Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattresses Review

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Brooklyn Bedding Signature

rating: 5
  • Choice of three firmness levels
  • Made with gel-infused polyfoam and a quilted foam cover for added comfort
  • Infused with cooling TitaniumGel™ to moderate your body temperature

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattresses


The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress comes in three levels of firmness to ensure everyone can find an option that provides them with a comfortable night’s sleep.

By Editorial Team | 16th January 2019

Brooklyn Bedding has over 20 years of experience in the industry and offers a range of premium mattresses. The Signature Mattress has recently been completely redesigned to offer even better quality and comfort. The mattress combines 6 inches of individually pocketed Ascension™ springs with 4 inches of patented TitanFlex™ foam for better comfort and deeper compression support. Furthermore, the top foam layers are treated with cooling TitaniumGel™ infusion to reduce temperatures. As a result, Brooklyn Bedding claim that this is the mattress is the “highest value bed on the market”.

120-night risk free trial with 100% money back guaranteeSleep trial has 30 night minimum
Full 10-year warrantySlight smell upon unpacking
Three firmness levels
Excellent value for money
Mattresses and Pricing

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress is a state of the art hybrid mattress that is packed with features to give people the most comfortable night’s sleep possible.  The mattress comes with a versatile four-way stretch cover that protects the foam core and on top of that is an ultra-soft top cover that keeps the mattress looking and feeling new.

The mattress is available in three firmness levels, soft, medium and firm. The soft model offers excellent contouring while the other two levels provide sleepers with a greater level of support.

Regardless of which firmness level is chosen, the mattress is made up of five layers. The first is a 1 inch quilted top with gel memory foam. This resists body impressions and provides optimal cooling while you sleep. Next is 2 inches of TitanFlex™ comfort. This patented hyper-elastic foam features immediate response technology that adjusts to your body as you move. It is infused with TitaniumGel™ that has anti-bacterial properties and will help with cooling. The third layer is 2 inches of the TitanFlex™ support, this is a firmer pairing of the TitanFlex™ foam that creates a transition layer and helps promote deep compression support and body contouring. The fourth layer is 6 inches of Ascension™ springs. It contains up to 1,024 individually encased springs that provide better activity and motion isolation to minimize sleep disturbance. Finally, there is a 1-inch base of support foam that adds durability to the mattress and reinforces the individually encased coils as they compress.

Thanks to this design, the mattress is excellent at absorbing motion so sleepers won’t be disturbed by their partner’s movements. It also has excellent temperature control, ensuring that the mattress does not become hot when you sleep.

Twin11.5" × 38" × 75"11.5"$599
Twin XL11.5" × 38" × 80"11.5"$699
Full11.5" × 53" × 75"11.5"$849
Queen11.5" × 60" × 80"11.5"$949
King11.5" × 76" × 80"11.5"$1,249
King Cal11.5" × 72" × 84"11.5"$1,249

Thanks to the range of firmness options the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress has a number of health benefits. The soft option is perfect for those who require more pressure point relief and gentler contours, while the firmer options are ideal for those that require additional lumbar support. Regardless of which firmness you choose, all the mattresses are excellent at regulating temperature and this will help you keep cool and further alleviate aches and pains.

Those worried about dangerous chemicals will be reassured by the fact that the mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US, meaning that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. However, the mattress will have a slight smell when unpacked that will dissipate in a few hours.

Comfort Guarantee

Brooklyn Bedding offers a 120-night, risk-free, 100% money back guarantee on their mattresses. This means that you can return the mattress within the first 120 days of ownership and receive a 100% refund. However, they do insist that you try the mattress for a minimum of 30 days first as a break-in period. Furthermore, the mattress has to be donated to a local charity in order for the refund to be requested.


The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress comes with a full ten-year warranty. The warranty covers body impressions that are more than 1 inch deep, as well as any other defects. This means that if anything goes wrong with the mattress then you should be covered. However, the warranty does not cover a few things:

  • Normal increase of softness exhibited in the mattress material (breaking in the process)
  • Normal decrease of recovery aspects of latex (breaking in the process)
  • Mattress fabric (stains, normal wear & tear, etc.)
  • Bed height
  • Sheet fit
  • Body indentations less than 1 inch.
  • Mattress damage due to an inappropriate foundation
  • Mattress decompressed for extended periods of time (no more than 60 days)

Brooklyn Bedding is considered to be one of the best mattress manufacturers in the country and their products are produced at their own factory in Phoenix, AZ. They have a reputation for producing very high-quality products that last a very long time. Their ten-year warranty suggests that they are confident that the mattress will last at least this long, although as it is a new product its actual lifetime has not yet been tested.

The mattress cover can be cleaned with a mild detergent and it is also possible to use a mattress protector, which offers added protection against dust mites, spills, and other stains. The company recommends rotating the mattress by 180 degrees every six to eight months to help evenly distribute weight across the bed, which should prolong its life. However, the mattresses should never be flipped. On their website Brooklyn Bedding claim to “use higher quality materials that last much longer than traditional mattresses, eliminating the type of wear and tear that requires a mattress to be flipped.”


The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress is undoubtedly a high-quality product. The firmness options ensure that everyone can find the right level for them, and the 120-night trial means that you can always exchange it if you are not happy with your first choice. The mattresses remain cool at all time, and there is excellent motion transfer. Furthermore, they are highly durable and clearly made from high-quality materials. Overall, this is an excellent choice for everyone, regardless of what kind of sleeper they are.

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