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Sun Basket

rating: 4.5
  • Can change meal plans regularly
  • Meals aren’t too high in calories
  • Recipes are easy to follow

Sun Basket Meal Delivery


With a subscription to Sun Basket, you’re getting a meal kit service which delivers recipes crafted by chefs and seasonal, organic ingredients. You will be able to try new recipes each week without needing to spend time shopping for groceries and planning meals. Each recipe is easy to follow, and the ingredients are pre-measured before being sent out to customers. 

By Imogen Groome | 28th August 2019

Sun Basket serves many customers who are conscious about eating healthy foods, so they put in efforts to constantly expand their menu and create meal plans which will suit a range of diets. You can go on plans such as vegan or Mediterranean, and select from dozens of recipe choices on a weekly basis. There is no need to have high level cooking skills to cook a Sun Basket meal, as you only need basic kitchen tools, the ingredients and the instructions. 

How it works

You will find a range of different meal plans to suit your lifestyle with a Sun Basket meal kit subscription. It’s possible to order between two and four recipes a week, and you can opt to have deliveries shipped Mondays-Thursdays between 8am and 9pm. The recipes are created by a top chef and approved by a nutritionist, and they typically only take a maximum of 30 minutes to create at home. Thanks to useful recipe cards, it’s easy to follow the instructions, and there are also online tutorials to streamline the process further. There are usually between 500 and 800 calories per serving, meaning you don’t need to worry about taking in too many calories for each Sun Basket meal.

If you refer a friend to Sun Basket, they will save money on their first order and you will also receive a credit once they have joined. It’s also possible to send personalised gift cards with credits for use at Sun Basket, and these can be scheduled for sending on the day of your choice. Furthermore, deliveries can be cancelled or skipped as long as you make these changes before the weekly cutoff.

Meal plans and recipes

Chef Justine creates a mouthwatering menu of recipes each week for customers to browse through. You can look at all the available options or filter according to categories which suit you the most. These recipes are accompanied by enticing photos to show how the food will look, and you will be able to choose three per week for delivery to your home.

With the Classic menu, you will have the choice of cooking for two or four people. There will be a range of dinner options on offer per week, and these are divided into the categories Seafood, Vegetarian and Meat & Poultry. There are also add-ons available to order, such as breakfasts, lunches, snacks, pantry items and cooked protein. Options include quick salads, sauces and dips, soups, broths, tortillas, noodle bowls and more. There are also pre-packaged add-ons from partners such as Nona Lim, Happy Moose Juice and Hodo, and you can order as many add-ons as you like. There are a number of meal plans to choose from with the Classic menu, including Paleo, Lean & Clean, Vegan, Quick & Easy, Carb Conscious and Chef’s Choice. The Chef’s Choice plan is a nice touch, as it allows people to try out seasonal recipes which have been chosen by the culinary team at Sun Basket. The meals on this plan are balanced, full of flavour and good for people who want to try something new every week. You can also switch meal plans week on week to eat in different ways and experiment with food.

With the Family menu, you will be able to choose two to four recipes for four people each week. These recipes are created with help from a chef from the Food Network, and they cater to the needs of growing children. Like the Classic menu, you can choose any Family recipe no matter what meal plan you have selected. Furthermore, both of these menus will be suitable for those who suffer from allergies. With the exception of gluten free recipes, there will be options available which are free from dairy, soy or sometimes both.

It’s possible for customers to change their orders to match personal preferences. For example, you can change plans or double up on orders if you’re planning on having people over that week. Similarly, you can upgrade meat and fish in your order to the highest quality choices, and so on.

Delivery and packaging

Sun Basket offers deliveries to 47 states in the continental US, with the exception of Hawaii, Alaska, Montana and certain areas in New Mexico. If your area is not covered by Sun Basket yet, you can contact the company so they can work on rectifying this. Apart from the first week, deliveries are subject to a shipping fee of $6.99. 

Most ingredients which are shipped to customers are packed in a brown bag, and the meat can be found at the bottom of the shipping box. The boxes are packed well, so that ingredients don’t move around in transit, and cold packs are used to ensure ingredients stay cool. Furthermore, the materials used with Sun Basket are both recyclable and compostable. The box is 98% post consumer cardboard, and the insulation has been made using recycled water bottles. Once you’ve opened your package and stored away its contents, this material can be rolled up and recycled with other plastics.


When it comes to pricing for Sun Basket meal kits, you will generally be paying between $10.99 and $12.99 per serving. 

  • With the Classic menu, a weekly delivery for two people with two recipes will cost $51.96.
  • A weekly delivery for four people with two recipes under this menu will cost $103.92.
  • There is a flat price of $10.99 per serving for the Family menu.

If you are not happy with the food you receive from Sun Basket, you will be able to claim a full refund.


Sun Basket is a meal kit service which works well for busy couples and families. There are many new recipes on offer each week to choose from, as well as lots of different meal plans such as vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and pescatarian. Furthermore, you can choose options which are diabetes-friendly, allergen-free and so on. The ingredients are organic and sustainably sourced, and meals will only take between 20 and 30 minutes to prepare. This nutritionist-approved and environmentally responsible company is sure to be a winner for many.


  • Plenty of meal choices each week
  • Meat cuts can be upgraded
  • Packaging is environmentally friendly


  • Newer chefs may struggle more
  • Not available across the US
  • Shipping comes at a cost

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Imogen Groome
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