Oranum Psychic Reading Review 2019 - Legit or Scam?

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  • Oranum is legit and not a scam
  • 100% secured payment
  • Guaranteed refund if not satisfied
  • Open 24/7/365
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Oranum is a legitimate and real psychic site focused on video chatting with credits instead of price per minute so it is a pretty unique site.

By Stella Bracwel | 23rd October 2018

Oranum is a legitimate online psychic site focused on video chatting or live chatting, which is why they don’t have any phone call option. They are also the only psychic site that lets you chat with your psychic for free at first to give you a better idea about their personality and credibility.


The pricing for Oranum is unique, as they run on credits rather than prices per minute for all the other psychic reading sites. The site offers a free reading for up to 10 minutes. You will also get credits worth $9.99 for registering a new account and validating your credit card. This is a one-time only offer for the new members. The prices for the psychics vary depending on the psychic you choose, based on their expertise.

Types of Psychics and Services

Love and Relationships

If there is something wrong that you can’t seem to be sorting out yourself, Oranum’s psychics can be of help. Or you might still be single, which can be fixed by an expert as well. There are many love psychics on this site who can give you honest answers to your most confusing questions.

Tarot Readings

A live tarot card reading via a live video stream can unveil many hidden truths for you. The questions can be anything including career, relationship, finances etc. The answers from the Oranum tarot card readers are accurate and consistent to help you figure out any mess.


When problems and issues become too overwhelming to bear, you need some ritual to get past it. The compassionate healing done by the Oranum psychics can help you get your life get back on track. There is a variety of rituals available on the site which include things like crystal healing and Chakras.

Dream Interpretation

Sometimes the answers you need in life come to you in the form of dreams. But they can be hard to decipher, which is where a psychic can help. You can learn about your instincts and your mind with the help of a dream analysis.

Family and Home

Home is the place for ultimate peace, or at least it should be. If you are facing problems with your family, you will feel worn out and stressed. The psychic reading focused on these issues can help you sort out the emotions and let you find the real solutions.


There are hidden insights into your future and the Clairvoyants can help you figure out those answers. The psychics can bring direction and clarity to your problems and Oranum has many psychics with this unique feature. There are also many gifted clairsentients and clairaudient.

The only site with an option to chat with your psychic for free firstYou can only chat or live stream
$9.99 of free credits for registeringNo satisfaction guarantee
You can chat via live streaming
Awards program where users can vote their favorite psychic
Why is Oranum Unique?

Free Offers for Beginners

Just for registering on the site, new users will get free readings of 10 minutes. It is completely risk-free as you are not paying anything upfront. Also, you get $9.99 worth of free credits for validating your credit card.

Community Feel

The Oranum site has a certain feeling of community where all the members are connected to each other. There is a feeling of belonging that makes the newbies feel welcome. You can view the psychic’s profile before you decide to reach out, which can give you a clear idea about their personality.

Live Streaming

All the readings at Oranum are done via video streaming and chat. The video chat option is great for those who want a more intimate feeling from a psychic reading. It can help you connect more easily with the advisor. Alternatively, you can go for an email reading if that is your preference.

Security and Privacy

The Oranum site is a very reputable and respected name in the online psychic community. What they offer and do are very much visible, which is why they are so much respected in the industry. To comply with their trustworthiness and reliability, they have made their site a safe and secure place for everyone.

Help and Support

The Oranum site has a customer support team which you can reach via an online live chat or email assistance. And if you have any queries regarding billing, you can call (+352) 26 11 18 40. You can also connect with your payment processor’s customer support for immediate assistance via the Contact Us page from the site.

Bottom Line

Oranum site is a site full of exciting things to offer. The sense of community along with the live streaming options creates harmony between the ancient beliefs with the 21st century’s technologies. The Oranum site is perfect for anyone looking for guidance in life.

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Stella Bracwel
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  1. I would love a dream reading. I keep dreaming that I fall down the stairs. What does this mean?

  2. I asked a psychic to look at my finances but I am still broke. Maybe I will find another site.