Casper Mattresses Review

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rating: 5
  • Mid-level firmness provided - as preferred by most sleepers
  • Multi-layer memory foam mattresses for added support
  • Free delivery and 100-night risk free trial

Casper Mattresses


Casper produces three multi-layer memory foam mattresses that offer great comfort and support to help ensure a good night of sleep.

By Editorial Team | 16th January 2019

Casper is one of the most well-known mattress companies in the industry, and over the years they have developed an excellent reputation. They pride themselves on providing customers with a “just right” feel; mattresses are not too firm and not too soft. All three mattress types available use multi-layer technology that aims to provide the user with a perfect night of sleep. The mattresses start at very affordable prices and increase into the luxury range.

Overview and Pricing

Casper produces three types of multi-layer mattress:

  • The Essential
  • The Casper
  • The Hybrid

In each mattress, the layers work together to provide you with a superior night’s sleep. Regardless of what type of sleeper you are, Casper has a mattress to suit you.

The Essential is their basic mattress. The top layer provides soft comfort; it pairs breathability with softness to ensure that the mattress does not warm up and you feel relaxed. The next layer is memory foam which provides pressure relief and cradles your body. The bottom layer is a denser foam that reinforces the upper layers and adds durability. All of this is covered by an upholstery-grade cover that can be used for years. The price range for this type of mattress ranges from $395 to $795, depending on the customer’s desired mattress size.

The Casper mattress is their mid-range product and the most popular one. In between the memory foam and the support layer, it features Zoned Support. This ensures that you have more support under your hips, but softer foam under your shoulders. This allows you to sink in enough to relieve pressure and stay comfortable, but it still ensures proper spine alignment. The price range for this type of mattress ranges from $595 to $1172.60, depending on the size you go for.

The Hybrid is their newest mattress and the most advanced option. It features five layers of premium foam, new breathable foam for better airflow and more. The five layers are breathable comfort foam, pressure-relieving memory foam, deep comfort foam for even weight distribution, resilient yet gentle springs and a contoured polyfoam base.  This all works together to provide optimal pressure relief and comfort. The price range for this type of mattress ranges from $795 to $1795, depending on whether you want a single, California King or something in between.

As all three mattresses contain plenty of foam they are excellent at motion isolation. This means that if you or your partner move in your sleep the mattress will absorb the motion so that you do not disturb one another.

The mattress sizes available at Casper are Single (90 x 190 CM), EU Single (90 x 200 CM), Small Double (120 x 190 CM), EU Double (140 x 200 CM), King (150 x 200 CM), EU King (160 x 200 CM), and Super King (180 x 200 CM).

Health Factors

All three of the Casper mattresses will offer relief from backache and joint pain. The benefits delivered increase with the number of layers in the mattress. This means that those who are just looking for a more comfortable bed will probably find everything they need in The Essential mattress, but those who suffer from severe pain, need effective relief from pressure points and help with spine alignment will benefit far more from The Hybrid. This is because the added layers of memory foam will help to keep the spine aligned, which will, in turn, relieve pain, improve circulation and so on.

If you are sleeping on a Casper mattress then you do not need to worry about toxic chemicals or emissions. All the foams used are CertiPUR-US certified so you can be sure that they are entirely safe.

Comfort Guarantee

Casper offers a 100-night trail on all three mattresses. This means that if you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return the mattress and receive a full refund at any point during your first 100 days of ownership. However, it is worth waiting a few weeks as it can take your body some time to adjust to the new mattress.


Casper offers a 10-year limited mattress warranty. The warranty covers a number of issues including deterioration of the mattress made visible by an indentation of more than 1 inch, as long as the indentation is not the result of an improper bed base. It also covers any defects that result in the foam cracking or splitting under normal circumstances, as well as defects in the mattress cover’s zipper system.


As shown by their warranty, Casper are confident that their mattresses will last at least ten years and remain just as comfortable throughout this time. The mattresses should not be flipped, as this would mean that the layers are back to front. However, you can rotate the mattress every six months and this will help to extend its life span. The mattress has a cover, but it is not machine washable. Rather, it can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and some mild soap. It is also possible to purchase a cover that is easier to clean.



There are many reasons why the Casper mattress could be the right choice for you, but every experienced shopper will compare their preferred brand with other top-rated manufacturers on the market. Here are some comparisons with additional well-known names you may have heard of.

The Purple is similarly popular to the Casper, but feels very different. This is because it has a hyper-elastic polymer smart comfort grid. This grid comprises bouncy and cooling materials, which work well for people who sleep in multiple positions over the course of the night and tend to overheat as a result. It also works well when it comes to alleviating tension across the body – particularly if you have this in the hips, shoulders and lower back. The Casper begins at a price of just under $600, and the Purple is similarly priced.

The Leesa is an all-foam bed-in-a-box mattress, like the Casper, but it doesn’t have an all-encompassing feel due to its lack of Zoned Support. However, you will find that it has latex over memory foam, making it similar to the Casper in this regard. It will suit back and combo sleepers due to the fact it’s got a fairly medium level of firmness, and it’s also within the $600 price bracket like the Casper.

Key Features

Good for combination sleepers: If you move around a lot during the night, you shouldn’t have any issues, due to the fact that it has a top level which responds quickly to movement and a supportive base underneath the transition layers. The foams will also provide a good level of support for a myriad of sleeping positions, so it’s good for couples.

Good for spine support: Those who want to ensure their spine is kept straight during sleep will get on well with the Casper mattress, as it features soft foam under the shoulders along with firmer foam under the hips.

