Best Payday Loans

Want a quick and easy loan? We have collected a range of affordable payday lenders which offer a varying amount of loans and loan durations so you can pick out the right brand which suits you and your financial situation. Have you got bad credit? Not a problem with any of these money lenders! Register with any of these best payday loan services and get instant cash.

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Speedy Cash

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  • Both smaller and larger loans than usually available
  • Speedy and efficient service
  • Same-day loans
  • Large number of stores across the US


  • The website may experience downtime
  • Interest can build up

Speedy Cash is one of the most popular direct lenders of payday loan companies in the United States.  Their number one features are efficiency and speed since they specialize in fast payday loans that you can repay in a short period of time. Speedy Cash has a number of locations all around the country and you can get a same day loan if you visit one of their stores.

Speedy Cash offers various flexible pricing plans that depend on your ability to pay back the money. You can borrow anywhere from $50 to $26,000 of fast cash through a number of different means. These instant loans come in handy when you need money now to deal with current financial issues.

There are several types of loans available with Speedy cash. Payday advance loans, installment loans, line of credit loans and title loans are available at any time. This company also offers exceptionally efficient customer service, regulated lending practices and a number of resources for customers to educate themselves in financial practices. Also, Speedy Cash offers check cashing services, which means you don’t need to find a separate place to cash your checks after receiving them from the company. They have competitive check cashing rates and you won’t have to deal with holds or obstacles in the process.

This company offers its services in 27 states all around the country, but the interest rates may vary by state. Therefore, you should check with the Speedy Cash store nearest to you to determine what your rates may be. Also, the price may depend on your abilities to repay the loan, as well as your previous loans with this company. This is not always the case and if you’re thinking of applying, you should know Speedy Cash doesn’t refuse many applications for payday loans – just make sure you’ve been working for at least a month and you’ll be good to go!

Speedy Cash has a website where you can keep records of all your loans as well as any information you may need about payday loans. If you don’t have a computer, you can just go to the Speedy Cash login page on your smartphone or tablet, as their website is fully compatible with mobile.

So, if you’re thinking ‘where can I get payday loans near me’, Speedy Cash should be the obvious solution for some quick cash, if they have a store in your area. If not, their online loans are just as good, you may just need to wait a single business day to get your money! Also, Speedy Cash has a number of security layers which prevent anyone from accessing your personal data and your transaction information. This keeps all of your transactions a secret only known to you and the company.

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  • No credit checks loans
  • Additional resources to teach you about finances
  • Fully functional and well-designed website
  • Instant payday loans with a quick approval process


  • Customer service may be a bit lacking
  • Interest can build up if not paid back in time

LendUp is one of the newest companies dealing with payday advance loans. This company specializes in small loans that help you build your credit, and it also provides a lot of education to help you improve your credit score or build it from scratch using their services. If you need money now to help paying rent or installments or literally anything else, you can apply for a short-term payday loan and cover those expenses with some quick cash.

If you’re looking for direct lender payday loans, LendUp’s pricing plans are as low as they come with this type of company but you should consult their customer service before you take on any loans because the rates are specific for every customer. With other cash advance uplenders, you can be sure that if you pay your loan back on time, you won’t have any problems but LendUp takes this one step further – they actually make it easier for you to get quick cash with every subsequent transaction. This means that as you pay off your payday loans, you earn LendUp points that you can spend to reduce interest on future loans or otherwise improve their conditions. This company does offer payday loans online the same day you apply, but sometimes it can take a business day or two if the situation is more complicated. Their customer service will check if your situation is resolvable and if it is, they’ll approve your loan.

When you go on the company website, you can see they’ve been thinking about their customers. It’s largely oriented towards a younger customer base, so you can even get mobile loans as they are fully compatible with smartphones and tablets. The company website is very streamlined and easy to use.

Also, all data is safely stored on the website and their security protocols dictate that it can’t be shared with anyone. As always, your signature and login details are the final defenses against information theft, meaning only you can access your loan information through your account. According to the thousands of online reviews for LendUp, payday loans online with same day deposit are hard to find, but this company stands out as an example that it can be done.

LendUp sees itself as more than just an online payday loan company and they’re dedicated to helping you with both fast cash and building your credit. Their website offers a significant number of resources on financial independence and better financial decisions, as well as terminology that you need to know to get online loans. All of this helps their customers to become and stay loyal to a company that cares about their financial situation unlike many others out there.

Advance America

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  • The company is upfront, no hidden fees
  • Instant or same day funding available
  • No credit checks required
  • Loans are customer-specific


  • Interest rates may build up quickly
  • Advance America stores will not convert check into cash

Advance America is one of the top places to get payday loans in the United States. Offering low rates and easy repayment plans, it operates in 28 states and offers same day online loans for various purposes. If you need money now, for any reason, Advance America is at your service.

This company offers several types of loans, including payday loans, installment loans, title loans and lines of credit as a way to get fast cash when you need it.

Payday loans take two to four weeks to repay, while installment loans can be short term or long term, between three to four months in repayment time. While they offer various types of services, Advance America does not have any fixed rates. Instead, their rates are determined by the amount you want to borrow, the type of loan you’re applying for and the duration of your repayment period.  If you need a payday express loan, these rates will be higher, but if you just need some quick cash and a longer repayment period isn’t a problem, lower rates can apply.

