DreamCloud Mattresses Review

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rating: 5
  • Eight layers of premium materials including memory foam and coils
  • Soft and breathable materials to prevent heating
  • Gel-infused memory foam to provide contouring and support

DreamCloud Mattresses


The DreamCloud is a luxurious hybrid mattress made from eight layers of foams and coils to provide optimal support and comfort.

By Editorial Team | 16th January 2019

DreamCloud is a super-premium luxury hybrid mattress that contains the best of latex, memory foam, cashmere, and more, to provide the ultimate in comfort and support. The company offers a number of excellent services with the mattress, such as a free one-time mattress reconditioning and a lifetime warranty, all of which adds weight to the company’s claim of providing “the better mattress for a better price”.

One year risk free sleep trialVery high mattress
Made from premium materialsOnly one firmness level available
Lifetime warranty
Free cleaning and reconditioning service
Mattresses and Pricing

The DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress with eight layers of memory foam support and a patented coil system. The mattress features a hand tufted cashmere cover, a heat-treated cotton pad for cooling, layers of premium foam, supportive coils, and a number of other features that provide a luxurious sleeping experience.

The mattress has a plush Euro-top contouring pillow that cradles the body and incorporates a cashmere cover, a top memory foam layer, and latex layers. It also features reinforced sidewalls for edge-to-edge support.

It is a medium-firm mattress, so is ideal for those seeking relief from back pain. The firmness comes from the following eight layers:

  1. True Tufted Cashmere EuroTop – this cover ensures breathability, softness, and it is naturally resistant to bedbugs.
  2. Gel-Infused Memory Foam – This provides contouring support to your body, the gel used is both cooling and supportive.
  3. Super Soft Quilted Memory Foam – This is unique to DreamCloud and ensures the mattress feels supremely soft.
  4. Super Dense Memory Foam – This foam will keep your back aligned and cradle your spine, no matter what position you sleep in.
  5. Patent-Pending “BestRest” Coils – These foam encased pocketed micro-coils ensure you have premier support from head to toe.
  6. High-Density Super Soft Memory Foam – This foundation provides further back support and comfort for all sleeping positions.
  7. Supreme Natural Latex – This hypoallergenic latex layer provides a cushioning bounce for extra give and contouring.
  8. “DreamPlush” Supporting Memory Foam – This is high-density foam that provides even more support.

Thanks to all of these layers, the mattress absorbs motion easily to prevent you from being disturbed by your partner’s movements. Despite the presence of springs, there is not too much bounce and the multiple layers of memory foam easily absorb any motion. Furthermore, thanks to the multiple cooling systems built into the mattress it does not warm up. The cashmere fabric together with the heat-treated cotton pad ensure that the temperature remains cool at all times.

Twin39" × 75" × 15"15"$799
Twin XL39" × 80" × 15"15"$999
Full15" × 75" × 15"15"$1199
Queen60" × 80" × 15"15"$1399
King76" × 80" × 15"15"$1499
King Cal72" × 84" × 15"15"$1499

The DreamCloud mattress is designed to provide support exactly where you need it, regardless of if you sleep on your side, back or stomach. Thanks to this, it will alleviate pressure points and help reduce aches and pains. Furthermore, its cooling system will also help to reduce back and joint pains. The layers will help your spine stay aligned and help to prevent lower back pain.

It is a premium mattress and as such, you can be sure that there are no toxic materials in the memory foams. The foams are all CertiPUR-US certified meaning that they are made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame-retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde and so on.

Comfort Guarantee

DreamCloud are so confident about their mattress that they offer a 365-day risk-free 100% money back guarantee. This means that you have a full year to try the mattress and can test it in all seasons. If you decide that you are not satisfied then you can arrange for the company to collect it and receive all of your money back.


The DreamCloud comes with an “Everlong Warranty”, which means that the warranty lasts forever. It guarantees the construction, materials, quality and durability of the mattress forever, as long as the mattress does not change owner. If you find defective workmanship or materials in the first ten years of ownership then they will replace the mattress free of charge. From then on, DreamCloud will completely repair and re-cover your mattress if necessary.


The DreamCloud is a highly durable mattress. The company offers a lifetime warranty, showing that they are confident that it will last for years. To help extend the life of the mattress, the company offers a free professional cleaning after one year of ownership and then after five years if the cover or support materials require a refresh they will recondition the mattress at no cost.

The DreamCloud should not be flipped as this would result in the layers being in the incorrect order. However, as with all mattresses, it should be rotated once or twice per year. If the mattress needs cleaning then the cover can be easily removed and spot cleaned with a mild detergent. You can also use a waterproof mattress cover for extra protection.


The DreamCloud is undoubtedly an excellent mattress. It is made from very high-quality materials and is packed full of features that will help you get the best possible night’s sleep. Furthermore, the mattress has an amazing trial period and warranty, one of the best in the industry, so if you do experience any problems you can be sure that they will not be hard to solve. Overall, this is a truly luxury mattress that everyone can benefit from.

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