United Van Lines Review

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United Van Lines Review

rating: 3.5
  • Whether you are moving locally or to another country, you can count on this company.
  • The video chat feature enables an accurate estimate without wasting time waiting for an agent to come to your home.
  • Polite customer service ready to answer any question you might have regarding the move.

United Van Lines Review Moving


If you need to move soon, you are probably thinking about the best way to handle the entire process. You are aware that you have many valuable possessions, and you want them to arrive at your new home undamaged. That is why you should be careful in choosing a moving company. United Van Lines is among the contenders for the best choice when it comes to US-based movers. Here are all the details you should know about the company.

By Editorial Team | 17th May 2019

The history of United Van Lines goes almost a century back as the company was founded in 1928. Its original name was Return Loads Service, but it was renamed five years later. The headquarters had been transferred from Ohio to Missouri in 1941, and it seems they have been growing ever since.

Today, United Van Lines is among the most reputable moving companies within the United States. They specialize in long-distance moves, but they proudly pinpoint that they are a full-service moving company.

What Does United Van Lines Offer?

In the moving industry, you have several different move types, and United Van Lines caters them all. Those include:

  • Local moves –professional staff and modern vans that will make moving to a new neighborhood a piece of cake.
  • Long-distance moves – whether you are going to a new city or the opposite coast, the company can find the most suitable deal for you.
  • International moves – these are the most complicated projects, which is why you can expect a dedicated move manager that can help with visas and other documentation, and provide housing assistance.
  • Corporate relocations – a type of service specially designed for corporate clients. Moving your business requires a different approach, and the experienced movers are there to take care of every detail.
  • Auto transport – these include door to door, and terminal to terminal services of transporting your car.

As you can see from the above list, United Van Lines has you covered regardless of the distance you plan to cross with your move. Their moving services are comprehensive thanks to the long list of additional packages they provide. These are:

  • Various packing options – the easiest option is to ask a team of experts to come and pack everything you plan to move. You can also pack for yourself, and the company can provide the necessary boxes of different sizes. In that case, you may benefit from useful guides and articles on their website.
  • Storage services – some clients need to leave their current home urgently, but they can only move in their new property later. UVL has reliable storage solutions to store your items for as long as you need before they are delivered to the destination.
  • Home cleaning – it includes hiring a third-party service to clean both old and new property so that they can save you time and effort. The professional staff can also clear up any waster and debris, including material waste and empty cartons.
  • Electronics disassembly and set up – whether it is your PC and network, or a home entertainment system, the company has IT experts that can dismount and remount any tech features.

United Van Lines offers several default pricing packages. Some of them secure additional valuation and identity theft protection, as well as claim assistance, and delay payments. Depending on the package, you can also pick several add-on services to use. If the default pricing packages are not suitable for you, call a representative to design a customized deal for you.

The Moving Process

You have two ways of establishing contact with United Van Lines. The first one is by calling them over the phone, and the second is to request a free estimate. The latter can be done online via their website. However, this is where we noticed a potential drawback of the company.

Some other movers will automatically list a quote as soon as you enter basic details about your move. United Van Lines doesn’t do that, but they acknowledge your request and promise to contact you as soon as possible. While that does require a bit of patience, it is good to know that you will get an accurate price promised by an agent. The video chat feature that you can use to guide the agent through your home allows them to deliver an accurate estimate quickly and avoids unnecessary time wasting of an agent coming to your location.

Once you agree on all the basics, such as establishing the date and time of picking things up and delivering them, you can proceed to choose the add-on services you may need. These are optional and can affect the final price, but they are what makes any move truly hassle-free. From there, the project manager will take care of every single detail. Your only task will be to supervise and watch how the professionals do their job efficiently.

Pros and Cons
Whether you are moving locally or to another country, you can count on this company.The estimate request form doesn’t provide an instant quote, but you have to wait for an agent to contact you.
The video chat feature enables an accurate estimate without wasting time waiting for an agent to come to your home.The wide network of agents they have across the country may lead to some differences in the quality of the service from one state to another.
Various add-on services that can simplify the moving process further.
The shipment tracking feature allows you to track your truck at any given moment.

United Van Lines is a versatile and all-around moving company. Whether you need a simple door to door local move or a complicated international move, they will be there for you. They also have a wide array of extra services that will ensure you don’t have to lift a finger during the entire process. The company offers a professional service and embrace technology to add modern features, such as satellite shipment tracking. Although they have a couple of minor downsides, that doesn’t change the fact they are reliable movers overall.

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