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Advance America

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Advance America Payday Loans


Advance America is a one-stop shop for cash advances and various payday loan services. Its services are widely available and come with some of the best rates in the market, making it a serious contender for the title ‘best place to get a loan’. The lender strives to make it easy for people to get online and in-store emergency loans as well as title loans, installment loans and more.

By Editorial Team | 21st December 2018

The online lender operates in 28 states across the United States. While it offers instant loans online and in-person loans as well, both come with the same rates as well as the same application requirement. An online loan application may take one or two business days to go through. However, if you apply before 10:30 EST, you may get funding the same day. Very few online lenders offer same day cash loans but Advance America has been a staple of this industry for over 22 years.

No hidden fees come with these pay day loan applications. However, processing fees may vary given that each state comes with different regulations. Most states in the U.S set a maximum amount that lenders can charge and your fees may also vary because of your previous work with Advance America.

Lower rates on average are one of the factors that make Advance America stand out in addition to offering 6 month loans. You can apply now for any loan, as you only need an ID, proof of income, social security number and active checking account. Note that you can get loans for no credit, as the company requires no credit checks, only a place of employment.

What types of loan are on offer?

Renowned for easy and fast online cash advances, Advance America offers four main types of loan:

  • Pay day Loans
  • Instalment Loans
  • Title Loans
  • Lines of Credit

Payday loans on offer at Advance America are short-term loans of small dollar amounts, payable within two to four weeks. These sets of instant loans are ideal for people in dire need of money before their next paycheck.

A payday loan direct lender is in charge of lending money in the form of a short-term loan. A direct lender offers the benefit of using only one company to obtain a loan and does not share information with third parties. Although guarantors aren’t necessary, bear in mind not all loans will be approved.

Installment Loan

Installment loans are a set of loans that provide people with a way to get money right away. When it comes to repayment, one can make smaller payments over time. Advance America offers both short-term and long-term installment loans varying from three to four months.

Title Loans

Title loans are ideal for people in need of money immediately. The loans offer instant cash depending on the value of one’s car. While the loan amount depends on the value of the vehicle, state laws may also apply. While paying the loan, you will still be able to use your car.

Line of Credit

Advance America also offers a personal line of credit that offers convenient access to money that is readily available for emergencies. Once the line is open, you will be able to withdraw the money as long as there are available funds.

What do I need to get a payday loan?

The loan application process varies depending on whether one is applying online or in-store. However, the application process should take only a few minutes upon providing all the necessary documents.  For an in-store application, one would need to submit a government-issued photo ID, proof of an active checking account, and proof of income as well as verification of their social security number.

When applying for a payday loan online, you will need to provide a valid social security number, valid and active email address, as well as your source of income. Due to the easy application form and no obligation, this process is simple and user-friendly.

No early payment fees are required for application of any of the loans listed above – you only pay after you’ve actually received the money.

How much can you borrow and how long can you borrow for?

The amount of money that one can borrow varies depending on the type of loan you’re applying for.  For instant payday loans, the total amount one can borrow depends on the state laws. The amount must generally be paid back within two to four weeks.

The maximum and minimum amounts available with installment loans vary from one state to another. The repayment period is anywhere from 3 to 36 months paid in monthly installments.

The amount of loan available with title loans depends on the value of one’s car as well as state laws. One’s gross monthly income may also determine the total loan amount given.

How long does the money take to reach your account?

A fast cash transfer is what Advance America guarantees, regardless of the type of loan one is applying for. You will receive cash or check upon approval of all the paperwork. While in-store applications can take two to three days for approval, online money can get deposited into a bank account as soon as the same day.

What fees are involved and what is the interest rate and APR?

Advance America does not have fixed loan rates and fees for loans on offer. The fees vary from one state to another and depend on the amount you want to borrow. Each loan is tapered specifically to your needs and depends on your situation and existing resources to pay it back.


Easy and fast cash advances are what Advance America is all about, making it one of the prime companies to contact when you need quick payday loans. Whether through an in-store or online application, you can rest assured that the money you need with the direct lender is always within reach.  5-star customer experience also makes the lender stand out as a preferred cash advance company.

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