College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving Review

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College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving Review

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  • Services in 36 states in the United States
  • Excellent customer services
  • User-friendly website

College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving Review Moving


College Hunks is one of those companies with a tricky name. You can’t actually tell about their nature of business by just hearing College Junks. The full business name of the company is College Hunk – Hauling Junk and Moving. HUNKS is an acronym for “Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgable service”

By Editorial Team | 17th May 2019

They offer services related to donation pickups, junk removal, moving, and labor services. The company serves both residential and commercial clients in USA and Canada. College Hunks didn’t start in a grand manner. Two college buddies, in fact, started their operation with a single, beat-up van with a big aim of changing lives. Their operation began in 2005 and since then the company has never looked back. In only 2 years, the company started franchising in order to meet the high demand from all over the country and expanded into Canada as well.

What is College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving?

Whether it is your household items, junk, or donation that needs to be picked up from point A and delivered to Point B (in USA and Canada). College Hunks can do that like real professionals.

Their attitude towards work is really commendable but what puts them one step ahead of the competition is the out of the box, community-friendly approach. They market their services as eco-friendly and try to donate your unwanted items to local not-for-profit organizations like Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity Restore. If your unwanted items are really unwanted, they dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner.

Some items, however, are destined to meet the landfill. The College Hunks make sure that it remains their last option.

What Does College Hunks Offer?

College Hunks has the lowest damage claims in the industry. They offer some of the best services which include,

Huge Operations

College Hunk is operational in more than 32 states in the United States and also covers certain parts of Canada. This puts them amongst the top moving companies. Even if College Hunks are not operational in your area, they can quickly arrange a local mover.

One Point of Contact

With College Hunks you won’t be speaking to one entity on the phone and meeting up with a different on in person. This saves you valuable time and minimizes the chances of errors and miss-commitments.


You can either get your initial cost through the website or by calling College Hunks. Remember this will be a rough estimate and the original cost may vary. The company has two fee structures.

  • Hourly: This includes all the labor charges, all the protective material, and tools required throughout in moving. You will be charged a fixed hourly rate. Most companies don’t offer this feature.
  • Travel & Truck Fee: This includes the expenses of fuel, travel time and the truck.

The Moving Process

Before the actual moving starts, it is important that you take care of some of the pre-requisites. The College Hunks recommends the following 10 steps

  1. Check out the moving guide, carefully devised by Hunks themselves. It includes everything you need to know while packing.
  2. Packing itself can be a time consuming and a messy job. Whether you have to do it yourself or hire someone totally depends on you. If you can afford it, hiring professional packers will be a good choice.
  3. Get your house ready for the College Hunks. This means that you have to empty all drawers, shelves, and tie up all loose items. If your house is not in a ready-to-move state when the Hunks arrive, you may have to pay a few extra bucks.
  4. Get everything in order like arranging for the parking space, getting the elevators ready, completing all the document work and let the Hunks know that you are ready.
  5. Make sure that you sign up for the “On our way call” from the College Hunks.
  6. You will now meet the movers. They will give a proper introduction including their names, college, and a smile. This is what the company is known for – adding a bit of personal touch in everything they do.
  7. The movers are likely to inspect your home and notify you of any item that was not included in the quote and for which you may have to pay extra.
  8. The movers will then begin their work. They usually start with covering items with protective material that may get damaged during the transit. This special treatment comes at no extra cost.
  9. You may be asked to fill a survey form at this point. This is important as Hunks are generally paid as per their performance and your feedback is an important part of that.
  10. The Hunks will drop off your things. Unpacking will cost extra though.
Services in 36 states in the United StatesPacking/unpacking costs extra
Excellent customer servicesSpecial transportation costs extra
User-friendly website
Eco-friendly services
Committed to the community
Basic liability coverage


All in all, College Hunks provides excellent moving services. Everyone at Hunks is young, full of energy and always willing to go extra. The services they provide might seem a little pricey but if you take the value for money aspect into consideration then it makes sense.

Some of the things that really stand out in their services are the commitment towards the community, environment-friendly work design, and that great attitude.

The future of College Hunks – Hauling Junk and Moving really seems bright, considering the fact that they are still new in the industry.

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