plans.

By Editorial Team | 2nd January 2019

This company is one of the newer private student loan providers and certainly one of the good student loan companies out there. It has quickly become one of the leading private lenders and has become even more popular since refinancing was introduced in 2016. In addition to refinancing, the company offers a range of loans for undergraduates, graduates, and parents. They offer both variable and fixed rate student loans and refinance loans, and are known for their particularly low interest rates. Online College Ave student loans reviews show this company’s dedication and hard work and they’ve been making students’ lives happier for years, since their founding in 2014.

The best student loans 2019

When looking for the best private student loans, College Ave offers a number of options which you can check out in various student loan reviews online. Broadly speaking they offer Undergraduate, Graduate and Parent loans. However, within the categories of Undergraduate and Graduate, there are two options; Regular Loans and Career Loans.

The Parent loans are very straightforward. These are loans that parents can take to help pay for their child’s education. There are variable rates loans with 5.22% – 9.66% APR and fixed rates loans with 6.62% – 11.56% APR. There are numerous repayment options for these loans. You can make Interest Only Payments while your child is studying, you can opt for Interest Plus Payment, which includes the interest and the payment of an amount towards the actual loan, or you can opt for Full Principal & Interest Payment, which requires the highest monthly payment but the lowest overall cost. In general, the loans take 5 to 15 years to repay.

The Undergraduate and Graduate loans are very similar. They offer large loans designed to cover all costs including tuition, books, housing, and so on. They have Undergraduate loans with variable rate loans of 3.94% – 11.19% APR and fixed rates loans of 5.29% – 12.78% APR. There are Graduate loans with variable rates of 3.94% – 9.25% ARP and fixed rates of 5.29% – 10.45% APR. Both types of loans have the same four repayment options:

Full Principal & Interest Payment – This is the highest in-school payment but with the lowest overall cost and will see you pay the interest and part of the loan principal each month.

Interest Only Payment – This requires you to pay the interest charges each month while studying.

Flat Payment – This sees you make payments of just $25 each month while studying to reduce your accrued interest.

Deferred Payment – Make no payments while studying but pay more interest over the life of your loan.

Using these payment plans, it typically takes between 5 and 15 years to repay the loan, as with most of the best student loans in the US.

The Career Loans with Success Rewards are designed for students enrolled in career-focused programs at select colleges and universities. The Success Rewards is a cashback program that will reward you when you complete your degree. You will receive $150 applied as a statement credit to the principal balance of your loan.  The career loans have variable rates of 3.94% – 11.19% APR and fixed rates of 5.29% – 12.78% APR. They offer the same repayment options as the standard loans.

College Ave also offers refinancing plans. You can refinance loans with variable rates of 3.13% – 7.88% APR and fixed rates of 3.25% – 7.99% APR. The refinancing plans are designed to help you save money on interest and make managing payments easier.

Flexible repayment plans and term lengthsNot many discount opportunities
No application feesSome loans serviced by Navient
Career loans for eligible courses
Refinancing options with low APRs
Student Loan Eligibility

To qualify for a College Ave loan, same as with the other best student loan banks, you must be a U.S. citizen and enrolled in a degree program, attending classes full time, half-time or less than half-time at an eligible school. Your College Ave representative will let you know if your school is eligible. International students can also apply as long as they have a valid US social security number. Most applicants will require a cosigner, as they will not have an established credit history, but for some of the best college loans, it’s worth it. College Ave student loan reviews show that people are rarely rejected, and if they are, it’s usually for a very good reason, such as not having a cosigner or not being a citizen of the United States.

How do I Apply?

The application for a loan from College Ave is extremely fast, which is why College Ave is among the top 5 student loans lenders. You can apply and get your credit decision in just three minutes on their website. If you are accepted you then just need to accept the terms and e-sign the loan documents. College Ave will then send the loan to the school for certification; this can take several days or even weeks depending on the school. When College Ave receives confirmation back from the school they will schedule the funds to be sent according to the school’s requested timeline. Generally, the entire process takes around 10 business days – so quick that only the best place for student loans would have such a process! Any student loan review about College Ave will tell you the same.

Customer Support

So, what makes College Ave one of the best student loan companies? Well for starters, there is a vast amount of help on the College Ave website that will deal with all of the most common questions. College Ave reviews and their website list a number of different contact options as well. If you need more help then you can email, use live chat on the website, or phone them on Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 8 pm ET. Check out online College Ave student loans reviews for more information!

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