Expert Whirlpool WFW90HEFW Review 2021

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Whirlpool WFW90HEFW

rating: 4.5
  • Comes with a great deal of features and washing cycles to choose from, including the fan and presoak features. A great way to save time if you’re on a busy schedule.
  • Energy-efficient (it has the Energy Star). Despite it being a large machine, its low on the water consumption side.
  • Large capacity (4.5 cubic foot measurement). You can throw a hefty workload at it, and it will handle it like it’s nothing.

Whirlpool WFW90HEFW washing machine


Living with constant time constraints and a busy daily schedule is the unfortunate reality of the times we live in. There’s a lot to be done and we usually find ourselves with not enough time to accomplish every task on time. This is where today’s washing machine comes in; it fills a spot in the market created by those who may have the resources, but not a lot of time to spare.

By Editorial Team | 21st May 2019

A brief introduction to the brand

The Whirlpool corporation is based in the USA. This Fortune 500 company is known for manufacturing home appliances of various sorts. Generally speaking, this is one of the strongest brands out there, and you can expect the product quality to follow suit.

What is Whirlpool WFW90HEFW?

The Whirlpool WFW90HEFW is a front-load washing machine that’s suitable for heavy loads. It was designed for the kind of users who are always in a hurry and don’t have enough time to babysit their washing machine. The 4.5 cubic foot interior provides more than enough space to wash it all in one go, which is perfect for large families.

While your purchase is indeed covered by a warranty, we feel that – given its rather steep pricing – it could be extended by a couple of years on top of what you get. Sadly, this is not the case. In the one year’s worth of coverage that you get, how can you expect for it to be able to last long enough to still take advantage of it? Other washing machines in this price range come with a longer warranty, so this is a bit unsettling if you’re worried about your machine leaving you hanging.

Considering the steep initial price, you need to factor in another set of recurring expenses that adds on top of it – the long-term operating costs. This is a 4.5 cubic foot machine, so it’s nearly impossible to finish a cycle without consuming a hefty amount of resources. That being said, comparing it side by side with other models with similar proportions reveals a very important fact; it doesn’t really consume a lot of water per liter. Also, you’ll be able to load it up with a lot of clothes and wash it all in one go, so depending on your needs, it may or may not be a downside.

All in all, the functionality and the rich selection of washing features is where Whirlpool WFW90HEFW truly shines. From automation, and all the way to sanitizing, color preservation and presoaking, whatever you require, chances are the model comes with it. But more on that in a minute.

Washing features

The relatively large price point of Whirlpool WFW90HEFW is justified by the sheer number of washing features you get. The variety of wash cycles doesn’t leave anything to be desired either.

Starting off with the 12-hour FanFresh option, this will grow on you in a matter of seconds if you always tend to be running out of time. Here’s what it does; instead of loading it up with clothes and waiting for the washing cycles to finish before migrating them to the drying machine, you can simply let them stay in there for up to 12 hours and they won’t start to smell. The reason being is that Whirlpool WFW90HEFW comes with a fan that will keep them fresh for a long time, so you won’t have to worry about them getting the dreaded mildew-like smell. This allows you to start the washing process, then go about your business as usual. When you come back, the freshly-washed clothes will be waiting for you to pick them up.

Then, we have ColorLast, the color-protecting wash cycle. As the name itself suggests, this feature is more than likely to be appreciated by those who are concerned with preserving the original color of their clothes and would like to avoid having it fade away. It works on the basis of adaptability and works like a charm even if you don’t take the time necessary to separate the light clothes from the dark. In other words, the timing and the cycle is adjusted in a way that makes the colors less prone to fading. If they are dirty, you won’t have to worry about them not coming out clean; the built-in presoak function effectively loosens the deeply-lodged dirt and stains so they are easily washed away.

Elaborating on the presoak feature a bit further, the key point to remember is that it was designed to be as hands-free as possible, just like the rest of the washing machine’s functionality. You can simply load it up with clothes, press the start button, and never worry about coming back to start the cycle – it starts automatically.

Moving on to the steam clean function, this one is perfect for all your heavy-duty cleaning needs. Compared with the rest of the cycles, this one comes with extra soaking and wash times so you can kiss your stain-related troubles goodbye. The function comes with extra steaming to make sure that no stains remain in your clothes after taking them out of the washing machine.

Speaking of handling a heavy workload, there is the Heavy Duty cycle. It lasts for as long as 1 hour and 13 minutes. According to the consumer reports, not even an oil stain will prevent it from accomplishing its task.

The Sanitize function is an invaluable addition that’s perfectly suited for those who have a baby on board. While using it, the temperatures will shoot up to 123°F, which helps to fight off the bacteria when washing cloth diapers. Add in a detergent of your choosing, and the diapers will come out almost as good as new.

Finally, since the Whirlpool WFW90HEFW was designed to appeal to the busy crowd, mentioning the Quick cycle is a must. It gets the job done under half an hour (25 minutes to be precise), and the results are comparable to what you’d get out of running a full Normal cycle.

Comes with a great deal of features and washing cycles to choose from, including the fan and presoak features. A great way to save time if you’re on a busy schedule.Four water temperatureA bit on the pricey side.
Energy-efficient (it has the Energy Star). Despite it being a large machine, its low on the water consumption side.warranty only has you covered for a short amount of time (no more than 1 year).
Large capacity (4.5 cubic foot measurement). You can throw a hefty workload at it, and it will handle it like it’s nothing.


The Whirlpool WFW90HEFW may not be suitable option for those who are on a tight budget, but if you can afford spending a little bit extra, it’s not going to disappoint. The washing cycles you get to choose from are awesome for handling any kind of situation and there’s plenty of functionality to cater to those who are short on time (the washing machine will automate almost everything). In conclusion, if you can afford the $1,000 mark and often find yourself with the need to wash a great number of clothes while wasting as little time as possible, we greatly encourage you to give it a go.

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