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rating: 4.5
  • Loft and firmness can be adjusted
  • Microfiber filling is hypoallergenic
  • Pure cotton cover with breathable material

Sleepgram Pillows


The Sleepgram pillow is a sophisticated choice with a unique design. You’ll find an outer case which can be unzipped to reveal two pillows of different sizes. You can remove and rearrange these pillows to create the loft and firmness level which suits your needs the best. This means the Sleepgram can serve a whole host of sleeping styles, firmness options and support choices.

By Imogen Groome | 13th August 2019

The Sleepgram is suitable for those who suffer from allergies, as it uses a down alternative which doesn’t cause the same irritation. Furthermore, it won’t come with the off-gassing odor often seen with memory foam pillows. Its 3 in 1 design lets users adjust the layers to decide what level of comfort is best for you. Additionally, the down alternative used is breathable and capable of letting in high levels of airflow. The filling and cotton cover found with this pillow combine to create a temperature neutral experience which makes for comfortable sleep. It’s also a pillow which is beneficial for vegans or people who don’t like to use items with animal products, as the down alternative doesn’t use animal feathers to create its filling, making it cruelty free.

Firmness and Support

The cotton cover fabric of the Sleepgram pillow is light and breathable. The firmness and support of this pillow will vary depending on the customisation you choose. Generally speaking, the spectrum goes from soft to medium-firm. Choosing the blue level of support will give you a soft and flat surface. It’s a pillow which is thin and malleable, making it particularly useful for stomach sleepers who want to maintain a healthy posture. With only the blue pillow inside the Sleepgram cover, it will be immensely foldable and generally adjustable.

If you go for just the red level of support, you will have a medium firmness which is fluffier and offers more height. Despite this, you can still mold the pillow into the shape you desire. This pillow may suit back sleepers the most, as it offers a soft level of pressure relief but isn’t firm enough that the head will be elevated. By using the red-only configuration, you will be able to fluff up the pillow the most and benefit from pressure relief and back support if you sleep on your back.

By combining both the red and blue pillows, you will get the firmest level of support, which is medium firm. This combination creates a pillow which is harder to shape, but offers a higher level of support. While the poly microfiber is fluffy and enjoyable to sink into, it won’t be soft enough that you can adjust its shape. Side sleepers may benefit the most from this configuration, as it offers the support required in this posture.

Materials and Down Quality

You’ll find that the cover fabric used with the Sleepgram pillow is pure cotton, giving it a light and soft feel. There is a zipper on the side of this product, which makes it easy to remove the cover and wash it. The two separate pillows inside this cover are polyester on the outside and filled with poly microfiber on the inside. This fluffy material is an alternative to down. There is a marker on each pillow – blue and red – which indicates that the pillow is either of a soft or medium firmness. This allows the sleeper to mix and match pillows to suit their comfort preferences.

By using a pillow which is filled with an alternative to down, customers will find this product will have a longer lifespan compared to competitors on the market. Another benefit found with synthetic down is that it doesn’t come with the strong odor typically found with memory foam pillows. If you tend to react to chemical odors then you’ll benefit from the design of this pillow. However, people should be aware that due to being a synthetic material, this down alternative isn’t as environmentally friendly as natural materials such as cotton, buckwheat or bamboo.

It’s important to have a breathable pillow due to the ease with which people can sleep hot during the night. To avoid waking up covered in sweat, you can benefit from the poly fiber fill used with the Sleepgram pillow. It allows for a smooth airflow, and the 100% cotton cover enhances this feature. As the pillows are layered, you will be able to have a cooler night due to this increased option for air movement.

Comfort Guarantee

There is a returns policy in place with Sleepgram pillows which lasts for 100 days. In order to return your pillow, the product must be either unused or like new, in which case it is in a state whereby it could be donated. While the original packaging is not required, returns can’t be accepted if they are damaged, stained or missing parts or tags. Furthermore, a receipt or proof of purchase is required in order to complete the return process.

Partial refunds are granted in some situations whereby an item is returned not in its original condition, is missing parts or is damaged. Similarly, you may receive a partial refund if you return an item outside of the 100 day timeframe.

You will need to send your return with an RMA number, unless Customer Support has instructed you to do otherwise. This means that you will need to either call or email the company in order to obtain one. Customers should bear in mind that they are responsible for shipping costs, and this payment is non-refundable. Sleepgram recommends that those returning an item worth over $75 in value should use a trackable shipping service, or that they use shipping insurance, to ensure there is a guarantee in place.

Once the return has been received and inspected by Sleepgram, you will need to look out for an email, which will tell you if your refund has been approved or rejected. It’s recommended to allow between 5 and 14 days from the date the return has been received by the company, but most requests are processed in 5 to 7 business days.

Returned products are not sold again. Instead, Sleepgram has partnered with the Salvation Army to place products which have seen some light use in shelters and half-way homes across the USA and Canada.

Sleepgram products can also be purchased using a Try Before You Buy offer, which gives users a 23 night trial in order to try the product for free. The trial is only available via promotional materials, and this timeframe begins on the day you make the order – not the date of receipt. It’s worth bearing in mind that those who use this offer may have their credit cards verified by the company. This involves Sleepgram placing an authorisation for the full purchase amount on the provided payment method, although this is placed on hold and only charged at the end of the trial. If you decide you no longer want the product during this trial period, you can contact Sleepgram via email or phone before the timeframe has expired, at which point they will issue a return label. Once the product has been returned, Sleepgram will either issue a refund or cancel the pending charge to your payment method.

Key Features
  • Suits those who love animals – If you don’t want to use animal products in your day to day life, you’ll appreciate using the down alternative found in a Sleepgram pillow.
  • Suits those who are combo sleepers – As the pillow can be customised and rearranged into different levels of firmness, it will suit sleepers who tend to switch positions frequently.
  • Suits those who like soft pillows – Despite the range of firmness options available with this product, more of them are soft than firm, so your luck is in if your comfort preference is on this end of the spectrum.
  • The pillow needs to be shaken to make it feel fuller
  • Regular fluffing may be required to ensure the fibers are evenly distributed
  • The stuffing is subject to movement and change, so won’t suit people who want a solid or dense feel with their pillow

The Sleepgram pillow features a truly unique design which makes it suitable for all kinds of sleepers, regardless of their preferred resting position. The two pillows within the breathable cover can be adjusted to create a fully customised firmness level, which is a feature not found elsewhere on the pillows market. Furthermore, the materials used with this pillow are breathable, the down material is animal-friendly and you have 100 nights to decide if you want to commit to the purchase. Overall, Sleepgram pillows are well worth considering if you’re looking to upgrade your sleep setup.


  • Available in two sizes
  • Down alternative suitable for vegans
  • Machine washable product


  • Not firm enough for those who like denser pillows
  • Requires regular maintenance to retain its shape

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Imogen Groome
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