Best Interstate Moving + Storage Review

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Best Interstate Moving + Storage Review

rating: 3.5
  • They offer very competitive prices
  • They offer broadband services
  • They offer free online quotes

Best Interstate Moving + Storage Review Moving


It was in 1933 when North American Van Lines was established in Cleveland, Ohio. Although they moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the meantime, they kept their reputable position in the moving and storage industry.

The company is known for innovation as they were pioneers in the industry on numerous occasions. For example, they were first to use crane vans, which facilitate handling big items without a loading dock. Additionally, NAVL adopts technology quickly. They were the pioneers in using interactive simulators in training their drivers. The company also utilizes a satellite connection so that users can track shipments everywhere in the world.

By Editorial Team | 16th May 2019

Summary of their services

  • Corporate Relocation Services
  • Moving residential house stuff
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Loading and unloading services
  • Logistics (project management services)
  • Auto transportation services
  • Temporary storage
What is Best Interstate Moving + Storage?

Best Interstate Moving + Storage is not necessarily a fully-fledged mover but rather a broker. The company organizes for third party service providers to offer all the services you require during your move.

If you need to relocate, you simply call them and they arrange a mover within your neighborhood. Therefore you end up getting a mover from just within your location. Then Best Interstate Moving + Storage goes ahead to tracks your entire moving process till you get into your new place.

In addition to getting a mover to relocate you and tracking the moving process, Best Interstate Moving + Storage also offers a number of other services related to moving.

  • Best Interstate Moving + Storage is best preferred due to their competitive quotes. Their rates are very affordable. They always contract movers and other service providers who are cheap to afford.
  • They also provide free online rough estimate quotes to help you in budgeting for your move.
  • Another service that would make you go for this guys is the fact that they also set up broadband services for you at your new home.
  • They are professional customer advocates and thus provide the best customer experience
What does Best Interstate Moving + Storage offer?

Depending on the requirements of your move and the amount of language you want to be moved, Best Interstate Moving + Storage will get you a competitive quote.

They offer residential moving, commercial + business moving, corporate relocation, and auto transportation services. In addition to this services, you can also choose to include the following services in your move: Packing + unpacking, Piano transportation, boxes + moving supplies, Broadband services, Custom crating, Moving insurance, Temporary storage.

For their broadband services, they assist in setting up land-line phone network, cell phone network, high-speed Internet connections, cable TV, satellite TV as well as Satellite Internet.

Their quotes are normally based on the Household Goods motor carrier tariff rates. Therefore, once it gives you a quote, it is mandatory that it make its tariff accessible to the public for inspection.

As a broker, their pricing varies and it is not possible to give an average of what they would charge since the prices depend on the best available deals they can locate from their partners in your area.

They also partner with insurance company to ensure that your belongings are well covered. Below is a summary of their insurance coverage:

Insurance coverageAvailable Through
Moving Insurance Total Loss PolicyMoving Insurance Named Perils PolicyMoving Insurance All Risk Policy
Cover damage from acts of God (tornado, flood, lightning)OfferedOfferedOffered
Cover mechanical damage to electric componentsN/AN/AOffered
Coverage for pairs and setsN/AN/AOffered
Cover loss from terrorist acts or riotsOfferedOfferedOffered
Receive a written policyOfferedOfferedOffered
Claims processed by an independent licensed claims adjusterOfferedOfferedOffered
Single item coverage availableN/AOfferedOffered
Able to purchase policy and file claims onlineOfferedOfferedOffered
Covers items of extraordinary value (more than $100 per pound)OfferedOfferedOffered
The Moving Process
  1. Request for an online quote

To begin with, it would be important to get a rough estimate of what it would cost you to use Best Interstate Moving + Storage so that you can compare with other available movers and even budget for the move.

The rough estimate in most cases will only give you a range between which your move could cost. But you will require an in-house estimate for an accurate quote.

  1. In-house estimate

If you fully decide to use Best Interstate Moving + Storage services, you can call their customer service and the company will have someone come to your place and do an in-house quote for you. You will discuss all the services you require for the move with him/her so that they can offer an elaborate quote.

  1. Packing and unpacking

Best Interstate Moving + Storage offers packing and unpacking services but of course at a cost since they will have to hire people to do that for you. However, if you want to do the packing by yourself, you ask them to supply you with the boxes + moving supplies.

If you request for their packing services, they will also offer unpacking services.

  1. Loading and unloading

Since Best Interstate Moving + Storage does not have its own employees, it is hard to guarantee you that the loading will be solely done by the moving company since that will depend on the norms of the moving company that Best Interstate Moving + Storage contracts. Actually, this service is not on their service list.

Therefore, you could find yourself being required to offer a helping hand in loading and unloading your belonging into the moving truck. But if you find a good moving group, then you shall be lucky.

  1. Temporary storage

If you moved out of your house in a hurry because you are selling the house and it had already found a buyer before you could get yourself a new house, Best Interstate Moving + Storage can get temporary storage for your belongings as if you organize where you want to move to. The charges of the storage facilities will depend on where the storage facilities are and the amount of storage area you could require.

Pros and Cons


  • Guaranteed 30-day free storage
  • Broadband services
  • Efficient estimates¬† via phone
  • Pay as per your budget


  • Accuracy of an estimate is subject to weight



If you are looking for a cost-effective mover, then you could Best Interstate Moving + Storage and have them organize for a mover to help you move your goods.

But if you want a real mover rather than a broker, then Best Interstate Moving + Storage is not your best choice since they are only brokers and not actual movers.

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