Expert GE GTW330ASKWW Review 2019

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rating: 4.2
  • The 3.8-cubic-foot capacity
  • The Deep Rinse prevents residue on clothing.
  • There are four water levels and six wash/rinse temperatures.

GE GTW330ASKWW washing machine


In the search for a washing machine, the General Electric Top-Load Washing Machine referred to as GTW330ASKWW is an excellent choice, worthy of consideration for most families. The more you discover about this machine, the better able you will be to tell whether it fits your particular needs.

By Editorial Team | 21st May 2019

GE Appliances, part of General Electric, prides itself on improving life via the best possible appliances. The brand develops each appliance to meet the specific needs of consumers. In addition to a full range of washing machines and accompanying dryers, GE Appliances offers air conditioners, cooking products, freezers, refrigerators, water filtration systems, water heaters, water dispensers, and more. The GE Appliance lineup also includes a few other brand names, including Monogram, Hotpoint, Haier, Café, and Profile.

Who Is GE Appliances?

Those who want to support American industries will appreciate that GE Appliances has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, with manufacturing facilities located in Decatur, Alabama. There are also wholly-owned subsidiaries in Selmer, Tennessee, and LaFayette, Georgia. As such, GE Appliances’ products are truly American-made-and-designed.

To further stand out from other brands, GE Appliances has research and development centers around the world, including in the United States, India, Korea, and China. The company is even innovating the manufacturing industry itself via FirstBuild, which is a co-creation microfactory and community.

What Is General Electric Top-Load Washing Machine?

This particular General Electric Top-Load Washing Machine, the GTW330ASKWW, is no longer being actively manufactured, but you can still find it for sale from multiple retailers. Pricing tends to range from about $500 to $560. The fact that it is no longer being manufactured allows for greater variations in price than some other models. It is only available in white.

This GTW330ASKWW is 3.8 cubic feet, offering enough room for most households, although some may need a bit more space. The washing machine is about 27 inches wide, 44 inches high, and 27 inches deep. This machine has a heavy-duty agitator with powerful wash action to thoroughly rotate the laundry, so it gets nice and clean.

The GTW330ASKWW uses a long-lasting basket with a stainless-steel finish so it resists rust and does not snag clothing, peel, or chip. The machine also lets you choose the load size you want for the appropriate water level.

When using the machine, you can glance at the cycle status lights to see how far along in the washing cycle the machine is. The controls are intuitive rotary controls but of an electric nature. This allows for accuracy but with a traditional feel.

The spin speed reaches 700 rpm, a fast speed that allows for efficient removal of water to minimize the time needed to dry your clothing. The electrical rating of the machine is 120V and 60Hz. For convenient maintenance, the machine is front-serviceable.

Washing Features

The Deep Rinse feature on the GE GTW330ASKWW Top-Load Washer thoroughly rinses out the clothing at the end of the cycle. This feature ensures that your clothing is free from fabric softener, detergent, and any stubborn soil.

There are also 11 wash cycles to choose from, including for jeans, sheets, delicates, and towels. You will also find specific cycles for color and white, each with variations for heavy, normal, or light soil levels.

PreciseFill lets you choose from four different water levels based on the load size. Or it includes the option of letting the machine detect the size of your load and choose the appropriate water level. This feature helps save water as well as energy costs.

There are convenient dispensers for both fabric softener and bleach. These will operate automatically within the relevant wash cycles, letting the liquids mix with water before coming into contact with the laundry. As such, the dispensers can minimize potential damage to or residue on clothing.

The GTW330ASKWW from GE Appliances is not Energy Star Certified, but it does have reasonably low energy consumption. It uses an estimated 187 kWh of electricity each year. The estimated annual cost for energy when you use an electric water heater is $22, which places it in the most affordable category third of similar machines. With a natural gas water heater, the estimated yearly operating cost drops to $12.

The warranty from GE Appliances on the GTW330ASKWW Top-Load Washer is just one year. This is one of the shorter warranties, but there are many other washers with similarly short warranties. That warranty only applies to the machine as a whole, without separate ones specifically for the wash drum or the motor, which is something that some competitors offer. It does, however, cover both labor and parts.

The 3.8-cubic-foot capacity should be large enough for most people.It is no longer being manufactured, making it harder to find.
PreciseFill uses the appropriate amount of water to minimize water consumption.The warranty is just for a year.
There are four water levels and six wash/rinse temperatures.The 3.8-cubic-foot capacity may be too small for large households.
It has automatic dispensers for both bleach and fabric softenerIt is not Energy Star Certified.
The Deep Rinse prevents residue on clothing.
There is a pre-soak option.
It features leveling legs.
The machine is front-serviceable.
70 to 90 percent of the machine is U.S. content.


Those who are not in need of the most recent model of a washer will appreciate what the General Electric GTW330ASKWW Top-Load Washing Machine has to offer. The machine is not being manufactured anymore, but you can still readily find it from multiple sources. Since it is a bit older than some of the more recent models, the GTW330ASKWW is highly affordable. It also comes with a reasonable, although not exceptional, warranty. Between the 11 wash cycles and 3.8-cubic-foot capacity, most people will find everything they need in this machine. If you want fancier features or an extensive number of wash cycles, then you will be better off looking at more expensive washers.

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