Good for hot sleepers: The breathable foams and layering work in this mattress help to promote airflow and keep this bed much cooler than other memory beds on the market.

Casper Mattress Complaints

Lacks innersprings: Those who like mattress with coils will want to look elsewhere, as the Casper mattress will provide users with a different feel from those which make use of coil systems.

Quite heavy: Setup can be difficult if the box is left at your door and you need to carry it upstairs by yourself.


How Firm Is The Casper Mattress?

The Casper mattress provides a medium level of firmness, and this works best for couples who sleep in different ways, due to being a versatile surface for sleeping on. Those who have slept on memory foam mattresses before may expect a certain level of sinkage, but that isn’t found to the same degree with this product. Instead, you’ll find that it suits those who prefer to sleep on top of their mattress. The top comfort layer and base level combined provide this mattress with an average level of bounce, and when you lie down you will typically find that your weight is evenly distributed. The Zoned Support technology helps to keep your spine aligned correctly with your shoulders, minimising the risk of joint aches and pains later on. 

Changing positions in bed will be easy thanks to the transition layer, base and quick-response top layer, which doesn’t cause you to sink in too much but does allow for enough that your pressure points will be relieved during sleep. If you’re primarily a back sleeper, the extra support given underneath the hips will keep users’ spines well aligned, contouring well into the lumbar area. Side sleepers will be able to make the most of the contouring feature, keeping their spine in a good position at night. The Zoned Support layer shines most brightly for stomach sleepers, as it adds extra firmness to prevent sleepers’ hips from sinking too low and forcing their spines into an uncomfortable and potentially painful position.

Does Casper Suit Heavy Sleepers?

The Casper mattress is a versatile product which works well for a range of sleeping styles and body sizes. However, if you’re a significantly heavier individual, the Casper Wave may be a worthwhile alternative investment, as it provides extra support and a higher level of zoning features. This is because the original Casper mattress is 12 inches thick, which typically may not provide enough of a comfortable base to separate them from the foundation – especially as it is constructed entirely from foam and has a medium level of firmness. Coil beds will generally work better for this type of sleeper, but the Casper Hybrid could also be a viable option.

Does Casper Suit Average And Petite Sleepers?

Those with average and petite builds will get enough support and pressure relief with the Casper mattress. It’s accommodating in that it provides average levels of feel and firmness, which makes it versatile for many sleepers. It will most likely work well for teens, college students and young professionals. 



The Casper mattress is temperature neutral, so you won’t experience any side effects whereby you overheat during the night or feel too cold, unless you’re naturally prone to these conditions. In such circumstances, you may wish to seek a mattress which caters to particular temperature controls. 

All-foam beds will typically feel warmer than hybrid versions, as they will not have coils to promote airflow. Foam also tends to retain the heat produced by the body during sleep, so the original Casper won’t do much to prevent you from overheating at night if you naturally find yourself getting hotter than you’d like.

Does Casper Suit Couples?

The Casper mattress is certainly a viable choice for couples. One of the reasons behind this is the edge support, which means that if you find yourself on the edge of the mattress, you’ll be unlikely to feel like you’re about to fall off – instead discovering the same level of support as you’d have in the centre of this product. Casper also performs well in the motion isolation category, so you’re much less likely to be disturbed or woken up when your partner gets out of bed or moves around during the night. That being said, all beds made primarily or entirely of foam will provide this benefit, so this shouldn’t be the primary consideration when going to purchase a Casper mattress.

Casper Accessories

Users can purchase accessories on top of their Casper mattress to enhance their experience. One option is a mattress protector, which is both waterproof and breathable. It works to keep the Casper clean and dry while also allowing it enough airflow. Not just designed for the Casper mattress range, the protector will fit any mattress up to 40cm deep. It has unique elastic skirting and a grip which spans a full 360 degrees. The cover itself is cotton, while the fabric lining and microfibre fill are made of polyester.

Pillows are now available for purchase with Casper. After extensive research, a pillow has been constructed with additional support to fortify its shape and evenly distribute the fill. The benefits of this design include neck support and better spine alignment, and the difference between this feature and not having it is only five centimetres. The cover of this pillow is 100% cotton, and features a breathable percale weave along with silky fibres on the inside. This allows users not to flip the pillow over to find the cool side, as it will typically always produce this effect.

There is even a dog bed on offer, designed by the same team which created the Casper mattress. 110 prototypes were developed during over 400 hours of laboratory testing and 11 months of dog sleep studies to create this product. It features a durable cover which can easily be removed and machine washed. Furthermore, its construction is fortified, meaning it won’t be prone to slumping, sagging or sinking. Cleaning is also easy, as the nylon fibres in the cover are heat bonded, forming a barrier which is almost impossible to penetrate with fur. Plus, if you’re worried about the zippers damaging the floors, there are sewn in pockets which hide the metal to prevent it from causing scratches.


Casper produces an excellent range of mattresses with enough variation to suit all styles and budgets. The Essential mattress is a great memory foam mattress that will provide comfort to the majority of sleepers. However, the brand’s most luxurious mattress, the Hybrid, will provide effective relief to those who suffer from back or hip pain. All of the mattresses are made from high-quality materials and the trial period ensures that you can be sure that you have chosen the right mattress before committing.


  • All three mattresses manage heat effectively
  • Range of prices for every budget
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • 100-night risk-free trial


  • Weak edge support in all three mattresses
  • The Hybrid mattress is relatively expensive

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