Best Moving Containers 2020

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  • Efficient tracking system
  • Instant online quotes
  • No need to pay for the deposit ahead of time
  • Price fair and affordable
  • Secure storage centers
  • Quality services
Rating: 4.7/5
rating: 4.7
  • They offer very competitive prices
  • They offer broadband services
  • They offer free online quotes

PODS Moving Containers

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PODS Moving Containers Review


  • Price fair and affordable
  • Secure storage centers
  • Quality services


  • Lack guaranteed delivery dates
  • You must pay for all the PODs even if you did not use them

It’s safe to say that nobody adores moving days. It’s like working on your day off, and it also requires planning. Yes, it’s necessary at a certain exact time, but it doesn’t have to be all bad.

Some people like to go through their stuff and find forgotten valuables, filled with memories. However, after we’ve gathered everything, it is time for transportation. PODS takes care of that usually unpleasant task.

Rough roads, possible bad weather, traffic jams, and a variety of other factors can make our moving day miserable, but the innovative company ensures we skip the negative emotions. Yes, they won’t help you with packing, unpacking, and throwing away unneeded items. But they will get all of your possessions from one location to another.

No need for driving anxiety throughout the city, because PODS puts all of your belongings in a safe container and takes them to your new home. And they do it pretty well – PODs Moving Containers are cheaper than a fully comprehensive service, POds also have a 30-day loading/unloading period and they can store your possessions until you decide to place them in your new house.

Keep in mind, storage costs can be a bit pricey, but it is worth it, if you really need it.

Why Choose PODS?

It’s more work, but it saves you so much more money than other services. It also takes away the need to drive a heavy truck all by yourself, especially if you don’t own a powerful vehicle.

The main reason to go with these guys are the budget-friendly prices, we won’t lie. They have some perks to polish, but the cost-to-value ratio here is amazing. This is mainly due to the fact that PODs specialize in moving containers rather than the whole moving package. This means that not only is PODS better at moving containers than other moving companies, but PODs is cheap too.

What’s more, PODs give you 30 days to fill your assigned storage unit, which in our experience is more than enough to collect and arrange everything in the way you want. Of course, if you are ready before this period expires, just call them and they will pick up the container anyway! This is just a maximum ceiling.

PODS offers containers in different sizes, so you can fit the right amount of boxes without paying more    than you need to. You will receive a full valuation coverage for your things and track your shipping, too. You can get a quote online, but calling them is quicker, so we recommend that instead!

Moving containers are the answer to numerous issues  when it comes to switching houses. Be it DIY or fully professional transportation, they are convenient, cheaper, and purpose-built to handle the task.

In essence, storage containers are well-protected for even the roughest of drive. They get delivered at your doorstep and then you will fill them up with countless items before being sent on to your new home.

Again, you can choose to drive them yourself or hire a trained expert to do it. The first option is okay for local moving, but we recommend national transport services for long-distance trips, rather than the same-state companies.

What Services Do Containers Companies Offer?

First and foremost, container companies give you the needed space to fill up with your goods. No need for an enormous truck, as they can be carried by a regular car. Given you have a car that isn’t older than you, then it might be just a bit problematic.

For example, PODS are a company which provides tough, waterproof containers, available in almost every US state. You get the container, take your time to fill it, and then simply wait for it to arrive at its new destination. 

You can also keep the container at one of your houses or a storage facility until you have emptied it completely.

If you are planning a cross-nation moving, U-Pack is an excellent option. They give you less time to load and unload the container, but their prices are a tad cheaper. They are also a solid company to get your things from one coast to another, while you drive calmly in your own car.

They use the so-called Relocubes, which are their custom-made containers. You can order more of those, just in case. Why? Because you can return any unused Relocubes without having to pay for them, making this an option for people who aren’t sure exactly how many Relocubes they will need.

If you are carrying an extremely important Pink Floyd vinyl collection, you might want to secure it as much as possible. 1-800-PACK-RAT boosts their containers – these aren’t simply steel-framed, they have steel walls, too!

Why Choose This Service?

Going for moving containers is amazing for people who dislike big trucks. You can drive them yourself, without stepping a foot in a massive truck cabin, or you can leave it to the pros. Both scenarios enable using the optimal space to gather all of your belongings in one secured unit.

Most container companies also have a 30-day storage period, so you can take your time before deciding how to arrange the bedroom. Yes, a mirror on the ceiling is a cliché, don’t overdo it.


No driving costs are the main benefit of hiring professionals to transport your container from one place to another. However, service providers differ in strong points.


  • Overall: PODS – a wide variety of containers and storage period.
  • Customer experience: U-Pack is spotless for long-distance moves, backed up by a lot of positive customer feedback.

Containers: 1-800-PACK-RAT has the most secure containers in case Winter comes.