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PsychicCenter Psychic Readings


PsychicCenter is an online psychic website running since 1999 and is owned by other well-known sites of the same industry.

By Stella Bracwel | 16th October 2018

PsychicCenter is an online site with psychics readings giving out valuable information using different means of readings such as tarot cards, astrology etc. The site has been running since 1999 and is the sister site of the popular Horoscope.com, as well as some other similar sites.


Some psychics charge from as low as $2 to $12 for each session. One good thing is that you are never cut off in the middle as the site sends out an automated message when you have 2 minutes worth of balance left.

* Introductory offer for the newly signed up members.

MinutesPrice (per minute)
Types of Psychics and Services


Mediums have abilities which help them communicate directly with the spirits and people that are deceased. Through them, you can get your messages to your loved ones, or get your life’s insights from someone who has crossed over. A Medium is like a middleman between our plane on Earth and the Spirit realm.

Love and Relationship

These psychics specifically focus on difficulties found in romantic and platonic relationships. You might have questions about your partner, family or friends, and the Psychics and PsychicCenter can help. They can also help out the singles with their dating life if that has become a stress or a problem.

Tarot Reading

This is an ancient form through which cards are used to shine a light on the subconscious mind. The tarot cards will tell you things which are on the back of your mind and you are not paying attention to.  Tarot can reveal important things like relationships, career dilemma etc. and give you a clearer picture of what is right and true.

Astrology Reading

Astrologers use horoscope to read out about your personality, motivation, and future. The astrology can be a revealing method to help you understand why you are the way you are. It can also help you figure out about your future path ahead.

Introductory offer of first 10 minutes at $5Satisfaction guarantee is applicable for only up to first 5 minutes
24/7 availability of psychicsReadings are done via phone calls only
Rewards program for loyal customers
Satisfaction guarantee available
Why is PsychicCenter Unique?

Easy to Navigate Site

The PsychicCenter site is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Even a person with no previous experiences with psychic sites should be able to go through the categories fairly easily. All the categories are listed nicely at the top of the site for simple and easy browsing.

The main page also gives you step-by-step process guide on how to get your first reading. The sign-up process becomes even easier thanks to this little flowchart. The main page also has some of the highest rated psychics in their individual expertise area, so that you can easily find your psychic if you are unsure about where to start.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The PsychicCenter site offers a satisfaction guarantee for the first 5 minutes of the call. They will give your credits back for those first 5 minutes. Of course, if the call is dropped due to issues on your end, then there are no refunds provided.

You can also apply for a refund by sending an email to the company. Your mail should include a detailed explanation of why you are unsatisfied with the experience. Another thing to remember is that you can apply for 3 refunds at most.

Security and Privacy

The PsychicCenter site is run by very reputable owners owning several other reputable sites. This is a clear indication of their security. The information you provide to them will stay safe and secure, and they will not be shared with any outsiders.

Help and Support

The customer support team is available via phone call at (866) 692-7876. They also have a FAQ section at their Contact Us page, from where you can learn the answers to the most common queries. The beginners will be able to get a lot of insights from this helpful guide.

Bottom Line

The PsychicCenter site has a lot of good things on offer. The site is clearly user-friendly, which will make even the beginners comfortable to search through the site. The site lists down the categories very nicely, and the rewards program is also pretty neat.

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Stella Bracwel
Stella is a fashion blogger and crypto-investor, who also happens to be a dating expert as well. She is a traveller who has taken up writing as a full-time profession, so she can always do her job and have fun on the go.With her vast array of knowledge, Stella could get you hitched as well as rich so keep an eye out for her articles! Read more.
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