Best Car Shipping 2020

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  • You get the best professional assistance
  • You get the price comparison
  • You can compare performance of two companies
Rating: 4.9/5
rating: 4.9
  • A reputable company with over nine decades of experience in the business.
  • They are available for various moving types, including local, interstate, cross country, and international moving.
  • Extensive experience in providing corporate relocation service, and maximum dedication to detail.
  • It offers full-service moving services
  • It is very experienced with over 90 years’ experience
  • Has very many add-on services.
  • Comparatively cheaper than most services
  • Nationwide operations
  • Great insurance coverage

uShip Review

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uShip Review Review


  • You get the best professional assistance
  • You get the price comparison
  • You can compare performance of two companies
  • uShip promises to advocate you in times of need


  • You have to pay the broker-fee
  • It takes longer to move

Summary of uShip

uShip is a bit confusing to grasp at first since they aren’t a moving broker. However, once you grasp their concept, you can land on the exact car shipper you need.

They are basically a general shipping company with a directory of vetted and approved delivery companies. From the normal, like parcels or boxes, through to car shipping and valuable art transportation. uShip also lets you post offers of jobs where these delivery companies can bid on your job. This can be extremely useful to find the writer car shipping service for you or your business.

uShip is actually a shipping company that offers Car Shipping rather than this being their only Niche. You could in theory ship anything from cars to paintings. They have a massive directory of shipping services , but rather give you a massive list of candidates. All of those are inspected of course, but you still need to do some digging before you pick what suits you best. 

The upside here is that you can also take benefit from its structure. Having trouble finding a reasonable offer for your needs? Worry not, as you can post your own ad and carriers will have to bid for it. Once you see a desirable rate, you can go for it instantly.

If we have to be honest, using a broker seems way easier, but uShip can still serve as a solid service if you have the nerve to explore it to the fullest. It also saves you a lot of cash, which can be later used to celebrate your search skills over a bottle of 40-year old Highland Park Single Malt Scotch.

Why choose uShip?

Because you don’t want to spend extra money on brokers. And you are confident enough in your ability to sift out and choose the right carriers for your car shipping.

Their website is easy to use, as all offers are displayed clearly on your screen. Just beware of the higher estimates. Sometimes, it’s better to visit the original site rather than go through uShip.

They are also a nice fit to more extraordinary shipments – a tractor, a hand-made kayak, or even a limousine.

Montway Auto Transport Review

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Montway Auto Transport Review Review


  • Comparatively cheaper than most services
  • Nationwide operations
  • Great insurance coverage
  • Great customer services


  • Allows only limited luggage
  • No online tracking while in transit
  • Doesn’t transport boats, RVs and a few others.

People usually feel better about using a service when they have all the details and Montway Auto Transport will quote you before you even hire them.

From getting an instant online quote to tracking your car and paying for their efforts, they’ve got it all covered. In addition, they have trained a highly rated customer support team. To top it off, they always usually have discounts, bundle deals and special offers, so their starting prices often become more competitive in the process of booking.

Montway Auto Transport will pick up your car from your old house and drive it all the way to your new address. No need to rush and search for airport terminals, they will simply deliver to your door.

A stunning feature is their payment schedule. Montway Auto Transport have a flexible price plan where you can choose whether to pay up front or wait until a scheduled payment date which can even sit after delivery.

All carries at Montway Auto Transport are insured so any possible damages during the drive are covered. Even if a condor flies over it and grabs your car, you still have nothing to worry about.

Getting a quote online is always convenient, as you don’t need to waste time in phone calls. You can, however, use the phone option and speak with them. All of their employees are friendly and happy to help you with detailed answers.

Montway Auto Transport remains a broker, which means they don’t employ the carries, but rather get you in contact with them. While this can feel like a gamble sometimes, they strive to work only with seasoned carriers to avoid any disruptions.

Why Choose Montway Auto Transport?

Because they are incredibly good at what they do.

Their process is so efficient that you will feel like you haven’t had to arrange anything. There process is simple: pick a delivery date, agree to a price and then wait! As a tip for any of the car-shipping companies: make sure to check your car for any trip damages upon reuniting with it as once you sign the Bill of Landing, you can’t keep the carrier accountable for any unwanted expenses.

Depending on the length of the journey, Montway will determine how much it would cost you. Only give them your car details and email, and you are set to go. Neat advice – they often do discounts for cash payments, so you can snatch some bucks off the original price if you have the money in hand.

The idea of a cross-country road trip is thrilling, but it can get on your nerves pretty quickly. Be it an unexpected traffic jam, irritated younglings, or just bad weather, things can quickly go from fun to “why did I even get in the car?!”

It seems far more convenient to get the whole family on a plane while somebody else delivers your car to your new home, if only to remove the stress of driving yourself to your new destination. 

What Services Do Car Shipping Companies Offer?

The name itself is pretty self-explanatory, but yes, these guys take your car and drive it to a point across the country. They work efficiently, with professional drivers, and are thorough scheduling. 

Respectable car shipping companies like Montway Auto Transport offer tons of options for your convenience. How to get a quote, how to keep track of your car, and even how to pay afterward. Their customer service is flawless, and they often give you discounts. Both of those are equally important when picking a reliable service.

uShip spices things a bit with their delivery system. You can get in touch with carriers to deliver almost anything to any location in the US. It is actually a shipping marketplace, so you need to do the search and arrangements on your own.

Allied Van Lines is a full-moving service, which will also transport your car in the process. They will do everything, from packing through to parking your beloved SUV on your doorstep. They can even rearrange the furniture after they are done unpacking. 

Why Choose This Service?

It’s a small price to pay if you can transport your beloved car, without any damage or hassle, to your new home. It saves a drive as well as anything going wrong on some of the rougher roads in America. Car shipping services operate with the sole purpose to lighten your load while moving

All of the services here are FMCSA-certified, so no worries about getting your sweet Cobra stolen by thieving carriers. 


All in all, having your car delivered along with your house contents is a hell of a deal. Let’s check which is which in our Top-Rated list.


  • Overall – Montway Auto Transport has impeccable customer support and deals.
  • For comparison shopping – uShip has one of the biggest shipping marketplaces in the country.
  • Damage protection – Ship-a-Car Direct has all the added defenses to keep your car safe.

Full-service mover – Allied Vans Lines handles every single part of your moving, so you’d avoid dealing with all the unnerving details.