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rating: 5
  • Competitive rates and interest
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CashUSA Short Term Loans

BEST SHORT TERM LOANS offers customers a secure, convenient and fast service where finding a suitable personal loan takes a matter of minutes.

By Editorial Team | 2nd January 2019

Sometimes despite being comfortable in your finances, you face a period when there is a sudden need for a top up, and your cash flow isn’t high enough to meet it. In such a situation one can use the services of CashUSA to get a short-term loan as a quick fix solution, as they will get you instant approval. CashUSA is not a direct lender, rather, it is an aggregator platform where they connect prospective borrowers with lenders all over the USA. Consumers are only required to complete a user-friendly short application format, and then they can seek a loan varying from $500 to $10000. As per their eligibility, the loan gets disbursed by the next working day. Finding good short term loans online doesn’t get a lot easier than with them.

What is involved in the application process?

Customers need to fill an online multiple choice form and submit the simple application to CashUSA. Their personal information gets transferred to the lenders using secure channels. The lenders then seek certain specific additional information, as per requirements or as governed by state laws.

Once the online application is approved, a lender will introduce the terms of the loan, giving the amount that can be borrowed, fees, APR and interest rates. If the offered terms are agreeable, you can digitally sign the contract, and the funds will then be credited to your account in 48 hours maximum.

How much can be borrowed and how long is there to repay?

CashUSA provides a platform to allow borrowers to connect to lenders for both long-term and short-term loans. In general, the loan period is from 3 to 60 months and comes with an APR of 5.99% to a maximum of 35.99%.

You can complete the application process in 5 to 10 minutes, and if all goes well as per the policies of the prospective lenders, the loan can be received in your account incredibly quickly.

The lenders will usually take it upon themselves to debit your checking account for fees and subsequent repayment debits. If you need an extension of the loan duration, you can do so by contacting the lender on the phone before the due date.

How often do repayments need to be made?

The repayment terms on a short term personal loan can vary by lender. These are outlined by the lender at the beginning while approving your loan. But, if need be, you can contact lenders in case you want some terms to be changed, after paying the related charges, fees, and interest.

What are the eligibility requirements?

A short-term loan, as the name suggests, gets processed quickly, and for this reason, the eligibility criteria are easy to fulfil. Even buyers with bad credit history can get these loans as no credit history is required. The basic qualifications are:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • US citizen or a permanent resident
  • A minimum monthly salary/ earning of $1000 (before taxes)
  • Contact numbers and email address
  • A checking account to receive payment
What is the typical rate, total amount payable, terms & conditions, fees and is there an early repayment charge?

As CashUSA is an online aggregator with no hidden fees, they provide public financers, and the borrower can choose one that best suits their particular needs.

Usually, the loan amounts vary from $500 to $10,000, with a repayment period of up to 60 months and interest rates of 5.99% to 35.99%. The most significant advantage of taking a short-term loan from CashUSA is that they will link you with tested and reputable lenders, with borrowers provided with enough information to make an informed decision.

  • Exquisite loan request processes
  • Security and Transparency is top-notch
  • Online Payments Accepted
  • Bad Credit Users Welcome
  • High interest fees may occur if you aren’t careful
  • High loan cap can be harmful for impulsive borrowers
Comparison to other Short Term Loans services

CashUSA is one of the most established quick short term loans mediators in the business. They have developed a wide range of service variety. Customers prefer their platform because of three main factors – loan payment length, interest fees, and loan amount available.

Starting with the first one, borrowers can choose from loan periods ranging 3-60 months. While taking a short term loan out is considered a swift endeavor, some clients would prefer to go for the long run. It is totally possible with CashUSA. However, we advise going for the shorter repayment periods as it yields less interest for the whole contract.

Coming to interest fees, having a low cap of 5.99% is splendid. There are a number of banking loans having higher interest fees, and these are short term loans, after all. Yes, the high cap is almost 40% but you are free to choose only lenders suitable to yourself. So no worries there.

A somewhat of a unique side of CashUSA – a maximum of $10,000 can be borrowed with their aid via a short term loan. Having such a high loan limit makes the website incredibly beneficial for bigger loan volumes. Even pricy purchases and bills can be covered with such an extensive loan type. Of course, you’d have to look a bit harder but CashUSA has all the search tools to ease the process.

Having such an extensive list of loan possibilities awakens the wondering of safety – is that brand safe enough for me? In this case, yes. Being frequently reviewed, the top picks in the quick loans industry are able to maintain an amazing level of experience and performance. CashUSA doesn’t fall behind as they are determined to increase their limits even further in the future. And such brand idea is worth trying out if you really need to.

Mobile Compatibility

In such a speedy everyday routine, the need for any type of loan can come uninvited. However, companies like CashUSA are designed exactly to serve customers in dire times. Being able to request a short term loan on your mobile phone is definitely convenient. iOS or Android, Windows, it doesn’t matter as the providers are optimized for almost all smartphones and tablets.

Customer Support

As most loan mediators, CashUSA doesn’t have a live chat option in their Customer Support menu. However, they perform pretty well on all other contact channels – the Web form is accessible 24/7, with varying response times depending on the severity of the issue. Email support can be found on [email protected], with attending and knowledgeable employees to help you sort out any loan-oriented problems.

There is also a mail option on the following address: 3315 E Russel Rd Ste A-4 #105, Las Vegas, NV 89120;

Phone Contact: 866-973-6478


CashUSA has established itself as a well-known one-stop solution for linking with short-term loan providers. Moreover, CashUSA is governed by the Fair Lending Rules and is a member of the Online Lenders Association (OLA). It will ensure that borrowers get the advantage of the best of industry practices.

CashUSA strives to do better each day and they have the potential to become a constant in the short term loan field. They have incredible loan finder terms, professional employees on all levels of service, and their online reputation seems to be thriving.

So, if you are a USA citizen looking for a short-term loan, we recommend you to check out CashUSA. But, never forget that short-term loans are costly with high fees and late payment charges, and so one should resort to them only if it’s absolutely necessary.

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