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rating: 4.5
  • Multiple types of coil used
  • Promotes cool sleeping
  • Uses pressure-relieving gel foam

WinkBeds Mattresses


The WinkBed is a 14 inch tall mattress featuring a cover which has been woven with a Tencel fabric. It has an inch of gel-infused Hypersoft foam and another inch of Premium Gel foam. You’ll also find individually wrapped microcoils, a LumbarLayer of high-density foam and individually wrapped microcoils. Here’s everything you need to know about this product.

By Editorial Team | 6th August 2019
Overview and Pricing

The Wink mattress can be purchased in one of several firmness options – Soft, Luxury Firm, Firmer and Plus. The Soft variant is a good side sleeper mattress, providing a plush and soft feeling for those who want to sink into their mattress. Features to make a note of include a coil system which provides contouring support and spine alignment functionality, pressure-relieving gel foam and a Euro-pillow top. Users have stated in various WinkBed reviews that this is the best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain, and the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain. The Luxury Firm is seen as the most generally comfortable model, and is also the most popular among consumers. It provides both contouring and support, with support coils and a medium firmness Euro-pillow top.

The Firm mattress is designed for those who don’t want to sink into their mattress, and would rather sleep on top of their bed as opposed to in it. This variant has a supportive Euro-pillow top and a strong coil system, which works for those looking for a firm new mattress. Finally, the Plus has been constructed with those of a heavier weight in mind. The latex support layer is highly responsive, there are high density foams which are resistant to being impressed upon, and a TexasQUAD support coil which will provide top notch back support and a high level of durability.

The WinkBed can be purchased in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. You will experience high quality pressure relief due to the soft and plush topping, which comprises two foam layers. Further down, the microcoils layer aids with a deeper layer of pressure relief, as well as contouring and support. Even those who are of a heavier weight will be able to find a decent level of support with the Luxury Firm model, although the Firm or Plus variants will most likely do a better job. 

If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll benefit from the WinkBed, as it’s a breathable mattress which has two levels of coils to support airflow throughout the product. What’s more, the dual coils setup mean this mattress is a durable build, potentially able to withstand years of wear and tear.

Twin38” x 75” x 14.5”14.5 inchesSoft- $1049; Luxury Firm - $1049; Firmer - $1049; Plus - $1249
Twin XL38” x 80” x 14.5”14.5 inchesSoft - $1149; Luxury Firm - $1149; Firmer - $1149; Plus - $1349
Full54” x 75” x 14.5”14.5 inchesSoft - $1299; Luxury Firm - $1299; Firmer - $1299; Plus - $1499
Queen60” x 80” x 14.5”14.5 inchesSoft - $1599; Luxury Firm - $1599; Firmer - $1599; Plus - $1799
King76” x 80” x 14.5”14.5 inchesSoft -$1799; Luxury Firm - $1799; Firmer - $1799; Plus - $1999
Cal King72” x 84 x 10”14.5 inchesSofter - $1849; Luxury Firm - $1849; Firmer - $1849; Plus - $1999
Health Factors

There are many reasons to purchase the WinkBed if you’re looking for health benefits. For example, the firmness of this mattress will typically aid back pain for the majority of consumers, and will suit people who are either of a heavier weight or seeking a mattress which has a number of firmness choices. These mattresses also provide good cooling options, as they have both a Tencel cover and decent airflow thanks to the coils system. For an extra fee, you can purchase a CoolControl base. This features a fan which controls the temperature of the mattress from within.

Comfort Guarantee

Consumers are invited to try out the WinkBed for 120 nights, completely risk free. If it doesn’t meet expectations, you will receive a full refund and the company will pick it up free of charge. There is a limit in that users will need to sleep on the mattress for at least 30 nights before deciding if they want to keep it or not. Furthermore, if a user returns a WinkBed, both the customer and the shipping address will no longer be eligible for further 120 night trials. 


All new WinkBeds are covered by the lifetime limited warranty, which is valid for the original purchaser only from the date the mattress is bought. It cannot be transferred and will not be valid if passed on to another consumer. The warranty is limited to one replacement per mattress purchased, and the defects which are covered are clearly outlined in the documentation. These include deterioration which causes the mattress to have an indentation which is clearly visible and of a size greater than one and a half inches, although this can’t be linked to the use of a foundation or bed base which doesn’t provide the correct support. Another eligible defect is a physical flaw caused by a manufacturing error which causes the foam or springs to crack, split or degrade despite ordinary usage and proper handling. If the mattress is misused, neglected or doesn’t get used according to instructions – such as mounting it on a proper bed frame – it will not be covered by the warranty.


As the WinkBed mattresses are linked to a lifetime limited warranty, it would be safe to assume you’ll get many years of life out of this product. That being said, the products have not been out for long enough to truly test out the warranty in real time. Regardless of how long your mattress lasts, you can extend its lifespan by looking after it. Measures include not subjecting it to mold, mildew or damp, using a mattress protector, ensuring it remains on a suitable bedframe and spot cleaning it when necessary.


Carrying out a comparison of multiple brands is both useful and informative when making any purchase, and this includes those made within the mattress industry. For example, the Saatva and WinkBeds have several key features in common. First of all, they both use lots of coils, which makes them very bouncy. Furthermore, they are very supportive due to this layer on layer coil system. Additionally, both brands offer multiple firmness levels, giving the user the ability to really personalise their sleeping experience.

However, there are some differences to be noted, even if they are quite small. For example, you’ll get a steel coil support layer with the Saatva, and a zoned pocketed coil system with the WinkBed. What’s the difference, you may ask? Essentially, the Saatva system will provide a universal level of support across your entire body, while the WinkBed will adapt its levels of support according to the part of the body – for example, softer support will be provided at the shoulders, while it will be firmer at the hips.

Key Features
  • Good for combination sleepers – Those who tend to move around during the night and take on multiple sleeping positions will get on well with the WinkBed. This is because it offers users a good balance of support and comfort. 
  • Good for hot sleepers – If you regularly overheat while you sleep, the WinkBed is a viable option. Due to the multiple coil levels, this product promotes a good level of airflow, ensuring your body temperature doesn’t get uncomfortably high overnight.
  • Supportive mattress – The steel coils used with the WinkBed provide additional support to those who need it. This helps those who prefer this feel, or tend to sleep mainly on their backs each night.
  • Durable and long lasting – WinkBeds contain a range of durable materials, meaning it should be longer lasting than most other bed in a box mattresses currently available on the market. In essence, this means the WinkBed provides good value for money due to its lifespan.
  • Not good for stomach sleepers – The Luxury Firm may not be capable of providing the right level of support if you tend to sleep on your stomach for most of the night. This is because you’ll have a tendency of sinking into the mattress, which would take your body out of alignment and potentially lead to back and joint pain.
  • Not the best option for couples – While this mattress does a fairly decent job of handling motion transfer considering that it’s a spring mattress, the WinkBed may not be the ideal choice if you’re specifically looking for isolation of motion transfer. In such a scenario, a memory foam mattress may be a better option for you.

The WinkBed is a durable and long lasting coil mattress which does a good job of providing solid support for a range of sleepers. Due to its multiple layers of coils, there will be a good level of airflow, making this product good for those who tend to sleep hot each night. Furthermore, you can choose from multiple firmness options and hone in on the perfect choice for your particular sleeping needs. Overall, the WinkBed is a great option for those who want a fairly firm, comfortable and supportive mattress.


  • Firmness option for heavier people
  • Excellent edge support
  • High level of responsiveness


  • Requires a 30 night trial period before becoming eligible for returns

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