Expert Maytag Centennial MVWC200XW Review 2019

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Maytag Centennial MVWC200XW

rating: 4.1
  • There is a 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty.
  • There are four selectable water levels.
  • The 2x Life Drive System should last about 20 years.

Maytag Centennial MVWC200XW washing machine


Selecting the right top-load washer for your needs is a big decision, but the Maytag Centennial Top-Load Washer is a great choice. There are actually several Centennial Top-Load Washers in the Maytag lineup, including the MVWC6ESWW, the Energy Star MVWC300XW, the EcoConserve MVWC450XW, and the MVWC300VW. This review focuses on the MVWC200XW, one of the more popular Maytag Centennial washers.

By Editorial Team | 21st May 2019

Maytag offers a full range of home appliances, including washing machines and dryers. The company has been in business for more than 100 years, during which time it has prided itself on dependability, making this a priority. In addition to manufacturing reliable washing machines and dryers, Maytag also sells a range of kitchen appliances, including dishwashers, fridges, and cooking appliances. There are also other Maytag home solutions, including irons, vacuums, and central heating and cooling.

Who Is Maytag?

The dedication to dependability at Maytag goes a long way to setting the manufacturer apart from others. Part of this comes from the 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty that comes with Maytag products. Since many competitors only offer a one-year warranty, this is 10 times as long, showing confidence in Maytag’s products. In washers, this warranty specifically covers the drive motor and basket.

Additionally, Maytag prides itself on manufacturing appliances in the United States. The Centennial Top-Load Washer, like most other products, is made in Clyde, Ohio. The entire process, including design, engineering, and assembly, takes place within the United States.

What Is Maytag Centennial MVWC200XW Top-Load Washer?

This machine from Maytag has a wash basket that is porcelain on stainless steel. That particular design means that it is resistant to odors, stains, and scratches. At the same time, it gives a smooth wash surface. All of the parts used in the MVWC200XW are commercial-grade, delivering the durability that Maytag prides itself on.

When using the Maytag Centennial, you get the choice of four different water levels. This allows for adaptability to varying load sizes as well as the ability to save water. The machine has a 3.4-cubic-foot capacity. While this is not the largest on the market, it delivers more than enough room for the average family.

By default, the Maytag Centennial MVWC200XW Top-Load Washer comes in white. The MSRP is a very affordable $549.00. You will not find another color option for this particular washer.

As mentioned, the capacity of the Centennial MVWC200XW is 3.4 cubic meters. It has a cutout height of 42.0 inches, a depth of 27.0 inches, and a width of 27.5 inches. The drum is made from porcelain and the wash action uses a two-piece spiral.

Washing Features

One nice feature of this particular Maytag Top-Load washer is the 2x Life Drive System. This drive system was tested to show that it can last twice as long as the average drive, providing years of cleaning that is dependable. The testing shows that the drive can last 20 years with average use and a normal cycle.

Speaking of cycles, there are a total of eight wash cycles to choose from with the MVWC200XW Maytag washer. This ensures the versatility to easily clean a range of materials. There are also Automatic Temperature Controls. The maximum spin speed is just 700 rpm, which is enough to get the job done but slower than many competitors.

Parents will appreciate the lid-lock mechanism on this Maytag Centennial washer, as it is a great safety feature. You will notice, however, that there is not a dispenser for laundry detergent. Because of this, it does not get diluted until it has already come into contact with the laundry, which can lead to detergent residue.

Maytag has a full energy guide for the Centennial MVWC200XW Top-Load Washer. It consumes 470 kWh per year. This places it among the higher end of the spectrum of energy consumption but not at the very top. This translates into an estimated yearly operating cost of $50 if used with an electric water heater or $29 if used with a natural gas water heater. It also lacks an Energy Star Certification.

As mentioned, Maytag stands out by giving all of its products, including the Centennial MVWC200XW Top-Load Washer, a 10-year limited parts warranty. This covers the basket and drive motor and is 10 times as long as the warranty of many competitors.

There is a 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty.Energy consumption is on the higher end of the average spectrum.
The parts are all commercial-grade.The 3.4-cubic-foot capacity may be too small for some families.
The 2x Life Drive System should last about 20 years.Few advanced features like those found on more expensive models.
There are four selectable water levels.There is no separate dispenser for detergent so the detergent cannot be diluted before coming into contact with clothing.
There are eight wash cycles.
You are in full control of the various wash cycles.
It is fully engineered and assembled in the United States.
It is affordable.
There is a lid-lock mechanism.


Those who do not want to spend a great deal of money on a top-load washer will appreciate what the Maytag Centennial MVWC200XW has to offer. It gives you full control of your laundry cycles, of which there are eight, and has four different water levels to choose from. The affordability of this unit does come with a slightly smaller capacity than some other top-load washers and fewer features. That said, those who do not need any fancy features will likely appreciate the value that this machine offers.

It is also good to remember that the affordability of the Centennial is countered by its relatively low energy efficiency, although that should not translate into much higher usage expenses. To make up for any extra energy costs, the Centennial MVWC200XW’s 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty delivers confidence and has the potential to save owners a reasonable amount of money. Overall, this is a strong choice among top-load washing machines within the price range.

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