Best & Legit Online Psychic Readings 2019

Need advice on your life? Maybe you need support reading your more spiritual nature? Or perhaps you’ve had an interesting horoscope reading and you want to talk to the professionals… regardless of your needs, psychics from these legitimate and tested sites are ready to help.

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Hot5 is a comparison site specialising in a range of entertaining, security and lifestyle topics. We invest heavily in finding the best and legitimate online psychic reading sites on the market so you receive an all-around honest reading. Take a look at our detailed reviews to see what type of psychics and services are available.

How do psychic readings work?

Despite what you see in films and TV shows, psychic reading is not about wearing a scarf on your head or using crystal orbs and balls. Real life psychics pull energies from their client’s past, present, and future for an accurate insight. Their focus is on dreams, relationships, career, tarot readings, and every other aspect of life. Psychics are able to help and reassure people and provide them with thoughtful advice during stressful situations.

Phone psychics and online psychics

While you may prefer to find a psychic in your local area, the best can actually psychics can perform accurate readings regardless of the distance. If you are hesitant with talking to a stranger in the flesh i.e. face-to-face, then speaking to a psychic via a telephone may be the best option for you.

Many of the sites listed above offer quality ‘psychic chat’ where you can use an app on your mobile device to text chat privately with a trusted psychic. Using a psychic chat is beneficial for situations where you may feel shy speaking out loud on the phone or if you want a quick reading.

Benefits of psychic readings

Psychic readings are tailored to the individual’s needs and anxiety. Popular reasons why people visit a psychic is to gain perspective and guidance on:

  • Relationship advice

If you are single, a psychic could help determine what sort of partner that could be a better match for you. To build a stable and strong relationship, you will need to be with a compatible partner. A psychic reading will divulge into detail what kind partner is best suited for you, and who you should be avoiding. To give an accurate reading, they notice subtleties in your personality, aura, and mannerisms. Some will even go as far as pointing out flaws in your previous relationships to halt you from making the same mistakes.

  • Career prospects

Psychics are notorious for connecting people with their intimate thoughts and feelings which is one of the ways for a person to figure out what career path they should pursue. Psychics often receive visitors regarding career moves and choices, and psychics can help direct them down the correct path.

  • Loss counselling

This is one of the most popular reasons for visiting a psychic. Those who have lost loved ones often feel lack they lack closure with the deceased. The emptiness that loved ones leave behind can lead to stress and as a result, many end up suffering from depression. A spiritual reading from a psychic help reduce grief and can provide the person peace of mind and a better understanding.

  • Release negative energy

A visit to a psychic can improve your mental and spiritual health. You will gain a lot of information during a reading, about yourself and the people around you. With these details, you can release any negative energy which you could be harbouring in your life.

Five facts about psychic readings

  • The earliest records of psychic readings come from the prophecies of Michel de Nostredame (1503 – 1566) during the French Renaissance period.
  • Most psychics look like every day, average people. It is not easy to distinguish is a person is psychic based on their appearance alone.
  • Psychics can penetrate the mind of a willing participant. However, if that person refuses to or is uncomfortable with inviting them in, then the psychic is highly unlikely to be capable of entering their mind.
  • Psychics work by a strict code of ethics and rarely give out information to a client when (or if) something bad is going to happen.
  • Government and law enforcement agencies worldwide have alongside verified psychics to assist with their investigations for decades. Most of which have astounding success rates – proving their legitimacy.

Types of psychic reading

Psychic readings help you deal with many life problems from unemployment to dealing with the loss of a loved one – they help you deal with many life problems. Here are three different type of readings that a psychic can do to give you answers and help you get through any hardships in your life.

  • Mediums

Mediums act as an intermediary between the living and those who have passed i.e. in the spirit world. They communicate with the dead and repeat messages to the living. Some mediums claim to additional communicate with other spirits (unrelated to their current client) and angels. Whenever someone loses a loved one and they are left with some unanswered questions, a medium can provide that needed comfort and closure.

  • Tarot reading

This type of psychic reading has been around for centuries with the aim of reading a person’s future of offering advice in their current state. Psychics use 78 tarot cards which they shuffle and lay on the table for the client to randomly select. He/she will then explain what the chosen tarot cards mean and how they interpret it.

  • Love psychics

A love psychic will essentially help answer any commitment or love questions you may have. Examples include: Is he/she ready to commit? Will he propose? Is he/she being unfaithful? When you visit a love psychic be prepared to hear what you may not want to hear.