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rating: 4.5
  • Offers good temperature regulation
  • Closely conforms to pressure points
  • Retains its shape well

Bear Pillows


You may have heard of the Bear mattress, but this company also offers a Bear pillow, which is a product with medium firmness and close contouring capabilities around the head, neck and shoulders. Our Bear pillow review will tell you everything you need to know in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

By Editorial Team | 10th August 2019

In terms of construction, the Bear pillow features a section of aerated Loft-X polyfoam within a cover made of a polyester blend. There are mesh panels at either end of the Bear pillow cover, which allows for decent levels of air flow. It also has a 5” loft, which will help those who experience issues with snoring.

This product will truly let you sleep like a bear, as it offers close conforming to the head, neck and shoulders. The benefits of this feature are targeted at those who experience or are prone to back pain or joint pain. It will reduce the amount of tension and pressure points which can develop in these areas of the body overnight, as well as improve the alignment of the spine if you’re a side sleeper. Furthermore, if you tend to sleep hot, Bear pillows will improve airflow thanks to their mesh panels and aerated foam.

You can purchase this pillow in either Queen or King size, and its price tag is on average compared to other single-piece foam pillows on the market. Furthermore, you can have this product shipped for free within the contiguous US, and flat delivery rates are in place for those residing in Alaska and Hawaii. Finally, product reassurance is provided with a two-year warranty and asleep trial which lasts for 100 nights.

Firmness and Support

The Bear pillow provides a cool feeling due to layers of cool yarn which the creators have dubbed “double ice fabric”. The fabric used for the cover has a slippery and smooth texture which makes it cool to the touch, and the mesh panels lead to sleepers easily being able to feel air flowing through them at the sides.

If you purchase the Queen pillow, you’ll receive a product with dimensions of 27” x 15” x 5”, with a medium level of firmness which straddles a plush and firm feeling nicely. Due to its size and shape, along with a medium level of firmness, this is a versatile pillow which would work for sleepers who primarily spend their night in any sleep position.

Materials and Down Quality

As mentioned, this pillow is cool to the touch due to being made of yarn and polyester. As the latter naturally wicks moisture, this fabric will help to keep sleepers dry at night too. If you want to wash the cover, there is a zipper which spans one side of the pillow – but it isn’t too obvious in terms of overall appearance, giving it a discreet look.

The Loft-X foam used with the Bear mattress serves two main purposes; it responds quickly to pressure, and also conforms well to the head and neck areas. This material combines the benefits of latex and memory foam to form a product which both offers bouncy support and a comfortable level of sinkage. The Bear pillow was designed to be hypoallergenic, so there’s no need to worry about dust mites, allergens, bacteria and so on.

When you first receive your new Bear pillow, you will not need to carry out any special treatments or procedures prior to using it for the first time. That being said, there could be a slight off-gassing odor after initially removing the product from its packaging, and so giving it time to adjust will be beneficial. Furthermore, you can help the pillow to regain its shape by fluffing it up before resting your head against it.

Comfort Guarantee

To keep your Bear pillow clean, ensure the cover is machine-washed in cold water and put in the tumble dryer on a low heat cycle. If any stains emerge on the foam core, then spot clean it using soap and water.

If you want to give the Bear pillow a trial run before committing to the purchase, there is a 100 night sleep trial in place for these products. What’s more, there is not a mandatory minimum break-in period, so customers can return their pillow for a refund at any point during the trial.


There is a two year warranty in place for the Bear pillow. If any defects are noticed and become eligible for repairs, the pillow owner maintains the responsibility for covering shipping and handling costs. Consumers should be aware that the warranty will only cover manufacturing defects. Furthermore, it isn’t transferable, which means it’s only available and valid for the original purchaser who obtains the product either from Bear or an alternative authorized retailer. If a consumer buys or acquires a pillow from the original owner – or a retailer which is not authorised – they will not be covered according to the warranty.


It would be safe to assume that the Bear pillow will last for at least two years, according to the lifespan of the warranty. However, there are some general tips you can carry out in order to extend the life of your product. For example, using a pillow pad can help to keep a layer of protection between the pillow itself and the pillow case. Additionally, it’s recommended to give the pillow time to air out in the sun every few months. This prevents the build up of allergens and lets any odors out. Finally, when you’re not using your Bear pillow, don’t just throw it into the back of a cupboard – store it in a breathable bag.

Key Features
  • Supports charity – While Bear aims to make bedding which is aimed towards the more active among us, they also make an effort to donate part of their profits to Good Sports charity. This organisation works to provide children across the globe with higher quality sporting equipment.
  • Suitable for sports players – The Bear pillow has been designed with active people in mind, as its temperature regulating features such as cooling materials and mesh panels help to improve sleep quality, which in turn leads to better muscle recovery.
  • Helps those with allergies – As this pillow is hypoallergenic, it has the potential to possibly help those with environmental allergies and let them have an uninterrupted, full night of sleep.
  • Pillow may move around in bed due to the cover being made of slippery material
  • Loft may not be high enough for some
  • Stomach sleepers may find the pillow to be too firm

It’s important to compare some of the top brands out there if you want to find the best pillow for your comfort needs. One such brand that is recommended to be compared with Bear is Purple, as both are big names in the sleep industry. There are some key differences to note with these products. For example, the Purple has a one year warranty, while the Bear has beaten them by doubling this figure with a two year warranty. Furthermore, while the Bear is a medium firmness pillow in terms of feel, the Purple will feel fluffier and bouncier. This is because it makes use of a new technology called Smart Fluff, which is made of denier poly fiber puff balls. When it comes to care, the whole Purple pillow can be put in the washing machine for cleaning, whereas with the Bear the cover will need to be removed and washed separately. Like the Bear, the Purple has mesh sections, which will help to promote airflow – but the Purple differs in that both sides of the pillow need to be unzipped to activate this feature.


The Bear pillow is a cooling and comfortable pillow for those who either have an active lifestyle or want a high quality pillow which will provide them with the pressure relief and comfort they need. With mesh sections for promoting airflow and a solid shape, this pillow is compatible with many different types of sleeper. If you want to upgrade your pillow as well as your mattress, the Bear is well worth considering.


  • Offers good temperature regulation
  • Closely conforms to pressure points
  • Retains its shape well


  • Can’t be molded easily
  • Interior can only be spot cleaned
  • King size option may be too heavy for some sleepers

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