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rating: 4.5
  • AirFoam technology for pressure relief
  • Company helps to protect endangered animals
  • Comfortable for people sleeping in different positions

Nolah Mattresses


When it comes to Nolah mattress reviews, we’ve got everything you need to know. The Nolah bed comes in two different editions – the Nolah Original 10, which is a 10 inch polyfoam mattress, and the Nolah Signature 12, which is a 12 inch flippable polyfoam mattress.

By Editorial Team | 5th August 2019
Overview and Pricing

The Nolah mattress doesn’t use memory foam – instead, it makes use of AirFoam technology. Generally speaking, this type of foam should contour around your hips and shoulders well if you’re a side sleeper, providing pressure relief for these areas. Those looking for a firmer mattress would probably get on better with the Nolah Signature 12, and this edition will also work well for heavier sleepers who need to keep their spine aligned when resting on their stomachs. The Nolah beds also allow sleepers to have a cooler night of sleep, perhaps more so than a traditional memory foam mattress.

In terms of construction, you’ll find there are three distinct layers of foam which total 10 inches overall. It was specially designed for side sleepers, as this brand wants people to refer to it as the best mattress to relieve pressure points. The soft and contouring foam will mold itself around the areas you need relief the most, with each layer working alongside the others to ease any increased tension around the shoulders and hips. The cover is made of both polyester and viscose, while the top layer makes use of 2 inches of Nolah AirFoam. The benefits of this foam are two-fold: it provides the contouring you’ll find with memory foam while also not locking in the same amount of body heat the material is notorious for.

Underneath the AirFoam is a transition layer, which responds quickly to pressure and connects the top layer with the sturdy base. The foundation layer uses 7 inches of high-density polyfoam. It’s a material which helps to structure the mattress and does well at responding to pressure.

Twin (Nolah Original 10)38"x75"x10"10 inches$619
Twin XL (Nolah Original 10)38"x80"x10"10 inches$759
Full (Nolah Original 10)54"x75"x10"10 inches$879
Queen (Nolah Original 10)60"x80"x10"10 inches$1019
King (Nolah Original 10)76"x80"x10"10 inches$1119
Cal King (Nolah Original 10)72"x84"x10"10 inches$1119
Twin (Nolah Signature 12)38"x75"x12"12 inches$1069
Twin XL (Nolah Signature 12)38"x80"x12"12 inches$1169
Full (Nolah Signature 12)54"x75"x12"12 inches$1369
Queen (Nolah Signature 12)60"x80"x12"12 inches$1569
King (Nolah Signature 12)76"x80"x12"12 inches$1769
Cal King (Nolah Signature 12)72"x84"x12"12 inches$1769
Health Factors

As mentioned, the Nolah mattress provides the feel of memory foam without the drawback of overheating and sleeping hot during the night. By using its signature AirFoam technology, the Nolah bypasses the heating problems seen with memory foam and has produced a product which naturally hot sleepers who like the feel of memory foam will be able to buy with confidence. Sleeping cooler will lead to a higher quality night of sleep, allowing your body to work less at thermoregulation and more at properly resting and carrying out the healing processes it needs to when you’re unconscious.

As the Nolah mattress contours according to how the sleeper lies on it, you will experience high quality pressure relief and therefore a decreased likelihood of suffering from back pain or joint pain by the time you wake up in the morning. Furthermore, the Avena foam featured in the second layer aids with the bouncy and responsive feel without using chemicals, also providing breathability and spine support. Finally, the support base comprises a dense foam that will keep your spine aligned with the rest of your body and bypass excessive sinkage.

Comfort Guarantee

Customers who purchase the Nolah mattress will be able to make the most of a 120 day trial, which comes without any risks attached. In other words, you will be able to take the mattress for a test drive and return it within this time frame if you’re not happy with it for whatever reason. In such a scenario, all of your money will be refunded without the need for you to provide additional information to justify the return. The stipulation that Nolah does make, though, is that customers must give the mattress at least 30 days before making a decision on whether it’s the right mattress for them. This is because it takes time to adjust to a brand new mattress, and enough nights of use need to pass by in order for the user to make a truly informed assessment.


