Expert Kenmore Elite 31633 Review 2021

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Kenmore Elite 31633

rating: 4
  • Award-winning top-load washing machine
  • The 6.2-cubic-foot capacity
  • Quad Action Impeller has four wash actions

Kenmore Elite 31633 washing machine


For those who are in need of a new and large top-load washing machine, the Kenmore Elite 31633 unit is an excellent choice. Our analysis will look deeper into the history of the company as well as the Kenmore top loader itself, so you can decide whether it ticks all of your criteria.

By Editorial Team | 21st May 2019

Kenmore has been in the industry for more than 100 years, always delivering trusted performances. The company stands out with its exclusive innovations and features, which is something it prides itself on. Kenmore always strives to create products that perform at the highest level. In addition to a full selection of washers, dryers, ironing, and specialty laundry appliances, Kenmore offers nearly every other type of appliance homeowners could need. The brand’s line includes refrigerators, wine coolers, cooktops, HVAC systems, vacuums, grills, and so much more.

As there are already so many online Kenmore Elite 31553 reviews circulating the Internet, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide readers with a deeper and impartial breakdown of the top-load washer, from its features to its warranty, and concluding with our standout pros/cons selection.

Who Is Kenmore?

Just by looking at the awards that Kenmore has accumulated over the past century, it is evident that customers are continuously loyal to Kenmore appliances, like their washing machines. The brand is a multiple-award winner of Consumer Digest Best Buy Awards for a range of its products. It has also won 32 different awards from, including Editor’s Choice products. To round it out, the brand has received five exclusive Women’s Choice Awards.

About the Kenmore Elite Top-Load 31633 Washing Machine

This Kenmore Elite top load washer is only available in metallic and its regular price is set at about $1,659.99. You can easily find it with large discounts, however, the lowest price down sits at just under $1,150.

Compared to many other machines on the market, the Elite 31633 Top-Load is huge, with a 6.2-cubic-foot capacity. This makes it perfect for larger families or those who go through a lot of laundries. To put it in perspective, you can fit 32 towels in just one load. The lid and top are made from sturdy glass while the wash basket is stainless steel. All of the controls on the panel are electronic.

Overall, the maximum spin speed is 950 rpm, a nice high figure that ensures your items can get as dry as possible so you can reduce the time spent using the dryer. There is also a dispenser for fabric softener for convenience and the ability to dilute the softener automatically before it contacts the clothing. The Top-Load Washing Machine also features specialty options, including Cold Clean, Sanitize with Oxi, and Clean Washer so you can keep the appliance nice and clean with ease.

The Kenmore Elite 31633 also has two matching dryer options:

  • 61633 which is the electric model 
  • 71633 which is the gas model

Washing Features


The machine uses a Quad Action Impeller, which is an exclusive impeller from Kenmore that ensures a thorough clean without damaging the clothing. This impeller relies on a total of four different wash actions for clean clothing. The legs of the unit are adjustable so it can fit in most spaces.

The Accela Wash Technology is a specific technology from Kenmore that lets you use the Elite 31633 to wash multiple loads in less time, so you get your chores finished sooner to move on quicker to the next activity. That technology activates a powerful, fast wash motion.

This machine features a Deep Fill feature that will adapt the water levels within the Kenmore Top-Load Washing Machine. This includes for bulky and large loads within one single cycle. Therefore, you do not have to waste time, water, or electricity by rewashing the clothing.

Another standout feature of this machine is the Steam Cycle, which takes care of tough stains as well as odors.

Energy Efficient

The Kenmore Top-Load 31633 has an Energy Star Certification. Therefore, you can count on it to run on minimal electricity. Specifically, the estimated yearly electricity use is just 271 kWh, which translates into an estimated annual cost of $43 for energy when you use an electric water heater. If you use it with a natural gas water heater, this estimated annual cost drops to $22.


In terms of cycle options, there are clear cycle status lights and a signal for the end of the cycle. There is also a delay wash and a specific color cycle. You can choose from five different soil levels, which is more than the standard three soil levels offered in other washers. There are also five levels for spin speed and five different water temperatures. 

The Elite 31633 also has a specific cycle for bedding. The result is that regardless of the items you need to wash, you will find a cycle that works well for them.


As a Kenmore appliance, the Elite 31633 Top-Load Washer comes with a one-year warranty. This is about average for similar machines from competitors, but there are appliances from other brands with better warranties available. Even so, the one-year warranty gives plenty of reassurance and peace of mind.


Overall, the Kenmore Elite 31633 Top-Load Washing Machine is more expensive than many other washing machines, but it delivers in a greater value. The higher price comes with a much larger capacity and an abundance of wash cycles, spin speeds, soil levels, and water temperatures. The appliance’s Energy Star Certification is a major plus as you will save money over time. For those who need a large machine and have the budget for one, this Kenmore Top-Load 31633 Washing Machine is a highly strong and recommended option.


  • Energy Star certified
  • Steam cycle available
  • Accela Wash allows for quick cycles
  • Max. spin speed is 950 RPM


  • A little bit pricey
  • Only available in metallic

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