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rating: 4.5
  • 10 year warranty in place
  • Mattress can be exchanged for a different model
  • Returns policy in place

Purple Mattresses


In this Purple mattress review, we’ve highlighted all of the essential information in order for you to make an informed purchase. Let’s start with an overview of the product itself.

By Editorial Team | 6th August 2019
Overview and Pricing

The Purple bed comes in many varieties – there’s the Purple twin mattress, King size Purple mattress, Original mattress, Purple 4 mattress, and more. If you go really in depth you may even want to look at Purple 3 vs Purple 4, or the Purple vs Purple 2. However, for the sake of coherency, we’ll be giving you a crash course in the Original mattress, as we believe this will give you the grounding you need. 

This mattress is 9.5 inches tall, and is headed up by a thin, soft cover. You can sleep easily on this cover, as it’s very cool. Next up is the Purple Smart Comfort Grid, which takes up two inches of the overall construction. This layer is made of a hyper-elastic polymer, and provides consumers with a gel-like feeling. After that, you’ll find a Plush Comfort Foam which is 3.5 inches thick. It serves a transitory purpose, taking you from the comfort layer to the support layer. Underneath is the final layer, a base layer which comprises 4 inches of polyfoam. 

You can rest assured that the materials used with the Purple mattress are eco-friendly, as they are CertiPUR-US certified. Furthermore, these products are made in the USA, boosting the national economy. What makes this product really interesting is the gel layer. It doesn’t compress gradually, instead collapsing under the shoulders and hips for pressure relief while simultaneously providing the necessary support to other areas of the body. That being said, this gel also responds quickly, so you won’t find yourself stuck in a single position if you tend to move around a lot at night. What’s more, this gel layer is designed like a grid, with the intention of allowing air to easily flow through it. In other words, this mattress has a temperature neutral feel, meaning you won’t be sleeping hot on it at night. With the Purple 2, 3 and 4 mattresses, you’ll find extras such as coils and thicker layers of this gel grid system.

Twin38” x 75” x 9.5”9.5 inches$649
Twin XL38” x 80” x 9.5”9.5 inches$699
Full54” x 76” x 9.5”9.5 inches$899
Queen60” x 80” x 9.5”9.5 inches$999
King76” x 80” x 9.5”9.5 inches$1299
Cal King72” x 84” x 9.5”9.5 inches$1299
Health Factors

If you’re looking for a unique mattress, you’ve got a winner with the Purple bed. As mentioned above, the hyper-elastic gel polymer grid provides the sleeper with a plethora of health benefits. It will remain flat and supportive until enough pressure is applied to activate relief in these areas only. The pleasing net result of this technology is that the Purple is a suitable option for a range of sleeping positions. For example, side sleepers will have the gel grid collapse under their hips and shoulders, while back sleepers will have it collapse under the hips and bottom. In other words, the Purple works harder and does a more effective job than other mattresses on the market at keeping your spine in its proper neutral alignment, meaning you are much less likely to experience back pain or joint pain.

Purple Queen Mattress | Hyper-Elastic Polymer Bed Supports Your Back Like A Firm Mattress and Cradles Your Hips and Shoulders Like A Soft Mattress - Cooler and More Supportive Than Memory Foam

Comfort Guarantee

There’s no need to worry if you’re not convinced about whether your Purple mattress will provide you with the experience you need. That’s because the company has a generous returns policy in place for both The Original Purple Bed and The New Purple Mattress. As part of this policy, each customer who purchases one of these mattresses will have 100 days from the date of delivery to return their bed if it doesn’t meet their expectations. Be aware that this trial requires you to test the bed out for a minimum of 21 days before it becomes eligible for a return. This makes sense, however, because it can take time for the body to adjust to an entirely new mattress. To meet eligibility requirements for a return, you must be within the trial period and have owned the mattress for the minimum time period. Furthermore, the mattress must be both clean and undamaged. Once your eligibility for a return has been confirmed, the full product price of the mattress will be returned to you, adjusted accordingly if you received a discount upon checkout. 

Another measure you are entitled to is the Purple mattresses exchange policy. Also applicable to both The Original Purple Bed and The New Purple Mattress, you have 100 calendar days in which you will be able to exchange the product for another one. To begin this process, you will need to call Customer Care and get your eligibility confirmed. A specialist will facilitate this, ensuring that you are within the timeframe required and that the mattress is both clean and undamaged. It is essentially a two-step process, whereby you first return your initial mattress, then purchase a different size or model. The mattress return policy needs to be followed as part of the exchange process, and then you will be able to decide on a new size or model of your choice and place a new order. The initial purchase will be refunded by the Purple specialists right away, but you will be charged a second time for your first purchase if you don’t place an order for a replacement within 30 days of the refund being processed. The 100 night trial will continue to run from the day you had your first mattress delivered to your home – or 30 days from the delivery of the second mattress. This figure will be calculated based on which one is greater. If you select mattress removal, you will have your first mattress removed on the day your second one is delivered.


Purple mattresses will be subject to a 10 year warranty. It extends from the original purchase date of the product being purchased. It’s only valid if the purchaser uses the mattress on a personal consumer basis, and becomes void if the mattress is sold on to another person – regardless of whether it’s new or used at the point of resale. If you want to make a warranty claim, you will need to show original proof of purchase, the warranty document and the law tags from the mattress. Therefore, you will need to preserve these documents for the duration of the 10 year period in which the warranty remains active.

Customers should be aware that this warranty only applies to the mattress itself, and not to any accessories or products which are related to it. If the mattress is used for a medical patient, the warranty will not be valid. If a bed is replaced due to warranty issues, it will not be eligible for an upgrade or a downgrade. Instead, the replacement will be an identical model to the original.

