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  • Two coil layers to provide maximum comfort and durability
  • Edge-to-edge support system to maximise sleep surface
  • Lumber support enhancement memory foam layer

Saatva Mattresses


Saatva mattresses feature a coil on coil system together with memory foam and come in three firmness levels for maximum comfort.

By Editorial Team | 16th January 2019

Saatva is a company that aims to bring customers the most comfortable, durable and affordable luxury mattresses possible. In recent years, they have grown to one of the largest online-only mattress companies in America and have 19 factories across the country that produce their patented products. They are an eco-conscious company that uses environmentally friendly materials throughout the manufacturing process. The Saatva mattress features two coil layers as well as memory foam, and is available in three firmness levels. Read on to learn more about this premium product.

Choice of three firmness levelsLess memory foam than some competitors
Coil-on-coil system provides better support than other coil mattressesSlightly restricted warranty
Strong edge-to-edge support
Memory foam layer for contorting
Mattresses and Pricing

The Saatva mattress is best known as a “coil on coil” mattress, although it is, in fact, a hybrid as it does include layers of memory foam. The mattress includes two sets of individually wrapped coils that respond to body contour, as well as tempered steel coils that prevent sagging over the long term. The mattress features a foam-encased edge that provides more sleep surface than an average memory foam matters, and a plush Euro pillow top that provides additional cushioning.

The mattresses have five key features:

  1. Individually wrapped comfort coils in the top portion of the mattress that are designed to respond and contour to every body shape.
  2. A Dual Perimeter Edge Support System – this is foam encased anti-sag edge support for better durability.
  3. Lumbar Support Enhancement – this a high-quality memory foam layer that provides pressure relief and helps to reduce stress and tension in the lower back.
  4. Steel Coil Base Support System – this is a tempered steel support lower coil base. It ensures that the mattress is long lasting and sustainable.
  5. Organic Cotton Cover & Euro Pillow Top – The pillow top provides more cushioning materials and features Guardin® botanical antimicrobial fabric to inhibit bacteria and prolong the life of the organic cotton fabric.

The mattresses are available in three firmness levels: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm:

  • Plush Soft is ideal for side sleepers that like to feel enveloped by their bed and have trouble with their arms falling asleep before they do.
  • Luxury Firm is the same firmness as found in luxury hotels and is excellent for all sleeping positions. It is also the perfect compromise for couples with different sleep needs, or for those who change positions a lot during sleep.
  • Firm is for those who sleep on their back or stomach and prefer to float on their mattress rather than sink into it.

Thanks to the way that the mattresses are constructed they provide excellent motion isolation. You can move around on the mattress without the movements disturbing your partner. Furthermore, another huge advantage of the coil system is that it allows for excellent air ventilation. This will ensure that the mattress stays cool at all times.

Twin38" x 75"11.5" or 14.5"$599
Twin XL38" x 80"11.5" or 14.5"$749
Full54" x 75"11.5" or 14.5"$999
Queen60" × 80"11.5" or 14.5"$1099
King76" × 80"11.5" or 14.5"$1499
King Cal72" × 84"11.5" or 14.5"$1499

As the Saatva mattress is available in three levels of firmness, you can choose the level that is best suited to your health needs. If you are suffering from lower back pain then the Luxury Firm level offers the best balance of cushioning and support. Alternatively, you can opt for the level recommended by your health care professional and be sure you are getting exactly what you need. Thanks to this, the mattress will be able to help alleviate all manner of backaches and pains.

Comfort Guarantee

Saatva are confident that you will grow to love their mattresses and that is why they offer a 120-day risk-free sleep trial from the day of delivery. If at any point during that period you decide that you are not happy with the mattress then you can return it in exchange for a full refund, excluding the $99 transportation cost. Thanks to this, you can be sure that if you are unhappy with the mattress for whatever reason, you will lose only a minimal amount.


If the mattress is defective because of workmanship or structural issues within the first two years of ownership then it will be replaced at no cost including delivery. If a defect is discovered between 3 and 15 years of ownership then it will be repaired without cost. Furthermore, you can pay 25% of the purchase price to have the mattress completely replaced if there is less than six years left of the warranty. However, the warranty is only guaranteed if you use a platform bed. The warranty will be void if you use a metal frame with fewer than four legs, or six legs and a center-line support for King and Queen sizes.


Saatva claims that their mattresses have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, far longer than budget foam and spring mattresses. This is backed up by their warranty as explained above. To help increase the mattress’ lifespan it is recommended that you rotate the mattress six months after delivery and thereafter once per year. You should not flip these mattresses as this will result in the layers being back to front. If you need to clean the mattress you can spot clean with a small amount of antibacterial soap and a damp sponge, be sure never to saturate the mattress with water.


The Saatva mattresses are an excellent choice for those looking for a premium mattress with an affordable price tag. The double coil system ensures that the mattresses provide excellent comfort while the memory foam adds support. Furthermore, the choice of firmness levels ensures that everyone will find a mattress to their taste. All in all, Saatva mattresses represent excellent value for money.

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