Advance America has several ways to transfer the funds to you, but if you have bad credit, your option will probably be Moneygram. Moneygram services are available in over 200 countries in the world and specific Moneygram tracking software is on hand to let you know when you can get your payday advance. Also, Advance America offers the option to send money to inmates, should you wish to do so. Finally, one of their best features is their NetSpend card, where you have quick cash access and which can be loaded with funds from your payday loan. You can use this card with millions of stores all across the United States.

Advance America’s application is very easy to use, as it only takes a few minutes to fill out. You don’t need a finance degree to understand the mumbo-jumbo like with other companies – everything is presented in simplistic and easily explainable terms. When looking for quick cash America offers a million choices, but this company chooses to present its full terms of work before you sign the contract, unlike many others.

This company’s website is fully compatible with mobile as well, removing some of the limits imposed by other lending companies. Its website security is top-notch, with multiple layers of safety to protect your personal data and transaction information. All of the options available to consumers come with the company’s promise of 100% transparency, which means no fine print, no hidden fees and most importantly, no deceptions to make you go deeper into debt. Advance America focuses on providing the perfect experience when it comes to taking out loans as it can be a stressful thing to go through for most people.

At one point or another, some of us find ourselves in a difficult financial situation. It is okay, it happens, and while there are other options, too, payday loans are a quick way to ensure a needed sum in our possession. These types of loans aren’t used as often as traditional bank loans but can sometimes prove to be more beneficial.

A bank would rarely let us loan less than a thousand dollars, the payoff period is longer with them, and the ultimate interest value becomes larger. However, payday loans are used in a certain specific niche which explains their uniqueness to all other loan types. They start with an overall minimum of $100 and rarely go over $2,000. You need to pay such a loan off in a couple of weeks or a month, and this enables faster loan elimination – so the fees remain acceptable to the casual borrower.

Another backdoor to settling your payday loan comes with the rolling over option. If we fail to follow our payment schedule and the due date passes us, there is always the possibility to extend the loan duration. Keep in mind, this move increases interest over time and our advice is to strive for the swiftest payoff on payday loans. Roll over terms vary depending on state and loan provider but usually, all of them follow a similar policy on the matter.

One of the main differentiation to traditional bank loans comes with the absence of a Good Credit Score Requirement. Even poor credit score owners can apply for a payday loan and more often than not – get it. Approval here is easier and way faster. If an urgent financial need strikes a person, payday loans are a good immediate answer to it. And with such light approval process, they are on the top of the Speedy Solutions list.

What more do you need to know?

The convenient speed and accessibility of payday loans don’t come without a price, however. Borrowers need to be alert that shorter payout timeframes carry higher interest rates and a careless approach to settling the debt may lead to bigger complications. As most payday loans require a paycheck amount to be deposited until we clear the debt, there isn’t much room to improvise when it comes to zeroing out the owned money value. Think of it as an advance on your salary – you get it earlier but have to pay extra for the service.

Another thing to mention is that payday loan vendors are usually smaller companies looking to capitalize on their funds in the most efficient way they see fit. It’s a legitimate business but it serves a narrower volume of customers. As more people prefer the lower set interest rates of banks and loan enterprises, payday loans fall in the Untraditional Category. Just a verification of your monthly income is needed to pass as Accepted for a payday loan. And while credit history, place of residence, credit scores, and other factors may turn the tides around, they aren’t such a must when it comes to getting a payday loan.

Alongside being the quickest way to get money almost instantly, payday loans are also a bit tricky. Some providers can equal to up to 500% APR (annual percentage yield) from you, and this should be considered with great attention. Put simply, it is not advised to take out a $400 payday loan if your intention includes longer than one-month repayment period. With an average interest rate of 35% per loan, payday loans are both a saving grace and a possible abyss if we don’t engage them with the proper mindset.

Having said this, payday loans are a solid solution to financial problems in the short-term frame but fall short in usefulness when it comes to longer periods. They are an adequate option if you stumble upon unexpected costs but they won’t resolve deeper financial issues. In the latter occasions, it is more sensible to look for other options, more suitable for your situation. This is mainly said because overdue loan payments can result in overdraft costs, loan collection services, and more. After all, there isn’t a free loan out there so we just need to know the right types to go for when needed.

Payday loans have slowly made their way into banks as well but the only difference here is the lender’s outlook. Traditional banks are just trying to compete on all available fronts and this is understandable. They won’t offer you better interest rate conditions for payday loans – they may seem a bit more reliable as a vendor but that’s mostly in our heads. In addition, bank-provided payday loans can be more damaging to our financial state as existing checking accounts in banks limit our ability to choose payoff times and amounts.

The Benefits

As you have seen from the previous paragraphs, payday loans are the polarized member of the Loan World. They are built from controversial parts to take into consideration and solely depend on our exact financial needs. They can be highly beneficial in dire times but prove to be unsuitable for long-term problem resolution.

Another beneficial side of payday loans is the absence of a good credit score to back up our application. Furthermore, having a low cap of acceptance time at 30 minutes, there isn’t a more instantaneous loan to take advantage off. They can come in handy in lots of scenarios and having them as an option is nice. The simplified application form and process add up to getting the borrowed money in (sometimes) less than an hour, too. This enables customers to efficiently deal with financial anxiety.

An overall last-resort-type of loan, payday loans still treat their clients with the expected professionalism. Repeated borrowers often get lower interest rates, higher loan cap, and lighter payoff terms when it comes to frequency and amount of deposits. Although we don’t recommend using such a service every time you feel financially anxious, payday loans are a certified way to escape a momentary money pit.