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Blue Apron

rating: 4.5
  • App available with how-to videos
  • Specially insulated packaging for delivery
  • Available in most US states

Blue Apron Meal Delivery


Blue Apron is a meal delivery service which aims to deliver original and seasonal recipes which have been sourced from family farms and artisans. There is an app available with this platform which features how-to videos, interactive recipe pages and more.

By Imogen Groome | 23rd August 2019

You can also benefit from an extensive FAQ section in case of any issues, with clear details for customer support if necessary. Furthermore, there is a blog on the Blue Apron site which covers relevant topics such as ingredients essential for particular cuisines, food sustainability and further how-to information.

How it works

With Blue Apron, you can choose from four meal plans which come with four sets of weekly menus in turn. After choosing the plan which best suits your needs, you can decide how many meal kits you would like delivered direct to your doorstep each week. Other customisable features include deciding how many servings you wish to receive per meal, plus the recipes you would like to make. You can choose between two servings or four servings per meal, and plans available include the two serving signature plan, the two serving vegetarian plan, the four serving signature plan, and the two serving WW freestyle plan.

When you view the Blue Apron menu, you’ll see it’s been divided into four sections – one section allocated for each of the meal plans. There will be 22 new recipes uploaded here each week. In terms of how they’re divided, eight will be on offer in the two serving signature section, six will be in the two serving WW freestyle section, three are placed in the two serving vegetarian section and five can be found in the four serving signature section. Depending on the meal plan you have chosen, you will be able to select between two and four recipes each week. The team at Blue Apron will then source and measure the ingredients before packing them into specially insulated boxes for delivery.

Once the ingredients and recipes have arrived, following the instructions will be simple, as they are both interactive and designed so that beginners can understand them. You will know exactly what kitchen utensils, pots and pans you need to complete the recipe, and the mobile app will be on hand with how to videos if you find yourself in need of assistance.

Meal plans and recipes

The meal plans and recipes on offer with Blue Apron work well for families, singles and vegetarians. There is a huge range of meat, seafood and vegetarian options for people to select according to their individual needs. The recipes take their inspiration from a variety of world cuisines. People who like Mediterranean cuisine will always be covered, as will those who like to enjoy recreations of street food classics from various corners of the world. If you want to keep an eye on your calories and focus more on weight loss, the WW freestyle plan helps by letting people follow the basic principles of Weight Watchers.

Before checking out, customers can adjust their preferences to ensure certain foods such as beef, poultry, fish and pork are either selected or ruled out. It will be important for customers with allergies to check the information in recipes, as there won’t be clear labels on the ingredients themselves. Once you receive your parcel, all of the ingredients will have been pre-measured, making it easy to move through the creation process. You will also be able to stay informed about the nutrients and calories in each order thanks to labels which detail nutrients, sugars, fats and so on.

You can also cook something which isn’t currently on the menu by looking at the cookbook, which features all the recipes the service has offered to date. Furthermore, there is a wine delivery option available with Blue Apron, and you can order 6 wines a month to go with your food.

Delivery and packaging

You will be able to have Blue Apron meal ingredients and recipes easily delivered if you live anywhere in the continental United States, although prospective customers should bear in mind that this service does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii. It may be possible to choose a particular delivery date and adjust it if your plans change, depending on where you reside. Furthermore, it isn’t necessary to be at home to receive the order, unless you’re ordering wine, whereby an adult signature will be needed.

To preserve the quality of the ingredients, Blue Apron food is delivered in insulated packaging to ensure freshness. There is also a Freshness Guarantee with this service, whereby you can contact customer support in the 7 days following delivery if there is an ingredient missing or your food arrives damaged or not suitable for cooking. In this situation, you will receive a replacement, refund or credit for any orders you make in the future.

  • The vegetarian plan for two people at two recipes a week costs $47.95, including shipping.
  • The classic plan with the same setup costs the same.
  • For the family plan, which serves four people, at two recipes a week, it will cost $72.92, including shipping.

Blue Apron offers unique recipes for customers from family farms, making use of ingredients which people may not have considered before. There are plans for people living alone or families, plus vegetarian options. The deliveries come in specially insulated packaging, and is available in most states of the US. Overall, Blue Apron is well worth considering.


  • Recipes are easy to follow
  • Deliveries come with ice packs to keep food cool
  • Step by step photos included with recipes


  • Not a huge range of plans 
  • Can be difficult to cancel the service
  • Not much choice each week

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