Expert GE Traditional GTWN4250DWS Review 2019

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GE Traditional GTWN4250DWS

rating: 4.4
  • Cleans all types of fabrics efficiently
  • Huge capacity
  • Effective spin cycle reduces drying time periods

GE Traditional GTWN4250DWS washing machine


General Electric (GE) is one of UK’s oldest electronic appliance manufacturers. With more than 100 years of experience in the washing machine manufacturing industry, it is safe to say that they have played a crucial role in inventing the modern catalogue of Washing Machines. GE Washing Machines are factory-made in both top-loading and front-loading models. Their washers typically range from $350-$1,500.

By Editorial Team | 21st May 2019

Who is General Electric?

Over the years General Electric has managed to manufacture “recommended” models of washing machines by conducting consumer review groups across the country. Hence, most GE Profile washers have a tendency of offering more functional features than the standard machines so usually consumers have to pay a premium on their appliances. The GE GTWN4250DWS is however, moderately priced even though it offers a lot of functional features.

What is the General Electric GTWN4250DWS Top-Load Washing Machine?

The 3.9 cubic feet General Electric GTWN4250DWS Top-Load Washing Machine is an Energy-Star washer with a stainless-steel container that can run family-sized laundry loads, easily washing king-size duvets.

General Electric GTWN4250DWS Top-Load Washing Machine Key Facts

  • Top Load Capacity- 3.9 cubic feet
  • Width – 27 inches
  • Price Range – $495-$550
  • Spin Rate – 700 RPM
  • Energy Efficiency – 2Factor MEF
  • Water Efficiency – 6Factor WF
  • Cycles – 16 Options
  • Bleacher and fabric softener dispensers so that solutions can get mechanically mixed with the washing water to produce clean, clear, soft to touch fabrics.

Washing Features


The GTWN4250DWS Top-Load Washing Machine employs a traditional cleaning technology with a normal agitator. There is no internal heater. Most new washing machine models have more complex cleaning technology employing tumblers, impellers, and plates that are softer on fabrics.

The unit uses an agitator to clean – there used to be a tall propeller in the centre of the basket that got replaced by a much gentler impeller in the new models of the washers. This agitator/impeller uses General Electric’s exclusive Hydro-Wave wash structure, which the brand claims advances cleaning performances making the process much gentler. This added gentleness however, comes at a cost – the wash cycles usually take almost an hour to finish.


The machine’s max washer spin rate is considerably low compared to average industry standards. Low spin RPM means that more water is left in the clothing. So, users will need longer drying periods. Compared to new models such as the Samsung WA54M8750AV, GE’s GTWN4250DWS Top-Load Washing Machine ranks pretty poorly in terms of moisture removal.


GE’s GTWN4250DWS Top-Load Washer is perhaps the sole traditional agitator-style machine that passes the Energy-Star certification standards. It uses a lot more energy than high-efficiency (HE) washing machines, but its power intake is still somewhat conservative rivaled to other old-style washers. If a user chooses to wash the machine with an electric water heater, the machine is estimated to cost around $25/year in electricity. In case a natural-gas water heater is being used the yearly cost for electricity rounds up to about $15. Energy Efficiency of the GTWN4250DWS Top-Load Washer is lower than the average Top-Load Washer in the market.


The GTWN4250DWS’s water efficiency is not that great. It needs a lot of water to operate. However, the unit does offer a unique Precise-Fill arrangement with five water level choices to mechanically evaluate the load size and use exactly the required amount of water. This feature redeems the unit’s poor water efficiency, helping in saving water, detergent and most importantly energy.

It is true that most of General Electric’s traditional, agitator-operational top load washing machines cannot keep up with modern high efficiency (HE) models in terms of water and electricity efficiency. However, the GE GTWN4250DWS model is a significant improvement over its traditional counterparts in this aspect.


This unit offers 6 rinse temperature combinations. Users can essentially get maximum control over their laundry. It mechanically fills up to 5 different levels of water depending on the size of the load.

There are 16 wash cycles. However, some of the cycles can be of no use – for instance, three of the sixteen are regular cotton cycles separated only by dirt levels.

There are 2 automatic-soak selections –

A pre-wash cycle for persistent stains.

A second option of a dual rinse to methodically eliminate allergens and detergent fragments designed especially for people who are sensitive to such chemical residues.

Extended spin cycle for rinsing.

The wash cycles are much quieter in this unit compared to other GE models.

Price and Warranty

The General Electric GTWN4250DWS Top-Load Washer model is tremendously low-priced. According to the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), every cubic foot costs about $80 less compared to the regular new-age washer. So, there’s amazing price efficiency.

1-Year Warranty is there for parts and labor. Users can choose to get additional warranty of up to ten years on the washer-drive motor (one of the costliest components). Warranties may be subject to modifications as per customer requests.

Cleans all types of fabrics efficientlyThe spin cycles can get noisy
Huge capacityThere are no time indicators for water cycles
Effective spin cycle reduces drying time periodsClothes might get stuck in the tall agitator
Energy efficientDoesn’t offer too many rinse temperature options
Modifiable settings with Five water-levels and Sixteen wash cyclesOverall, the spin cycles can be a lot louder compared to the new-age washers from competing brands
Noiseless wash cycle
Users have the option to add more clothes in-between cycles
The Energy Star certification makes this traditional agitator-based appliance a rare find in the market


For users who have a preference for agitator-style units as opposed to the new impeller-based units, the General Electric GTWN4250DWS Top-Load Washing Machine is ideal. On the whole, this model is a very decent low-cost washer that has managed to receive moderate ratings from most users since its release. It is a good quality product and it is certainly worth the investment.

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