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US Mobile

rating: 4.8
  • It offers customizable services
  • It has two network options
  • It has a decent network coverage

US Mobile Prepaid Cell Phones


If you are looking for the best prepaid cellphone that is at the same time pocket-friendly, flexible and can be customized, then look in the direction of the US Mobile.

By Editorial Team | 1st July 2019

US Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) prepaid phone carrier that enables you to customize your plan. Here, you can choose your most preferred network provider, use it with your existing phone, and develop a personalized plan which is based on your most preferred services. The US Mobile enables you to save money as you can decide to pay for the minutes, and data consumed. It has flexible plans that let you add to your plan mid-month or change to another plan at any time of the month.

Features of US Mobile


US Mobile does not provide its data but is powered by T-Mobile (for GSM 4G LTE) and Verizon (for Super LTE). The two plans vary slightly in price, but unlimited plans are only available on Verizon, while the other has been designed to be more flexible. Hence, it is best to check the network that is most receptive to your environment before deciding on any of the two options. Verizon is known to have the most extensive network coverage in the US, this does not mean T-Mobile does not have an impressive coverage range, but it is more effective in urban areas than in rural areas. Both networks have high-speed, but one may work better than the other depending on your location.

If you wish to continue with the phone you have been using, then note that only one of the networks will be compatible. For instance, if you have a phone from either Verizon or Sprint, then you should go with Super LTE network. On the other hand, if you have a phone from T-Mobile or AT&T, then the GSM 4G LTE is the best option to choose from. This is because both networks use different cellular technologies in their operation.


The US Mobile can be customized to meet your peculiar needs. You have the choice of choosing a combination of data, talk, and text you most prefer. The plans can also be stopped, added, or changed with ease. You can easily add minutes, texts and data to your plan even if it’s only mid-cycle, so long as you need it then you are free to add to your data; this enables you take proactive measures to prevent your plan from getting exhausted before the end of the cycle. It also has unlimited plans, but these are already pre-set and cannot be changed or customized to suit your taste.

There are three tiers of data speeds on the US Mobile, and they are the 1Mbps, 5Mbps, and the uncapped speed. With each speed-tier come limited talk and text, unlimited text and talk as well as everything unlimited, which also includes hotspot data. The unlimited option is not cheap as compared to other prepaid carriers in the same category more so if you add more than one line. Unlike MetroPCS and other cellphone networks, US Mobile does not offer a discount on the addition of more than one line; its value is gotten from its ability to customize its plan as consumers get to pay for what they use.

Carrier Features

US Mobile does not have a preference for any phone, but as a network with two different options, it is compatible with almost any kind of phone. However, you may not be able to make international calls and are limited to just one line per account. Yet, although you are free to combine plans on a single account.

Our Verdict on US Mobile

With the US Mobile, you can customize and in turn, keep track on your rate of talks, texts, and data consumption; this will enable you to save more. Although its unlimited plans are expensive, it’s limited, customized plans are flexible and come at a reasonable price.


  • It offers customizable services
  • It has two network options
  • It has a decent network coverage
  • It is compatible with almost all kinds of phones


  • Its unlimited plans are expensive
  • It offers no family discount

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