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Cash Advance

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Cash Advance Short Term Loans


With a commitment to be upfront, honest, and ethical when dealing with customers, Cash Advance is always here to help in times of financial struggle.

By Editorial Team | 2nd January 2019

Sometimes in life, we face unexpected situations, and it may so happen that we are not able to meet the short-term cash requirements for a medical emergency or to pay some bills. If you are someone in such difficulty, then Cash Advance can match you with a reputed short-term loan lender to fund you irrespective of your credit history.

Cash Advance is a short-term lender aggregator service which connects you with a lender to fund you when you’re in dire need. They are not lending themselves; rather they have a vast network of lenders and financial support providers who can support you with instant cash as per your specific needs.

The good part is, there are no fees associated with Cash Advance and a quick payout is assured. They are not charging anything from borrowers for the service. Their revenue comes from the lenders only. And when it comes to quick short term loans, saving money on fees is always welcome.

What is involved in the application process?

If you definitely need a short term loan, you will have a simple application process at Cash Advance. Your data will be shared with the possible lenders in a safe and encrypted environment. Potential lenders will then seek some additional information. Following this, you get instant approval and subsequent offers from the lender. It is up to you whether you want to accept the offer or try other lenders, but if you agree you will get money within the next 1 or 2 working days.

Your lender will decide the loan terms and Cash Advance has no role to play in this. The lender will define the loan amount, the APR, repayment time, the penalty for delay, fees and processing charges.

How much can be borrowed and how long is there to repay?

The minimum and maximum short-term loan amounts available on varies between $100 to $1000. The loans can be for a maximum period of 12 months and are unsecured with no need to provide credit history. The rates and fees are determined by the lender in consultation with the borrower and in conformity to the laws of the state where the borrower is located.

How often do repayments need to be made?

The lender will outline your loan repayment period and other related terms, and it can vary but will be governed by the laws and rules of the state where the loan is being given.

What are the eligibility requirements?

On Cash Advance, you will find qualifying for a short-term loan quite easy, as they have worked with millions of customers and supported borrowers in times of dire need.

Here are the basic eligibility criteria:

  • Persons of 18 years or more can apply.
  • The facility is available only to US citizens or permanent US residents.
  • You should have a steady monthly earning of $1,000 or more (after taxes).
  • You should have a checking or savings account
  • You will need to share your contact number and email address.

CashAdvance provides its services to the following states:

Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania or Vermont, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Maryland and New York.

What is the typical rate, total amount payable, terms and conditions, fees and early repayment charge if any?

It varies and will be set by the lender with which you will close the deal. Cash Advance makes sure that you are only connected with reputable lenders and that borrowers are supported with the necessary information to make the best decision.

The policies of Cash Advance conform to Fair Lending Laws that are implemented under the supervision of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Cash Advance is a member of the Online Lenders Association (OLA), and thus bound by the Code of Conduct. They follow the industry best practices so that customers get fair deals and are fully informed in the process.

  • Complete Business Transparency
  • Quick and Easy Loan Applications
  • Swift Payouts
  • Transaction Guarantee
  • Higher Interest Rates than Traditional Loans
  • Personal Information needed to contact Lenders
Comparison to other Short Term Loans services

Among the top preferences in short-term loans comes availability. Cash Advance enables users to search, find, and conduct extremely quick loan transactions. What is more, they keep things balanced, as their loan cap isn’t one of the highest. However, this ensures a swifter payout once for both you and your lender. Logically, such loan structure lets you save up on interest rates – the smaller the volume, the less interest you’d pay. This may not be true for some specific types of loans but short-terms cost way more if you prolong them. is a user-friendly website, with all important loan categories divided in submenus. All submenus are easily accessible from the Home Page, and a free application is a breeze with their web-form. In addition, the lack of any fees on their site encourages customers to benefit from their services. It is enough that most short-term loan lenders require mindboggling interest rates, so Cash Advance takes at least that from your mind.

Last but not least, the provider is transparent and secure. All personal information is restricted to third-party access making their business with you a well-kept secret. Taking out a short-term loan can be overwhelming and the company strives to grant you as much comfort and convenience as they can.

Mobile Compatibility

The need for a short term loan can strike unannounced even when we are somewhere outside. Keeping this in mind, Cash Advance have optimized their website so any iOS, Android, or Windows phone user can access it.

Unexpected necessary purchase, urgent service, or any other financial encounter can be handled via a smartphone. The interface is the same, the speed is optimal, and all menus are neatly organized for users’ benefit. One of the best places to search short term loans online.


As borrowers, these short-term loans are quite expensive and should be resorted to only if you’re in dire need. But, working with Cash Advance, you will be able to get the best deal. They will help you choose the right lender with whom you can work despite factors such as a bad credit history.

It is essential to get the right loan assistance service, especially nowadays where loan provider companies can be found around every virtual corner. The transparency and security of CashAdvance is of the highest tear. They aim to develop their platform and be even more efficient in the future.

The lack of application fees and the array of eligible lenders are the two leading brand benefits here – an easily accessible loan mediator with clear requirements and even swifter successful result time frames is pretty much the cap of customer satisfaction.

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