The warranty will only apply in certain circumstances. One of them is if the construction material reveals a visible indentation in the mattress which is greater than one inch after full recovery from weight being applied. Another is if the mattress materials split, crack or similar while the product is being used in accordance with normal and proper handling. Furthermore, mattresses will only be covered by this warranty if they are placed on a firm and flat non-spring foundation which is strong enough to remain as such under the weight of the mattress and those who use it.


As the warranty suggests, the Purple company seem to be confident that their mattresses will last consumers for ten years. This is therefore the benchmark figure you should go for when asking how long a Purple mattress will last. Of course, this timeframe depends on the mattress being properly cared for, which includes not exposing it to tough external wear and tear, mold, mildew or damp. You can wash the mattress by spot cleaning it; take care not to risk having any liquids soak into the mattress and cause potentially permanent damage.


It’s always worth examining a range of brands on the market which you’re looking to make a purchase in, and mattresses are no exception. Seeing the features available with similar brands which are direct competitors can help you to make an informed decision. One such brand is Casper, which has been in competition with Purple for a number of years. Therefore, it’s helpful to compare the two.

The construction of the Purple and the Casper are what initially set the two brands apart. While the Casper comprises a foam construction, the Purple has a gel grid system in place. However, they would both be good products for combination sleepers. The difference is that they achieve this compatibility in different ways. For example, the Casper features zoned support technology which provides extra support around the hip area, leaving the remainder of the mattress feeling plush for effective pressure relief. Meanwhile, the Purple makes use of its gel technology to provide pressure relief while simultaneously cradling and supporting the user. If you are a lighter side sleeper, though, it could be possible that the Casper would work out better than the Purple mattress. This is because it is generally a softer mattress, and the comfort layers seen with the Purple may fall short of the pressure relief lighter sleepers require. Essentially, the price point of both brands are similar, so the choice will come down to whether you want a balanced foam experience with the Casper or a collapsing gel grid with the Purple.

Another comparison to consider is within the brand itself. There isn’t just the Original Purple to consider, of course – there’s also the Purple 2, 3 and 4, which could lead to people wondering what the difference between these models is and which one is the right fit for them. The first difference to note is that the Purple 2, 3 and 4 feature the incorporation of coils. As a result, they will offer higher levels of support, edge support and contouring. It would also be a fair guess to say that these models are also more likely to outlast the Original Purple and be of a more durable construction. If you are of a heavier weight or tend to sleep primarily on your side each night, you may want to consider the Purple 2, 3 or 4, because these models have thicker layers of the gel grid technology seen in the Original Purple. That being said, you will also need to deal with a higher price tag, the higher quality you go.

Key Features
  • Good for combination sleepers – As the gel grid technology is designed to collapse under pressure while still keeping you supported, it will provide the comfort you need regardless of the positions you switch between in your sleep during the night. 
  • Good for hot sleepers – The gel grid is quite breathable and permits a good amount of airflow. Furthermore, it has a neutral temperature, making it a good choice for those who are worried about overheating during sleep.
  • Durable construction – This mattress has been designed with well-made layers and a gel layer which is intended to last for a long time. If you’re looking to make a long-term investment in a mattress, you can be confident that the Original Purple will be with you for many years to come.
  • Doesn’t suit light side sleepers – It’s important to apply enough pressure to ensure the gel layer collapses if you want to get the full benefits of pressure relief with this mattress. Those who are of a lighter weight may find that the layer is less prone to activating, leading to a firmer feel which could be uncomfortable in the long run.
  • May take some getting used to – While some people will want new innovations and concepts with their mattress, others will be less willing to take the risk, especially for a big purchase in a market like this one. The gel in the comfort layer of the Purple provides a unique feel which could mean you need to allow for an adjustment period.
Types of Sleeper
  • Back and stomach sleepers – The Original Purple mattress will provide a good level of support for those who tend to sleep on their backs and stomachs at night. When you lie down on the mattress, you’ll find that your hips will sink down slightly into the polymer material, as they should. Your spine should remain in proper alignment with the rest of your body, which bypasses potential issues such as back pain.
  • Side sleepers – The Purple mattress will be good for those of many sizes, providing they are not too light (as mentioned above). The top layer of hyper-elastic polymer functions effectively in that it contours around the body and cradles the hip and shoulder areas. It provides sleepers with a high level of pressure relief, combining the feeling typically found with memory foam alongside a lack of the sinkage you would typically find with this material.
  • Combination sleepers – The Purple is certainly worth considering if you go through several sleeping positions each night. This is because the gel grid technology caters to a range of sleeping positions, meaning it will adapt to whichever part of your body you move to sleep on.
  • Heavier sleepers – The top layer of hyper-elastic polymer provides a great deal of support, but those of a heavier weight may find it more beneficial to opt for a bed which has a support system primarily comprising coils. This is because coils are generally more durable than support foams, also providing resistance against pressure. There are coil Purple mattresses available to look at, which contain individually pocketed coils.


The Original Purple mattress features a unique design which will appeal to many people. Emulating the feel of traditional memory foam material while also eliminating drawbacks such as excessive sinkage and heat retention, it will provide a comfortable and temperature neutral night of sleep for plenty of consumers. Furthermore, the grid system adapts to whichever position your body is in, supporting certain areas while cradling others. Overall, this mattress is a durable and versatile option for a range of sleepers.


  • Unique grid system
  • Cooling for hot sleepers
  • Suits many different types of sleeper


  • Could take time to adjust to
  • Mandatory trial period before eligible for returning

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