Those worried about making an investment in a purchase as large as a mattress can set their minds at ease, as the Nolah 10 inch Original is covered by a 15 year limited warranty, which is in place for the original purchase in case of any defects. The Nolah 12 inch Signature mattress comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. In the case of a defect found with the mattress, Nolah Sleep will endeavour to replace or repair the product so it meets customer and company expectations. With the 15 year warranty, repairs can be carried out by the company providing the customer pays a prorated charge as well as shipping costs.


As the warranties indicate, both the Nolah 10 inch Original and Nolah 12 inch Signature mattress are expected to last for quite some time. In the case of the former, you have roughly a 15 year lifespan ahead of you after making a purchase, while the latter will last even longer according to the limited lifetime warranty. 

Regardless of which mattress you choose, it’s always important to handle the mattress responsibly and ensure it isn’t subject to damage from external factors such as mold, mildew and damp. Regularly rotating the mattress will also help to extend its general lifespan.


The Nolah has an above average sense of firmness compared to other brands on the market, which means it will work well for many sleepers. Essentially, the top foam layer works to relieve pressure and promote thermoregulation, while the middle layer plays a supportive role and aids in maintaining correct anatomy alignment. It’s safe to say, then, that the Nolah is likely to work for a range of sleeping positions and body types. That being said, the product has been described by the brand as particularly useful for back and side sleepers. 

If you are comparing the Nolah and the Layla, the latter provides a soft side which may provide additional levels of support for side sleepers, especially if you are of a heavier weight. The memory foam seen with the Layla contours against the body well and does a good job of supporting the sleeper, thanks to the copper-infused foam. However, if you’re looking to compare factors such as motion transfer, there’s nothing to worry about on either count as boh mattresses are adept at isolating motion. 

The Nolah is also often compared with the Casper, as these are said to be two of the most popular bed-in-a-box brands available online. Not only do they work incredibly well for side sleepers, they have similarities in terms of construction. Namely, their structures both comprise entirely foam and suit petite to medium body types best. Furthermore, they will both work well for light sleepers as they effectively reduce cross-mattress motion, stopping it altogether in some cases.

Key Features
  • Good for side sleepers – The Nolah has been specifically designed while considering the needs of side sleepers. To break it down, the top layer of AirFoam works to give sleepers pressure relief, while the body contouring will particularly benefit those who nod off while lying on their sides.
  • Care for the environment – When you purchase a Nolah mattress, you will receive a certificate which opens up the possibility of adopting wild animals in tandem with the mattress. Furthermore, Nolah helps to protect endangered animals as a benefactor to Defenders of Wildlife.
  • Good for couples – Due to its high level of ability regarding motion isolation, this mattress will work well for couples, especially if you prefer to sleep in different positions and one of you is restless or gets up frequently during the night.
  • Not the best option for stomach sleepers – If you tend to sleep primarily on your stomach each night, chances are you’d be better off with a mattress which provides a firmer feel. Furthermore, you may need additional support around your hip area, which isn’t something the Nolah bed specialises in. As this mattress is softer than the average product on the market, it could be worth your while to seek out a firmer option.
  • Could be uncomfortable for heavier sleepers – Those of a heavier weight could find that they experience excessive sinkage with the Nolah mattress. In other words, because the top layer of AirFoam is particularly soft, you could find yourself sinking through it and making contact with the firmer layers instead. This could be of particular concern if you’re also a side sleeper.

The Nolah bed is a viable choice for those seeking a mattress which will help support them at night if they sleep on their side. It can also work well for people who like memory foam mattresses but struggle with the heat retention this material can cause. Couples will enjoy the motion isolation benefit, and the eco-friendly optional extra available upon purchase is a nice touch. Furthermore, the long warranties and returns guarantee available with both types of mattress will provide peace of mind for customers who are unsure about taking the plunge and investing in their sleep.


  • Mattress can be flipped (Signature 12)
  • There are two firmness options available (Signature 12)
  • Motion isolation is present (Original 10, Signature 12)
  • Option to adopt a wildlife animal upon purchase (Original 10, Signature 12)
  • Free shipping available (Original 10, Signature 12)


  • Edge support could be more comprehensive
  • Off-gassing may occur after opening this product
  • The sleep trial features a mandatory break in time frame of 30 nights

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