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Competitive cost of loans

  • A lot of loan specific to filter
  • Qualified and reviewed lenders
  • Personalized loan conditions for customers

Specialized in VA mortgages

  • Physical offices in 14 states
  • Web and mobile tools to ease the loan process
  • High rate of positive customer reviews

Best Guarantee on certain loans

  • Minimum account information to get a quote
  • Online/mobile applications accepted
  • Industry average credit score required

Free quotes on loans

  • Online application tracking throughout the whole mortgage process
  • No fees for VA loans
  • Mobile accessibility for Android and iOS
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rating: 4.3

Full online coverage of home loan processes

  • Manual underwriting while evaluating eligibility
  • An impressively wide range of loan products
  • Bilingual customer support
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Flexible mortgage options and requirements

  • Simplified online application process
  • Huge selection of home loans available
  • Maximum-value loans in place

A mortgage (or a mortgage loan) is a highly used term in today’s real estate business. It is basically a loan which uses any real estate property as a collateral for loan eligibility. The way it works enables us to essentially pay off the purchase of a new property in monthly installments instead of all at once. With each monthly bill comes an interest set at different values for various loan time periods.

The most common mortgage loans to go for have a length of 15 or 30 years. Understandably, the second ones may have a higher interest rate but they can be paid out in smaller monthly payments. The first may bring you a smaller interest fee but the duration is cut down by half so choose sensibly.

Another metric to separate mortgages by is the state of the interest rate. Some mortgages allow us a flexible interest rate while others stick to the fixed method. While the fixed interest rates assure stability as we know exactly how much we will pay for the set time frame, adjustable interest may work in our benefit if we use it wisely.

Although mortgages basically let buyers pay off their property infractions, there is still a needed down payment to go through. While it differs depending on mortgage loan providers, it rarely goes under 20%. In such cases, most mortgage establishments will usually require a Private Mortgage Insurance, PMI for short, or any sort of government guarantee on your behalf.

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Basic Information and Knowledge

  • Monthly Payments

First and foremost, getting a mortgage loan ensures that some percentage of our monthly paycheck goes to cover it. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what a monthly payment consists of. We have the principal payment plus interest, additional payments for home taxes, insurance, and any possible side fees included in our mortgage contract. What is more, government-insured (or PMI) mortgages most often carry a premium fee on their insurance as well.

There is also the possibility for bi-weekly payments – every two weeks instead of a month, loan carriers get to pay off their mortgage in a different manner. While this isn’t always faster than an ordinary monthly scheme, it can be if we arrange the payment volume with the lender. On another note, wealthier home buyers will almost always strive for the 15-year mortgage period. The monthly/weekly payments are higher but they end up paying less in interest.

  • Loan-to-Value

Put simply, the loan-to-value ratio indicates the lending risk to have in mind before giving out a mortgage. Higher LTV means more risk for the lending institution so approved mortgages of this type pack higher overall cost for the borrower. Also, mortgage loans with greater LTV values require insurance on our mortgage – which increases the money spent over time even more.

  • Interest

Almost any loan comes with an interest rate. As for mortgages, interest rates vary depending on the lending company, the borrower’s history, credit rating, and some more factors. Such an interest rate is set for primary and secondary loans until our property isn’t paid off in full. Mortgage interest rates can be deducted via covering IRS requirements – if homeowners have a clear account with them, the end of a year may bring reduced interest rates. Every eligible mortgage loan provider keeps their interest rates transparent so any customer can decide for themselves whether to go with them or not.

Types of Mortgages

  • Conventional Mortgage

Close to mind, a conventional mortgage is our typical type of mortgage – it doesn’t come with a guarantee or insurance unless the down payment is lower than 20%. It is a desired type of mortgage by the bigger percent of borrowers as it comes with fewer strings attached.

  • FHA-Insured

FHA stands for Federal Housing Administration and operates within the Housing and Urban Development Department in the US. It offers us some low-down-payment options in order to acquire a home property. These mortgage loans usually require us to put a 3% contribution to both closing costs and down payments. However, the maximum loan amount on those is limited to a bit below $300,000 depending on our state of residence.

  • VA-Guaranteed

When it comes to the active military, military service veterans, and reservists, the Department of Veteran Affairs has a number of mortgage loans available. All of those require a minimal down payment or even none.

  • Adjustable Interest Rate Mortgage Loans (ARMs)

As we have mentioned, the fixed interest rate on mortgages doesn’t grant us any flexibility to change it. It is stated upon contract signing and stays the same throughout the whole loan period. On the other side, Adjustable Rate Mortgages have different time frames starting at 1 year – all of them can still carry a fixed rate period but borrowers gain the opportunity to negotiate their interest rates and reach lower interest rate levels as the times go by. They also enhance the upper cap of possible lending amounts as they come with slightly lower interest rates, to begin with.

There are also Rural Housing Service, State Housing Finance Agency, and some specialized types of mortgages that we can take upon. More details on each mortgage loan possibility can be found on eligible mortgage providers’ reviews or directly at their designated websites.

Benefits of Mortgages

To begin with the most essential benefit of mortgage loans, it turns owning a home into an affordable accomplishment. Being likely the hugest purchase we will make in a lifetime, owning a home doesn’t come without difficulties along the way. With mortgage loans, new homeowners can still get their desired property without having to save up for tens of years beforehand.

Furthermore, mortgage loans are way more cost-effective than borrowing money from a bank or unregulated sources. Interest rates on most mortgage loans come lower than any bank would present us with. In this way, getting a neat interest rate on a 15-year mortgage can significantly help our savings in the long run. Just don’t forget that mortgage interest rates differ from vendor to vendor so keep a close eye on any deal before engaging it.