Expert Samsung Elite WF50K7500AV Review 2019

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Samsung Elite WF50K7500AV

rating: 4.6
  • Unique features such as the Addwash and steam wash cycle
  • Strong warranty
  • High capacity

Samsung Elite WF50K7500AV washing machine


In case you are searching for a stylish yet functional premium Front-load Washing machine, then Samsung Elite is worth your consideration. When it comes to cleaning, Samsung washers exceed your expectations.

The washers get your loads done perfectly while making sure that you don’t your dig too dip into your pockets. Additionally, the washers are well built and designed with exceptional features to make sure that you get the best performance ever.

Besides that, the washers are very quiet and can hold loads of different sizes. It has the capacity to hold both giant and small loads. Additionally, the machine features are easy to use and control. With the Samsung Elite Front-load Washing machine, you won’t need to visit the store for a washer shopping.

By Editorial Team | 21st May 2019

Who is Samsung?

Samsung is a South Korean appliance and tech giant. Samsung manufacturers offer front load washers with sleek appearances and advanced features to suit any laundry tasks.

In fact, Samsung is among the few brands that have come up with large capacities washers and advanced features such as the AddWash to add more clothes to your load. Its washer’s costs vary between $1000 and $2000.

Besides Front-load Washing machines, Samsung deals with other products, including TVs, mobile phones, air conditioners, and computers among others. Samsung aims at delivering its motto- fewer loads – more life.

What is Samsung WF50K7500AV?

Here are some incredible features of one of the products of Samsung- Samsung WF50K7500AV Front-load Washing machine;

Smart care app

In case of any troubleshooting issues, Samsung has developed a smart care app to help you connect and solve any problems with your washer and dryer.

Also, Samsung WF50K7500AV has Wi-Fi connectivity. You can connect with your phone to get any alerts to keep track of how much time is left for a cycle, track when your laundry is done and set washing times. You can do all this conveniently and remotely at your fingertips even when you are away from home.

Steam wash and special foam function

Unlike similar products of the same class, Samsung Elite WF50K7500AV is fitted with a steam wash and special foam function to help you clean your laundry thoroughly and make it appealingly fresh. The powerForm option uses a mixture of detergent, air, and water to deeply penetrate the fabric.


Samsung WF50K7500AV is one of the most reasonably priced high-capacity Front-load Washing machine. You will get this washer at a value of approximately $1499. Based on the great features of this washer, it’s indeed an excellent long-term investment to consider.

Washing features


Samsung WF50K7500AV is a big load machine with an internal capacity of 5 cubic feet. A big capacity washer saves you time and energy as you can do fewer loads of laundry at a time.

For instance, if it used to take you two loads to wash your clothes, with this washer, it will only take one load while still ensuring that your clothes get cleaned thoroughly. Also, since you get the chance to handle considerably more items per load, you will be able to save in water and electricity.

Energy efficiency

Compared to similar products of the same class, Samsung WF50K7500AV is less energy efficient. But given its advanced features and functionality, its energy-efficiency is above average.

However, you shouldn’t be worried because WF50K7500AV is EPA EnergyStar certified, which makes it better than previous generations of washers. For sure, it won’t be gobbling up electricity and water. In fact, Samsung Front-load washers have around 4-4.5 stars for water and energy efficiency ratings.

14 wash cycles

Samsung WF50K7500AV is fitted with 14 wash cycles, including cold water cleaning, quick wash, sanitize, extra rinse, water temperature, and heavy items cycles. The simple rinse & spin cycle is used for light loads, just running them through the water and then spun.

The self-cleaning cycle helps to maintain the drum while removing dirt and bacteria by soaking, pulsating, and spinning. The super speed wash cycle allows you to clean a full load in 30 minutes only instead of the usual 45 minutes.

The AddWash feature

The Samsung WF50K7500AV Front-loader has a small Addwash feature allows you to quickly wash a pair of sock or a shirt while the wash is underway. This small door is also built with technology that deeply penetrates fabric with steam wash function and foam to make sure that your clothes are clean and fresh. This is a unique, innovative feature that isn’t available with most washers.


Samsung WF50K7500AV warranty is just amazing. It has a 10 year coverage for the motor, 3 years for the tub and 1 year coverage for the rest of the machine.

Unique features such as the Addwash and steam wash cycleNot the cheapest option in the market
Strong warranty
High capacity


Samsung WF50K7500AV is a large machine with innovative features which makes it a real upgrade. Its big capacity allows you to handle larger loads more faster, thus saving you time.

In case you forget to through in your baby’s shirt when loading, you can use the small Addwash door. The foam and steam wash cycles offer deep cleaning on your clothes, leaving them fresh. Additionally, with 14 cleaning cycles, the Samsung WF50K7500AV washer is a pleasant machine to use.

Although it may require you to dig dipper into your pockets, the Samsung WF50K7500AV is a true value for your money. If you go for this washer, you have nothing to worry about for the next couple of years.

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