Montway Auto Transport Review

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Montway Auto Transport Review

rating: 4.3
  • Comparatively cheaper than most services
  • Nationwide operations
  • Great insurance coverage

Montway Auto Transport Review Moving


Montway is an Auto Transport company, which is quickly making inroads into the industry. The company began its operation back in 2006 and is headquartered in Chicago. Montway is comparatively new on the circuit but understands the business comprehensively.

It has a reliable network of more than 15,000 carriers, which are responsible for picking up and delivering your vehicle. This can be a little dicey as you don’t exactly know who is handling your car. Having said that, it is still easier than finding a broker on your own and then setting up a deal with him. So, it is better to trust a reliable company with a proven track record rather than trusting a random broker from the Internet – Right?

By Editorial Team | 17th May 2019

Montway is an Auto Transport Company which actually plans the transport of your car. It provides door-to-door shipping, both expedited and closed.

Unlike most auto transport companies, Montway generally has a different solution for different cars. Their advisors won’t just take your order but make sure they offer the best solution. Based on the type of car, pickup and delivery points, and the transit distance, they will offer you a package fit for your needs

Montway is not just a 9 – 5 company. Their dedicated team works 365 days and are always ready to go a step beyond when it comes to customer satisfaction.

What does Mayflower Transit offer?

Montway has a number of standard and optional offers for you. Check the chart below for more information.

StandardOptional (Costs Extra)
Door-to-door pickup and deliveryEnclosed Transport
Insurance CoveragePickup of non-running vehicle
Luggage (1 Bag only)Expedited Transport
Guaranteed Pickup Dates
International Transport

Free Quote on Website

Montway offers a free estimated quote of the transportation on their website.

The pricing depends upon factors such as.

  • Pickup point
  • Delivery point
  • Pickup/delivery dates
  • Transport type – enclosed or open
  • Type of vehicle (make, model, year, etc)
  • Whether the car is in running condition or not

You can quickly select the above options on their website and get an instant quote. Based on the quotes given on their website, we can conclude that Montway is cheaper than Autos on the Go or Door-to-door transport. However,  the service is slightly more expensive than Freedom Auto or uShip.

The final quote of the transportation may very well vary.

**Pro Tip – Changing the dates may have a significant impact on the price of the overall package.


If you plan on stuffing your car with luggage and make Montway transport that for free – the company won’t help much. In fact, it has a strict luggage policy allowing only one bag or a suitcase. The luggage should not exceed 100 pounds in weight and must be only kept in the trunk. You can’t even pay extra for extra luggage.


Insurance is really good with Montway, they provide complete insurance coverage. All their careers have to be covered against damages and liability claims of minimum $750,000. This means that unless your vehicle is worth more than a condo, you don’t really have to worry about the insurance aspect.

Accepted Type of Vehicles

Montway can transport almost all types of vehicles including trucks, cars or motorcycles. No matter the brand of the vehicle, the company can take care of it. For now, Montway is not dealing in boats, ship RVs or ski-doos.

Pros and Cons
Comparatively cheaper than most servicesAllows only limited luggage
Nationwide operationsNo online tracking while in transit
Great insurance coverageDoesn’t transport boats, RVs and a few others.
Great customer services
Final Analysis - How Good (or Bad) Is Montway?

Our review is based on our own experience plus talking to tons of Montway’s customers. The company is still comparatively new but it has made some serious progress. There is a lot to like about the features they offer and how they treat their customers.

We were thoroughly impressed by the customer services we received while booking our order. The representative explained everything in detail. He asked us if we are flexible with our dates because that could have an impact on the package price. We said yes and he was able to bring down the price by a couple of hundred dollars.

Montway currently doesn’t deal in ships and RVs – something they should work on. Other than that their services are right up there amongst the best auto transport companies in the country – A good value for money, we should say!

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