Expert Whirlpool Cabrio HE WTW8500DW Review 2019

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Whirlpool Cabrio HE WTW8500DW

rating: 4.3
  • There are 26 wash cycles.
  • There is a manufacturer’s limited warranty.
  • The touchscreen is intuitive to use.

Whirlpool Cabrio HE WTW8500DW washing machine


When it comes time to buy a washing machine, Whirlpool is a reputable brand that offers a range of high-quality models, including the Whirlpool Cabrio line. The Whirlpool Cabrio WTW8500DW Top-Load Washing Machine has its pros and cons, but a closer look will show many homeowners that it can easily fit their needs, particularly given its large capacity.

By Editorial Team | 21st May 2019

Whirlpool is among the biggest names in household appliances. In fact, it is the leading home appliance maker worldwide. The international corporation has 92,000 employees, 65 tech and manufacturing research centers, and about $21 billion in annual sales. Whirlpool also markets Maytag, KitchenAid, Brastemp, Bauknecht, JennAir, Consul, Amana, and Indesit, plus other major brand names. Its products include washers, dryers, and many kitchen appliances, such as fridges, dishwashers, air purifiers, and stovetops or ranges.

Who Is Whirlpool?

Most people count on Whirlpool products since the company has over 100 years of history, always striving for innovation. Over the years, Whirlpool’s innovation and product range have led to numerous awards, both for products and the treatment of employees.

What Is the Whirlpool Cabrio WTW8500DW Top-Load Washing Machine?

The Whirlpool Cabrio WTW8500DW Top-Load Washing Machine is part of the Whirlpool Cabrio range. This product line includes touchscreen washers and dryers that include Adaptive Wash Technology and an intuitive touchscreen.

The standard version of this machine is 5.3 cubic feet, offering plenty of space for your laundry. The Intuitive Touch Controls make using the machine incredibly simple, particularly since they include Memory. Use these touch controls to adjust the temperature, wash actions, and water levels.

The MSRP of the WTW8500DW is $1,199. Shopping around can show lower prices, such as $1,079 from a retailer with a 10-percent-off offer. The price typically varies between these two values. The DW at the end of the model number indicates it is white. Those who prefer chrome shadow as the color can opt for a similar model number that ends in DC.

This WTW8500DW is 42.25 inches tall, 27.5 inches wide, 28 inches deep, and 39.5 inches to the top of the cabinet. It uses an impeller wash action and a stainless-steel drum. There are automatic temperature controls built in. Overall, there are 26 wash cycles for you to choose from.

Washing Features

This particular range of washing machines from Whirlpool makes use of the previously mentioned Adaptive Wash technology. This washer will automatically adjust the wash actions and water levels depending on the type of load you input, all with the goal of improving fabric care. This technology can easily adapt to a range of items, from heavy jeans or blankets to delicate items that require handwashing. It is supplemented by Active Bloom, which uses advanced wash actions. Together, Adaptive Wash and Active Bloom thoroughly saturate clothing and deliver gentler fabric care by letting clothing wash against each other.

The Cabrio Top-Load Washer from Whirlpool also uses Active Spray technology, which almost eliminates the need to pretreat items before washing them. It is also a steam washing machine to reduce wrinkles and odors. If you want, there is still a convenient Presoak option, so you do not have to soak items separately.

The low-profile impeller on the Whirlpool Cabrio allows for a gentle yet thorough cleaning. It includes a new design that gives clothing extra space, encouraging items to rub against each other. Clothes are driven to the center of the machine with unique vanes and seamless surfaces.

The ColorLast option is also useful, designed to make bright colors on items last. It combines gentle temperatures, time, and wash action to ensure vibrant colors. Precision Dispense is the term Whirlpool uses to describe its system that releases your detergent at the perfect time, mixing the detergents with water before they touch clothing.

Whirlpool also includes a Quiet Wash Ultra Noise Reduction System on this machine, which minimizes operational sounds, keeping them within the machine. This is done via the combination of a compact motor surrounding the wash drum and sound-absorbing material.

Those concerned about efficiency will appreciate that this Whirlpool Cabrio washer is ENERGY STAR Certified.

Whirlpool does offer a warranty on the WTW8500DW, but some competitors have slightly better warranties. The warranty provides coverage for a year following the purchase date. It covers parts and labor for defects in workmanship or materials that existed at the time of purchase. Essentially, it is a one-year limited warranty.

There are 26 wash cycles.The warranty is only for one year.
There is a manufacturer’s limited warranty.Shorter people may need to use a stepstool to unload items from the bottom of the machine.
The touchscreen is intuitive to use.
The Adaptive Wash technology adjusts to varying loads.
Pretreating of stains is unnecessary.
ColorLast helps keep colors vibrant.
It has a large capacity.
The machine is ENERGY STAR Certified.
Whirlpool offers multiple complementary dryer options, including both gas and electric.


The Whirlpool Cabrio WTW8500DW is a bit more expensive than some of the other washers on the market, including those from Whirlpool, but it has the features to make it worth the cost. There will also be additional savings throughout the life of the machine thanks to its ENERGY STAR Certification, reducing electricity bills. The high capacity of the machine, the vast number of wash cycles, and the technologies to adjust the water and more are all incredibly useful.

If you have the budget for this particular machine, it is certainly worth strong consideration. The range of features and ease of use make it a great choice for most homeowners, particularly those who need to take advantage of its large capacity.

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